Communication operators


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Job holders in this unit group operate telecommunications equipment to transmit and receive signals and messages.


Academic qualifications may not be required. On-the-job training is provided.

Typical tasks

  • receives messages, weather reports and other material to transmit;
  • tunes transmitter to required channel or wavelength and relays or receives message to/ from person or vehicle;
  • uses a teleprinter or telex keyboard to transmit messages to other teleprinters or telexes;
  • keeps record of messages sent and received;
  • performs routine tests and maintenance on equipment and reports faults;
  • receives and handles incoming calls for emergency services, transmitting to the appropriate services.

Common job titles

Dispatcher (motoring organisation)
Operator, despatch, aided, computer (emergency services)
Officer, room, control (emergency services)
Announcer (transport)
Controller, taxi
Officer, radio (telecommunications)
Operator, radio
Signalman, port
Controller, office, taxi
Operator, centre, control (sheltered housing)
Officer, radio
Operator, telecommunications
Signalman, marine
Despatcher, room, control (emergency services)
Controller (emergency services:
Clerk, control, traffic, air
Controller, communications
Officer, deployment (motoring organisation)
Officer, traffic, telecommunications
Overseer, radio
Assistant, room, control (emergency services)
Operator, communications
Handler, call (emergency services)
Officer, duty, emergency (welfare services)
Officer, telecommunications
Operator, telex
Controller, divisional (police service)
Controller, radio
Despatcher, radio
Operator, bureau (paging service)
Dispatcher, taxi
Dispatcher, radio
Operator, teletype
Operator (radio relay service)
Operator, lifeline
Operator, teleprinter
Assistant, control, traffic, air
Operator, cable
Officer, control, fire (fire service)
Assistant, communications
Officer, control (fire service)
Officer, radio (government)
Operator, homecall
Dispatcher, medical, emergency
Signalman, civilian (MOD)
Assistant, traffic (telecommunications)
Assistant, control, ambulance
Officer, control (ambulance service)
Officer, traffic (telecommunications)
Controller, cab
Operator, radar
Controller, service, transport, patient
Controller, ambulance
TTO (telecommunications)
Controller (taxi service)
Operator, control, fire (fire service)
Assistant, control (emergency services)
Officer, radio, police
Operator, room, control (emergency services)
Observer, radar
Officer, communications
Operator, telephone, radio

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.