Debt, rent and other cash collectors


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Debt, rent and other cash collectors collect payments due or overdue from households and businesses and empty cash from prepayment meters or machines.


No academic qualifications are required. Training is typically provided on-the-job. This may be supplemented by specialised training courses within larger agencies.

Typical tasks

  • receives payment at centralised office or calls on household/business premises;
  • records details of transaction, issues receipt or annotates rent book;
  • reads gas, water and electricity meters;
  • cleans, services and fills vending machines and collects money from meters, vending machines and other cash operated machinery;
  • collects tolls from persons wishing to gain access to private roads, bridges, piers, etc. and operates tollgates to control entry;
  • remits cash, cheques or credit notes to cashier, supervisor or bank, building society or post office.

Common job titles

Collector, credit
Controller, debt
Recoverer, debt
Checker, meter
Inspector, rent
Officer, collections
Operator, vending
Collector (finance company)
Collector, rent
Collector, subscription
Controller, collections
Purser, pier
Collector, meter
Assistant, collection
Attendant, machine, vending
Driver and collector
Collector (credit trade)
Agent, pools, football
Collector (electricity supplier)
Operator, booth, toll
Collector, club
Agent, collection, data
Engineer, vending
Inspector, meter
Attendant, gate, toll
Keeper, gate, pier
Keeper, bridge, toll
Collector (retail trade)
Collector, fee, parking
Representative, default
Collector, debt
Operative, meter
Broker, pawn
Collector, toll
Inspector, reader, meter
Leader, team, recoveries
Reader, meter
Operator, machine, vending
Collector (gas supplier)
Controller, collection
Collector, arrears
Agent, collecting
Attendant, booth, toll
Collector, mutuality
Collector (football pools)
Collector, senior (gas supplier)
Engineer, machine, vending
Collector, pools
Representative, accounts
Officer, collecting, authorised
Officer, collection
Assistant, vending
Clearer, credit
Clerk, officer's, sheriff
Collector, cash
Converter, cash
Operative, machine, vending

Education background

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