Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c.


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Jobholders in this unit group assist the work of machine operatives and perform a variety of manual tasks in foundries, engineering and allied trades and in other process and plant operations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 913: Elementary Process Plant Occupations.


No academic qualifications are required. On-the- job training is provided. NVQs/SVQs may be available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • assists with the operation of furnaces and the preparation of castings;
  • assists in setting up attachments on plant and machinery, and operates saws, shears or other equipment;
  • conveys goods, materials, equipment, etc. to work area, assists in setting up machinery and equipment and prepares tools, lamps and other equipment for use;
  • assists operative to mark out, bend, drill, galvanise, coat and otherwise machine metal;
  • loads and unloads vehicles, trucks and trolleys;
  • removes finished pieces from work area, paints or fixes identification labels or markers on products or containers;
  • clears machine blockages, cleans machinery, equipment and tools, keeps work area tidy and clears waste and any spillages;
  • performs a variety of manual tasks in relation to the operation of coke ovens, boilers and blast furnaces.

Common job titles

Operator, electrical (rolling mill)
Fielder (textile mfr)
Scurfer, retort
Operator, plant, drying
Separator, metal and oil
Controlman, bunker
Netter (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Runner, wagon
Worker, mill, corn
Man, powder, bleaching
Assistant, linesman's
Lighter, fire
Wheeler, metal (metal mfr)
Attendant, condenser (blast furnace)
Loader, paper
Assistant, engineer's
Labourer (engineering)
Foreman, belt (mine: not coal)
Charman (sugar refining)
Drawer, coke (coke ovens)
Supervisor, rope, trot
Operator, point, transfer
Emptier, ware
Swiller (tinplate mfr)
Charger (metal mfr)
Tippler (steelworks)
Discharger (coal gas, coke ovens)
Man, battery (mine: not coal)
Driver, exhauster (gas works)
Attendant, locomotive
Attendant, engineer's (DETR)
Man, motor, belt
Man, fan (coal mine)
Runner, wool
Attendant, plant, drainage (mining)
Mate, driller's (shipbuilding)
Wirer (metal trades)
Collector, scaleboard
Lobber (card, paste board mfr)
Strapper (textile mfr)
Assistant, room, receiving (tailoring)
Man, barrow
Jigman (constructional engineering)
Mate, linesman's
Hand, granary
Oddman, bank
Distributor (manufacturing)
Man, utility
Handyman, engineer's
Shuntman (mine: not coal)
Assistant, smith's, boiler
Stripper, frame
Layer, tray
Help, moulder's
Assistant, spreader's, colour
Attendant, plant, conditioning, air
Handler, coal
Attendant, house, screen
Brusher (metal file mfr)
Thrower (distillery)
Loader, timber (sawmilling)
Drawer, oven (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, exhauster
Worker, steel
Assistant, hardener's
Worker, timber
Bunkerman (coal gas, coke ovens)
Assistant, flanger's
Carrier (mine: not coal: below ground)
Man, turn, bye (steelworks)
Foreman (scrap merchants, breakers)
Attendant, belt
Gasman (blast furnace)
Carrier, roller
Attendant, plant, refrigerating
Worker, asbestos
Distributor, work
Labourer, erector's
Mate, rigger's
Runner, clay
Marker, plater's
Mate, smith's
Worker, mill, flour
Dauber (coal gas, coke ovens)
Watchman-operator (petroleum distribution)
Attendant, room, battery
Carrier, bag
Mate, fitter's
Mate, shipwright's
Driver, car, electric (steelworks)
Assistant, loader's
Minder, pump
Driver, car, furnace, blast
Man, rope-way, aerial
Holder-up, boilermaker's
Labourer, electrician's
Bobber (embroidery mfr)
Deliveryman (textile mfr)
Erector, wicket (ceramics mfr)
Stower, cement
Worker, service (textile mfr)
Operator, plant, mobile (steel mfr)
