Electricians and electrical fitters


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Electricians and electrical fitters assemble parts in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, and install, maintain, and repair electrical plant, machinery, appliances and wiring.


Academic qualifications may not be required, though some GCSEs/S grades or an equivalent qualification may be an advantage. NVQs/SVQs in Servicing Electronic Systems are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Apprenticeships combining practical work experience and technical training are available at Levels 2 and 3. Entrants must have good eyesight and normal colour vision.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings, specifications and wiring diagrams to determine the method and sequence of operations;
  • selects, cuts and lays wires and connects to sockets, plugs or terminals by crimping, soldering, brazing or bolting;
  • cuts, bends and installs electrical conduit;
  • assembles parts and sub-assemblies using hand tools and by brazing, riveting or welding;
  • installs electrical plant, machinery and other electrical fixtures and appliances such as fuse boxes, generators, light sockets etc.;
  • examines electrical plant or machinery, domestic appliances and other electrical assembly for faults using test equipment and replaces worn parts and faulty wiring.

Common job titles

Fitter, maintenance, electrical
Craftsman, transmission (electricity supplier)
Engineer, machine
Engineer, electrical, nos (coal mine)
Engineer, relay
Fitter, production
Fitter, switchgear
Maker, rotor
Mechanic, service
Technician, service (domestic appliances repairing)
Fitter (electricity supplier)
Fitter, electronic
Technician, meter
Maker, transformer
Man, circuit, light, electric
Wirer, electrical
Engineer, lighting, street
Engineer, illuminating
Maker, components (telephone mfr)
Contractor, electrical
Fitter, dynamo
Repairer, controller
Fitter, controller
Fitter, engineer's, electrical
Builder, armature
Engineer, switchboard
Installer (electrical contracting)
Mechanic, electrical
Engineer, lighting
Maker, part, commutator
Man, service
Repairer, appliance, domestic
Repairer, blanket, electric
Engineer, maintenance, electrical
Engineer, circuit (cinema)
Fitter, switch
Man, maintenance (electricity supplier)
Hand, bench (electrical engineering)
Engineer, film
Craftsman, electrical
Fixer, meter
Fitter, motor, starter
Engineer, switchgear
Engineer, electrical
Engineer, electro-mechanical
Erector, switchgear
Faultman (electricity supplier)
Engineer, cinema
Finisher, armature
Wirer (electrical engineering)
Attendant, light and power
Electrician, maintenance
Fitter, electrical
Expert, energy, smart
Constructor, switchboard
Engineer, appliance
Repairer, magneto
Maker, switchgear
Engineer, electrical, assistant
Hand, commutator
Fitter, mains (electricity supplier)
Maker, switchboard
Balancer, armature
Engineer, wiring
Man, bell (mining)
Technician, lighting, stage
Installer, panel, solar
Fitter, light
Tester (electrical contracting)
Man, maintenance
Fitter, engineering, electrical
Consultant, electrical
Fitter, transformer
Fitter, bench, electrical
Man, maintenance, electrical
Engineer, office, post
Attendant, light and bell
Fitter, fan
Mechanic, electro
Erector, transformer
Fitter, lamp, arc
Engineer, electrical and mechanical
Fitter, pillar
Hand, maintenance (electricity supplier)
Tester, installation
Fitter, machine
Maker, magneto
Builder, transformer
Engineer, domestic (domestic appliances repairing)
Engineer, service, electrical
Fitter, panel, solar
Fitter, motor
Fitter, switchboard
Fixer, sign
Installer, meter
Engineer, service
Wireman, electrical
Builder, commutator
Engineer, installation (electrical contracting)
Fixer, motor
Craftsman, maintenance
Controller, electrical
Engineer, electrical, unit
Fitter, installation, electrical
Fitter, sign
Engineer, electrical, maintenance
Fitter, alternator
Inspector, box (electricity supplier)
Engineer, powerhouse

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.