Dancers and choreographers

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Dancers and choreographers devise, direct, rehearse and perform classical and contemporary dance routines.


There are no formal academic requirements, although some dance schools may require candidates to have passed relevant dance Graded Examinations. Entry to courses is often via audition. Medical and physical assessments are required. Performers’ courses typically last three years and lead to a diploma or certificate awarded by the school. Some degree courses are also available.

Typical tasks

  • builds and maintains stamina, physical strength, agility and general health through fitness exercises and healthy eating;
  • attends rehearsals to develop and practice dance routines for performance;
  • participates in dance performance;
  • demonstrates and directs dance moves, monitors and analyses technique and performance, and determines how improvements can be made.

Common job titles

Teacher, dancing
Master, ballet
Instructor, dance
Partner, dancing
Teacher, ballet
Teacher, dance
Dancer, ballet

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.