Clearer, bottom, tuyere
Mate, burner's
Ruller (mine: not coal)
Lifter, coke
Controller, coal (metal mfr)
Hand, belt
Breakerman (foundry)
Patrol, belt
Mate, riveter's
Labourer, mechanic's
Worker, dock
Labourer, factory
Assistant, grinder's
Limer (blast furnace)
Attendant, scrubber (coke ovens)
Knocker, catch, pit, staple
Man, bargain (mine: not coal: above ground)
Taker-out (ceramics mfr)
Filler, tray
Assistant, mechanic's
Operative, general (textile mfr)
Man, scrap
Attendant, plant, coke
Attendant, house, engine
Helper, smith's, boiler
Fetcher (textile mfr)
Resiner (brewery)
Pusher (coal gas, coke ovens)
Helper, plater's
Driver, conveyor
Drawer, brick
Lowerer, wagon
Assistant, plater's
Attendant, point, transfer, conveyor
Filler, wagon
Carrier, ware
Filler-loader (petroleum distribution)
Hand, haulage (mine: not coal)
Sweeper, cotton (textile mfr)
Attendant, incinerator (hospital service)
Servant, civil, nos
Tenter, press (metal trades)
Mate, engineer's
Truckman (blast furnace)
Washer, metal
Labourer, foundry
Chipper and scaler
Attendant, house, meter (gas works)
Humper, coal
Assistant, shipwright's
Taker, work
Greaser (tin box mfr)
Layer-on (metal file mfr)
Waterman (steel mfr)
Mate, electrician's
Hooker (mine: not coal)
Runner, skip
Assistant, burner's
Handler, stock (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Worker, room, ware
Worker, battery
Attendant, conveyor
Helper, straightener's
Filler, pot (steelworks)
Attendant, plant, ash
Sailor (shipbuilding)
Handler, sheet
Minder, swift
Worker, mill, woollen
Brusher-off (clothing mfr)
Labourer, fixer's, steel
Trimmer (boiler house)
Hand, maintenance
Topman, battery (coke ovens)
Worker, foundry
Yardsman, metal (steelworks)
Worker, ammunition
Attendant, plant, washing, vehicles
Splitter, bale (rubber goods mfr)
Man, fan, store, cold
Supervisor (Stationery Office)
Shaker, bag
Driver, belt
Man, billet
Filler (blast furnace)
Worker, iron (iron and steelworks)
Luter (coke ovens)
Boy, best
Baler (oil wells)
Issuer, work (engineering)
Trimmer (coal gas, coke ovens)
Unloader, kiln
Grainer (brewery)
Breaker (blast or puddling furnace)
Hand, warehouse, lace
Guard, train
Collector, cop
Driver, fan
Sorter, iron (shipbuilding)
Foreman, yard, scrap
Worker, cotton
Loader, conveyor
Worker, shop, scrap
Attendant, quencher, coke
Operative, maintenance (fire service)
Labourer, plater's
Layer-out (textile mfr)
Knocker-out (foundry)
Operator, process, foundry
Loader, coal
Labourer, brewery
Stripper-assembler (cast concrete products mfr)
Assistant, temperer's
Puller-off (metal trades)
Tipper, coal (steelworks)
Runner, rope
Man, clinker
Assistant, fitter's
Runner, water
Operator, traverser, wagon
Tipper (mine: not coal)
Carrier, lap
Man, salt
Worker, dockyard
Brakesman, engine
Foreman, transport, internal
Yardman, metal (steelworks)
Mate, plater's
Minder, block (wire mfr)
Assistant, repairer's, wagon
Breaker, iron
Unloader, autoclave
Attendant, ventilation
Worker, belt, conveyor
Worker, general (metal trades)
Shipper (patent fuel mfr)
Emptier, biscuit
Tipper, scrap
Hand, datal (mine: not coal)
Assistant, plant, pilot
Collector (textile mfr)
Helper, shearer's (metal trades)
Emptier (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, bunker
Craftsman, assistant (metal trades)
Doorman (coke ovens)
Hammerman (jute mfr)
Helper, maker's, boiler
Turner, wheel (ceramics mfr)
Horseman (tannery)
Assistant, tradesman's (metal trades)
Attendant, room, engine
Dragger, skip
Helper, erector's, steel
Yardman (vulcanised fibre board mfr)
Man, bench (coke ovens)
Man, knock-out
Man, quencher (coal gas, coke ovens)
Hydraulicman (docks)
Hopperman (iron and steelworks)
Lander, clay
Man, ash
Lifter-up (foundry)
Iron and steelworker
Charman, wet
Drawer (mine: not coal)
Auxiliary, craft (DETR)
Shipper (tinplate mfr)
Dragger, set
Man, service (chemical mfr)
