Education advisers and school inspectors


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Education advisers and school inspectors plan, organise and direct the educational activities and resources in a local authority education area, and undertake inspections of schools and other training establishments excluding universities.


Jobholders usually possess an education-related degree or relevant postgraduate qualification and have gained relevant experience in teaching and/or school management. Before being appointed, an inspector has to attend a course of training provided or approved by OFSTED. Most inspectors are or have been head teachers, deputy heads or heads of department.

Typical tasks

  • advises on all aspects of education and ensures that all statutory educational requirements are being met;
  • plans and advises on the provision of special schools for children with physical or learning disabilities;
  • appoints and controls teaching staff;
  • verifies that school buildings are adequately maintained;
  • arranges for the provision of school medical and meals services;
  • observes teaching, assesses learning level and discusses any apparent faults with teachers, heads of department and head teachers;
  • prepares reports on schools concerning teaching standards, educational standards being achieved, the spiritual, moral and social development of pupils, resource management etc.

Common job titles

Inspector (OFSTED)
Adviser, academic
Adviser, education
Inspector, education
Officer, development, curriculum
Coordinator, music
Officer, inclusion (local government: education dept)
Inspector (local government: education dept)
Convenor, module
Adviser, development, curriculum
Assessor, education
Officer, improvement, school
Officer, education
Director of education
Inspector of schools
Adviser, curriculum
Inspector, years, early
Assessor (further, higher education)
Adviser, improvement, school
Adviser (local government: education dept)
Inspector, school
Assessor, educational
Teacher, advisory

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.