Crane drivers


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Crane drivers supervise and undertake the operation of cranes, jib cranes, power driven hoisting machinery and power driven stationary engines to raise and lower mine and other cages, and to lift and move equipment, materials, machinery and containers.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by short courses. Operators are required to hold a Certificate of Training Achievement (CTA) card administered by Construction Skills, demonstrating basic skills and safety awareness.

Typical tasks

  • gives signals for movement of cage carrying workers/equipment;
  • starts crane or engine motor and checks that cables run freely and that brakes and drum(s) are working;
  • manipulates levers, switches and pedals to rotate jibs into position and turns winding drum to raise or lower hook, bucket or other holding equipment;
  • lifts load or cage, or hauls object into required position and lowers or positions for ground workers to detach, unload or load;
  • watches control panel for warning lights and indications of wind speed and direction and carrying capacity of crane;
  • oils and greases machine and checks ropes.

Common job titles

Man, capstan
Liftman, steam
Hand, capstan (railways)
Driver, crane
Driver, engine, haulage
Man, gantry, forge (steelworks)
Operator, elevator
Operator, hoist
Winder, cage (coal mine)
Banker (mine: not coal)
Hand, bottom (coal mine)
Hand, bank (coal mine)
Corporal, underground
Attendant, hoist
Cageman (mine: not coal)
Engineman, donkey (coal mine)
Runner (steelworks)
Signalman (mining)
Attendant, winch
Engineman, winding
Liftman (iron and steelworks)
Winder, skip (coal mine)
Foreman, haulage (coal mine)
Liftman, gantry
Man, motor, screen
Tenter, hoist
Attendant, mouth, drift (coal mine)
Wagoner (coal mine)
Hoister, crane
Driver, lift
Winderman (coal mine)
Driver, haulage (mining)
Driver, elevator
Banksman (coal mine)
Banksman (mine: not coal)
Driver, grab
Driver, incline
Driver, hoist
Driver, skip (blast furnace)
Operator, bridge (coal mine)
Driver, winch
Man, gantry
Driver, paddy (coal mine)
Signaller (mine: not coal)
Driver, derrick
Driver, hauler (coal mine)
Driver, carrier, straddle
Engineer, winding (coal mine)
Lander (mine: not coal: below ground)
Banksman, pit, staple
Hand, cage (coal mine)
Man, runner (steelworks)
Operator, engine, winding
Winder, engine (mining)
Engineman, haulage
Winder (mining)
Keeper, gate (coal mine)
Onsetter, pit, staple (coal mine)
Driver, tandem (coal mine)
Operator, winch
Driver, magnet (steelworks)
Banksman (salt works)
Lifter (steelworks)
Driver, motor, telpher
Attendant, cage
Driver, drum (steelworks)
Driver, mail, paddy (coal mine)
Man, motor, haulage
Attendant, engine, winding
Tenter, crane
Winder, pit, staple
Operator, crane
Winder, incline
Driver, engine, winding
Driver, gantry
Spillager (coal mine)
Driver, engine, cable
Man, crane
Driver, tip