Collector salespersons and credit agents


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Collector salespersons and credit agents visit private households to obtain orders and collect payments for goods and services.


No academic qualifications are required. Training is provided on-the-job and may be supplemented by specialist short courses provided by employers.

Typical tasks

  • calls on household, explains purpose of call and displays or describes goods/services on offer;
  • emphasises main selling point of goods/services to stimulate customer interest;
  • quotes prices and terms, collects any payments and completes hire purchase or credit arrangements;
  • distributes advertising literature and sample goods;
  • makes follow-up calls to obtain further orders.

Common job titles

Agent (door-to-door sales)
Assistant, canvassing (insurance)
Agent, assurance
Merchant (wholesale, retail trade: credit trade)
Representative (retail trade: credit trade)
Representative, sales (mail order house)
Traveller, drapers, credit
Distributor (door-to-door sales)
Collector and salesman
Canvasser and collector
Representative, sales (retail trade: door-to-door sales)
Consultant, beauty (retail trade: door-to-door sales)
Lender, money
Representative (mail order house)
Traveller (retail trade)
Manager (retail trade: party plan sales)
Trader, credit
Representative, insurance
Agent, sales, insurance
Agent, district (insurance)
Traveller, commercial
Agent (wholesale, retail trade: credit trade)
Salesman (retail trade: door-to-door sales)
Merchant (door-to-door sales)
Agent, credit
Salesman, credit
Draper, credit
Salesman (retail trade: credit trade)
Merchant (party plan sales)
Agent, insurance
Representative (insurance)
Agent (mail order house)
Collector (insurance)
Agent, club
Representative (retail trade: door-to-door sales)
Manager, plan, party
Collector, insurance
Superintendent of canvassers
Representative, credit
Salesman (mail order house)
Traveller-salesman (credit trade)
Salesman, travelling (retail trade)
Agent and collector (insurance)
Collector-agent (insurance)