Labourer (galvanising, tinning)
Shifter, iron
Labourer, grab
Labourer, rigger's
Handyman (engineering)
Picker-up (galvanised sheet mfr)
Scaleman (rolling mill)
Keeper, stanch
Emptier, rubbish (steelworks)
Mate, jointer's (electricity supplier)
Labourer, shipwright's
Worker, munitions
Charger, tube (brass tube mfr)
Stripper (ceramics mfr)
Drawer, lime (mine: not coal)
Assistant, maker's, tool
Assistant, lifter's
Gatherer (ceramics mfr)
Assistant, smith's, copper
Feeder, line
Foreman, flat (card clothing mfr)
Man, heap, copperas
Teemer (coke ovens)
Assistant, teaser
Assistant, craft (railways)
Loader, mechanical (mine: not coal)
Hand, mill, nitrate
Help, plater's
Opener, bale
Loader, wagon
Man, coal
Worker, aircraft
Collector, cloth
Worker, textile
Feeder, bin
Bowler, tyre
Leveller (coke ovens)
Binder, iron
Man, mooring
Operator, ropeway
Pusher, truck
Collector, ash
Handler, material
Handyman, electrician's
Grinder, sweep
Operator, plant, refractory
Controller, charge (metal mfr)
Man, breeze
Operator, car, ingot
Minder, chain
Rinser, file
Assistant, electrician's
Lifter, box
Machinist (coal gas, coke ovens)
Carman (blast furnace)
Racker (whiting mfr)
Worker, copper (refining)
Filler (petroleum distribution)
Lad, roller (metal trades)
Taker-off (metal trades)
Turner, sheet (galvanised sheet mfr)
Trimmer (power station)
Piler, hot
Attendant, plant, cleaning, air
Assistant, mill
Navvy, pond, slurry (cement mfr)
Man, guide, coke
Labourer, millhouse (textile mfr)
Man, coke (coke ovens)
Mate, grinder's
Operative, mill
Topman (coal gas, coke ovens)
Man, junction
Trimmer, boiler
Hand, cable
Attendant, gun
Man, dock (ship repairing)
Drawer, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Assistant, general (manufacturing)
Attendant, tank (cable mfr)
Mate, fuser's
Bayman (steelworks)
Shifter (rolling mill)
Racker (tinplate goods mfr)
Runner (textile mfr)
Man, button, haulage
Attendant, scale, green
Attendant, valve
Worker, mill, cotton
Man, conveyor
Thrower (brewery)
Assistant, trades (shipbuilding)
Washer, tray
Carrier, dust
Helper (metal trades)
Layer, glass, plate
Remover, scrap
Knocker-off (foundry)
Man, acid (dyestuffs mfr)
Poker-in (coke ovens)
Wiper (glass mfr)
Emptier, wheel
Man, yard, metal (steelworks)
Filler, furnace (blast furnace)
Mate, welder's
Grater (steelworks)
Labourer (foundry)
Mate, millwright's
Tankman, storage
Attendant, house, pump
Helper, bender's, frame
Worker, gas
Charger, spare (blast furnace)
Labourer, riveter's
Scraper (shipbuilding)
Wagoner (coal mine: above ground)
Floater (blast furnace)
Operator, oil (metal trades)
Distributor, weft
Man, ingot (rolling mill)
Hand, foundry
Loader (mine: not coal)
Worker, paper (printing)
Carrier, glass (glass mfr)
Bankman (rolling mill)
Filler, salt
Operator, conveyor
Stower (grain milling)
Attendant, house, exhaust
Loader, bulk (petroleum distribution)
Helper, fitter's
Waterman (coal gas, coke ovens)
Labourer, fitter's
Devil, printer's
Worker, silk
Hand, house, waste (textile mfr)
Man, traffic (coal mine)
Washer, glass
Hand, box (sugar refining)
Boy, clay (metal mfr)
Man, cable
Attendant, main, hydraulic
Operator, turntable
Depotman (blast furnace)
Raker-out (asbestos mfr)
Scurfer (aircraft mfr)
Picker, bobbin (textile mfr)
Labourer (steelworks)
Scaler, metal
Runner, bobbin
Drawer (paper mfr)
Operator, belt
Wheeler, frit
Operator, tippler
Drainer (brewery)
Runner (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, fan
Loader, coke
Feeder, belt
Tipman (mine: not coal)
Mate, mechanic's
Attendant, tank (local government)
Assistant, linotype
Brakesman (blast furnace)
Labourer (manufacturing)
Man, valve and steam (coal gas, coke ovens)
Loader (coke ovens)
Attendant, refrigerator
Mate, fitter's, pipe
Trimmer, wagon
Man, governor (gas works)
Assistant, maker's, coach
Assistant, wireman's
Attendant, governor (gas works)
Man, ash and muck
