Customer service managers and supervisors


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Job holders in this unit group plan, organise and co-ordinate resources necessary for receiving and dealing with the responses, complaints or further requirements of purchasers and users of a product or service, and supervise customer service occupations.


There are no pre-set entry requirements. Candidates are recruited with a variety of academic qualifications and/or relevant experience. Specialist qualifications may be required for work within certain sectors.

Typical tasks

  • develops and implements policies and procedures to deal effectively with customer requirements and complaints;
  • co-ordinates and controls the work of those within customer services departments;
  • discusses customer responses with other managers with a view to improving the product or service provided;
  • plans and co-ordinates the operations of help and advisory services to provide support for customers and users.

Common job titles

Manager, development, services, customer
Supervisor, chief (telecommunications)
Leader, team, services, customer
Manager, services, customer
Supervisor (telecommunications)
Manager, service, passenger
Moderator, website
Manager, area, telephone
Head of customer services
Manager, support, customer
Supervisor, communications (air transport)
Manager, aftersales
Moderator, content, on-line
Manager, helpdesk
Leader, team, centre, call
Leader, team (call centre)
Manager, hotline, regional
Moderator, chat
Manager, sales, after
Supervisor, field (market research)
Superintendent, room, ambulance
Manager, service, customer
Manager, team (call centre)
Supervisor, services, customer
Supervisor, liaison, customer
Supervisor, grade, higher (telecommunications)
Supervisor (telephone service)
Manager, team, service, customer
Superintendent, telecommunications
Supervisor, room, control (emergency services)
Manager, business
Supervisor, switchboard
Manager, care, customer
Manager of product support
Head of customer quality
Manager, complaints
Manager, reservations (hotel)
Leader, team
Superintendent, traffic, telecommunications
Moderator, web
Manager, relations, customer
Supervisor, centre, call
Supervisor, chief (PO)
Manager, centre, call
Manager, services, passenger
Superintendent, services, customer
Manager, desk, help
Supervisor, service, customer
Supervisor, support, customer
Manager, liaison, customer
Superintendent, radio (PO)
Moderator, content, online

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.