Electrical and electronic trades n.e.c.


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Job holders in this group perform a variety of electrical and electronic occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 524: Electrical and Electronic Trades.


There are no formal academic requirements although entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is usually by apprenticeship and combines practical work experience and technical training. NVQs/ SVQs in Servicing Electronic Systems are available at Levels 2 and 3. Manufacturers may run specialised courses related to their products.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings, wiring diagrams and specifications to determine appropriate methods and sequence of operations;
  • places prepared parts and sub-assemblies in position, checks their alignment and secures with hand tools to install x-ray and medical equipment, aircraft instruments and other electronic equipment;
  • removes protective sheath from wires and cables and connects by brazing, soldering or crimping and applies conductor insulation and protective coverings;
  • examines for defect and repairs electronic and related equipment;
  • tests for correct functioning and makes any further necessary adjustments;
  • performs routine servicing tasks, such as cleaning and insulation testing;
  • assists with the erection of wood poles or steel towers to carry overhead lines;
  • connects and installs transformers, fuse gear, lightning arrestors, aircraft warning lights, cable boxes and other equipment;
  • connects cables to test equipment and tests for balance, resistance, insulation and any defects;
  • locates and repairs faults to lines and ancillary equipment.

Common job titles

Engineer, mains (electricity supplier)
Mechanic, machine
Man, service (radio relay service)
Linesman, signal
Engineer, machine
Engineer, broadcasting
Engineer, light, traffic
Engineer, CCTV
Lineman, signal, power
Mechanic, service
Engineer, security
Fitter, telegraph
Engineer, electronics
Technician, installation
Engineer, maintenance
Linesman (coal mine: above ground)
Wireman, electronic
Engineer, service, electronic
Fitter, signal, railway
Mechanic, machine, adding
Engineer, transmitter, radio
Mechanic, totalisator
Mechanic, teleprinter
Diagnostician (HM Dockyard:
Installer (railways)
Mechanic, electronic
Inspector, cable
Engineer, electronic
Linesman, railway
Man, service
Fitter, maintenance
Engineer, typewriter
Technician, signal (railways)
Engineer, communication
Operator, board, test
Technician, signalling
Installer, equipment, x-ray
Fitter, alarm
Engineer, x-ray
Engineer, field
Adjuster, relay
Engineer, installation
Engineer, broadcast
Engineer, systems, security
Linesman, instrument (railways)
Mechanic, radar
Linesman, electrical
Man, service (gas supplier)
Engineer, support (electrical, electronic equipment)
Mechanic, typewriter
Lineman, power
Installer, signal and telecommunications (railways)
Linesman, power
Linesman, overhead
Installer, systems, security
Engineer, copier
Engineer, nos (broadcasting)
Repairer, machine
Hand, maintenance, typewriter
Engineer, photocopier
Man, maintenance
Technician, radar
Engineer, communications
Engineer, prevention, crime
Technician, alarm, fire
Engineer, mains, electrical
Engineer, maintenance (electricity supplier)
Mechanic, machine, calculating
Engineer, alarm
Engineer, signal
Inspector, machine
Fitter, interlocking
Engineer, radar
Engineer, customer
Fitter, service
Installer, alarm
Man, service, sales
Engineer, service
Engineer, signal, traffic
Engineer, fax
Technician, assistant
Technician, service
Mechanic, instrument, electronic
Fitter, radar
Installer, signal (railways)
Craftsman (electricity supplier)
Repairer, typewriter