Construction operatives n.e.c.


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Workers in this unit group operate insulating equipment, fix plasterboard or dry linings to ceilings and walls, help construct, maintain, repair and demolish buildings and clean and resurface eroded stonework, lay, join and examine pipe sections for drainage, gas, water or similar piping systems and carry out a variety of other construction operative tasks not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 814: Construction Operatives.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs in General Construction Operations are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • fills machine with insulating mixture, positions hose, drills access hole and fills cavities or coats surfaces to prevent loss or absorption of heat and provide fire protection;
  • selects appropriate plasterboard or dry lining panels, cuts them to required size and fixes them to ceilings and walls;
  • cuts, shapes and fits wood, lays bricks and tiles, cleans exterior surfaces of buildings and resurfaces eroded stone or brickwork, and performs other tasks in the construction, alteration, repair and demolition of buildings;
  • selects appropriate asbestos, clay, concrete, plastic or metal pipe sections and lowers them into prepared trenches using hoisting equipment;
  • joints pipe by sealing with rubber, cement, lead, etc., connects piping to manholes and attaches pipe junctions as required;
  • tests joints with electronic test equipment or by filling piping with water, smoke or compressed air.

Common job titles

Fixer, board, plaster
Taper, Ames
Layer, main
Contractor (building construction)
Jigger, spindle
Pitcher (building construction)
Jointer (gas supplier)
Man, leading (building construction)
Operator, building
Sprayer, insulation
Corer, hard
Jointer (water company)
Operative, building
Fixer, blind
Fitter, pipe, drain
Dismantler (building construction)
Sinker, well
Layer, pipe
Restorer, stone
Cleaner, building
Operative, concrete
Officer, signs (motoring organisation)
Insulator, thermal
Liner, dry
Contractor, general
Assistant, estate
Fitter (shop blind mfr)
Operative, construction
Assistant, maintenance
Contractor, engineering, civil
Joiner, pipe
Fixer, wall, curtain
Engineer, drainage
Borer, tunnel
Repairer, property
Assistant, estates
Sinker, pit
Topman (demolition)
Fitter, blind
Engineer, demolition
Contractor, engineer's, civil
Fitter, mains (water supplier)
Fitter, distribution (water works)
Installer, ceiling, suspended
Man, mattock
Miner, tunnel
Engineer, insulation, thermal
Officer, maintenance
Layer, drain
Firer, shot (civil engineering)
Asphalter, mastic
Erector, ceiling
Contractor, works, public
Handyman, maintenance
Erector, building, portable
Stripper, asbestos
Repairer, building
Insulator, building
Blaster, sand (building construction)
Engineer, explosives (demolition)
Jointer (civil engineering)
Erector, greenhouse
Insulator, wall, cavity
Cleaner, stone
Layer, cable
Fitter, ceiling
Taper and jointer
Engineer, lining, chimney
Handyman, nos
Jointer, pipe
Contractor (pipe lagging)
Sinker (mine sinking)
Fitter, sun-blind
Worker, distribution (mains services)
Erector, prefab
Fixer, frame, metal
Insulator (construction)
Fixer, ceiling
Layer and fixer, patent flooring and roofing
Man, maintenance
Repairer, builder's
Remover, asbestos
Sinker, shaft
Partitioner (building construction)
Worker, demolition
Contractor, demolition
Repairer, concrete
Fixer, sign
Layer, mains
Layer, service
Proofer, draught
Repairer, bridge
Hand, maintenance (building construction)
Technician, wall, cavity
Handyman, general
Operative, engineering, civil
Layer, track
Polisher, floor (building construction)
Fitter, distribution (gas supplier)
Installer, wall, cavity
Sprayer (insulation contracting)
Engineer, insulating
Proofer, fire
Erector, garage
Technician, insulation, wall, cavity
Operative, demolition
Pitcher, stone
Repairer, house
Fitter, sign
Erector, sign