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Electroplaters operate continuous plant to coat metal parts and articles electrolytically, form metal articles by electro- and vacuum-deposition, dip and spray articles with another metal, plastic powder or other material and treat articles chemically to produce desired surface finishes.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in Product Coating are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • cleans and rinses article or pre-shaped form to be coated;
  • masks area not to be covered with wax, resistant adhesive tape or other material;
  • fits appropriate nozzle on spray gun, loads spray gun with appropriate coating material and prepares electrolytic solutions;
  • sets machine, plant, or equipment controls to regulate electric current and temperature of molten zinc, tin, chromium, copper or other non-ferrous metal;
  • immerses articles in plating solutions or sprays article until required thickness of coating has been deposited;
  • removes article from solution and centrifuges, if necessary, to remove excess molten metal before cooling.

Common job titles

Dipper, metal
Finisher, chromium
Operator, dip (metal trades)
Metalliser (lamp, valve mfr)
Plater, tool, edge (surgical instrument mfr)
Plater, chrome
Attendant, electrolytic
Metalliser, spray
Tinner, coil
Worker, nickel (electroplating)
Assistant, silverer's
Coater (tinplate mfr)
Plater, lock
Plater, cadmium
Silverer (glass mfr)
Plater, chromium
Tinner, grease
Hand, vat (electroplating)
Plater, metal, white
Operator, plating
Dipper (arc welding electrode mfr)
Operator, vat (metal mfr)
Plater, tin
Sprayer (electroplating)
Plater, copper
Plater, nickel
Coater, colour
Depositor (electroplating)
Dipper (galvanising)
Plater, barrel
Assistant, dip, hot
Plater, needle
Machinist, gold
Man, tin (tinplate mfr)
Operator, plant, vacuum
Tinner, wire
Plater (electroplating)
Tanker (galvanised sheet mfr)
Stripper (electroplating)
Silverer (electroplating)
Cutter-through (steelworks)
Plater, brass
Coater, powder
Proofer, rust
Plater, wire
Machinist, plating (metal trades)
Bronzer, metal
Operator, plant, plating
Plater, gold
Sprayer, coat, powder
Changer, gold
Dipper (precious metal, plate mfr)
Operator, house, tin
Gilder and plater
Plater, electro
Attendant, bath, copper (glass mfr)
Chromer (metal trades)
Machinist, plating, wire
Foreman, electroplating
Attendant, anode
Tinner (metal trades)
Plater, metal
Vatman (wire mfr)
Dipper, wire
Plater and gilder
Plater, hand
Oxidiser (metal trades)
Plater, dip
Tinner, copper
Foreman (electroplating)
Coater (wire mfr)
Attendant, baths, copper (glass mfr)
Backer, mirror
Cleaner (galvanised sheet mfr)
Dipper, galvanising
Sprayer, metal
Plater, silver
Tinplater (tinplate mfr)
Minder, cell (galvanising)