Assistant, checker's, iron
Operative, textile
Loader, machine
Foreman (wallpaper mfr)
Holder at drill (rolling mill)
Pitcher, flour
Assistant, factory
Stockman (manufacturing: blast furnace)
Foreman, yard
Driver, controller (steelworks)
Labourer, millwright's
Packman (woollen carding)
Assistant, jointer's
Charger, furnace (metal mfr)
Filler, spare
Patrolman, belt
Man, yard (vulcanised fibre board mfr)
Operator, pusher (coke ovens)
Stockman (manufacturing: rolling mill)
Attendant, station (gas works)
Mate, wireman's
Oddman (ceramics mfr)
Trimmer (electricity supplier)
Waterman, furnace, blast
Man, bottom (coke ovens)
Master, hopper
Hand, bench (printing)
Worker, engineering
Opener (foundry)
Spreader, colour
Lubricator (gun mfr)
Worker, belt
Worker, refractory
Driver, charger (steelworks)
Assistant, trade (shipbuilding)
Officer, salvage (manufacturing)
Gatherer, rag (woollen mfr)
Collector, glass
Worker, dock, dry
Hand, conveyor
Hopperman (dredging contractors)
Shutter, door (coke ovens)
Worker, metal
Assistant, reshearer's
Stripper (candle mfr)
Carrier, piece
Plasterer (coke ovens)
Filler, barrow
Shopman (railway workshops)
Help, electrician's
Man, bench (rolling mill)
Devil (printing)
Driver, manipulator (steelworks)
Leader, water
Banksman (blast furnace)
Assistant, millwright's
Operator, hydraulic
Weighman, charge (foundry)
Lagger, drum
Charger, dust, flux
Mate, driver's, dredger
Attendant, house, blower
Stocker (steel mfr)
Beltman (patent fuel mfr)
Towerman (paper mfr)
Collector, pit, ash
Mate, erector's
Assistant, galvaniser's
Blockman (metal trades)
Mate, maker's, boiler
Wiper, cutlery (cutlery mfr)
Feeder (cement mfr)
Operator, panel (steel mfr)
Bowler (steelworks)
Man, syphon
Labourer, bulking-floor
Labourer, dock, dry
Man, lock
Driver, guide, coke
Yardsman (dairy)
Charger, cupola
Operative, foundry
Operator, button
Attendant, elevator, char, wet
Filler, box (blast furnace)
Rucker (blast furnace)
Loader, stone (mine: not coal)
Worker, mill
Attendant, ash
Worker, shop, paint
Valveman (coal gas, coke ovens)
Handler, materials
Attendant, craft (electricity supplier)
Wiper, scissors
Brusher (clothing mfr)
Mate, miller's
Deliverer (textile mfr)
Worker, factory (engineering)
Attendant, exhaust
Man, timber (timber merchants)
Labourer, textile
Washer, board
Assistant, barker's
Scaler (shipbuilding)
Washer, tin, biscuit
Labourer, production
Hand, pump
Filler, coke
Navvy (mine: not coal)
Helper (textile mfr)
Washer, stencil
Wheeler, pick (mine: not coal)
Handyman, fitter's
Man, gang, shore (shipbuilding)
Machinist (PLA)
Man, waste, wool
Holder-up, riveter's
Man, bellows (shipbuilding)
Helper, electrician's
Operative, cotton
Assistant, maker's, boiler
Trimmer, coal
Worker, factory
Man, tool
Stower, cake
Tenter, pump
Man, pitch
Loader, furnace (metal trades)
Mate, bender's
Yardsman (vulcanised fibre board mfr)
Handler, body (vehicle mfr)
Stoker, destructor
Mate, tester's
Trimmer, house, boiler
Tipper, ore (steelworks)
Lander (mine: not coal: above ground)
Tipper, coal (coal patent fuel mfr)
Tipper, shale
Mate, jointer's, cable
Drawer (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, gearhead
Scrapper (metal mfr)
Attendant, battery (mine: not coal)
Tipper, slag
Man, battery (coke ovens)
Man, sluice
Loader, milk (dairy)
Operator, fan (coal mine)
Man, waste (textile mfr)
Attendant, hopper (mine: not coal)
Filler (mine: not coal)
Man, oncost (mine: not coal)
Dauber, ladle (iron and steelworks)
Washer (flour confectionery mfr)
Man, ram
Attendant, car (steel mfr)
Man, stopper (coal gas, coke ovens)
Dragger, pipe (brickworks)
Man, exhauster (coal gas, coke ovens)
Felter (shipbuilding)
Labourer, moulder's
Assistant, shop, machine
Server (silk mfr)
Worker-round (iron and steelworks)
Leader, timber
Hopperman, dredge
Cellarman (bacon, ham, meat curing)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.