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Engineering technicians perform a variety of technical support functions to assist engineers with the design, development, operation, installation and maintenance of engineering systems and constructions.


Entrants to training usually posses GCSEs/S grades. Vocational training consists either of full-time study for a BTEC/SQA award followed by two years on-the-job training, or an apprenticeship leading to an NVQ/SVQ at Level 3 or 4. An NVQ/SVQ in Aircraft Engineering Maintenance at Level 3 plus further professional qualifications are required to become a licensed aircraft engineer.

Typical tasks

  • plans and prepares work and test schedules based on specifications and drawings;
  • sets up equipment, undertakes tests, takes readings, performs calculations and records and interprets data;
  • prepares estimates of materials, equipment and labour required for engineering projects;
  • diagnoses and detects faults and implements procedures to maintain efficient operation of systems and equipment;
  • inspects completed aircraft maintenance work to certify that it meets standards and the aircraft is ready for operation;
  • visits and advises clients on the use and servicing of mechanical and chemical engineering products and services.

Common job titles

Engineer, manufacturing
Officer, design, control, traffic, air
Officer, transport (DETR)
Engineer, contracts
Adviser, aeronautical
Technician, engineering, chemical
Controller, gas (steelworks)
Technician, turbine, wind (construction)
Technician, mechanical
Technician, traffic
Engineer, contract
Engineer, rig, test
Engineer, commissioning
Officer, professional and technical (government)
Assistant, engineer's
Engineer, assistant (government)
Engineer, aircraft
Officer, technical (gas supplier)
Technician, aircraft
Engineer, prevention, fire
Officer, mechanisation
Technician, installation
Engineer, test
Coordinator, engineering
Radiographer (manufacturing)
Technician, engineering, agricultural
Assistant, engineering
Technician, engineering, aerospace
Technician, engineering, marine
Technician, instrument (steelworks)
Engineer, distribution
Adviser, technical
Engineer, assistant (manufacturing)
PTO (government)
Artificer (armed forces)
Technician, airframe
Technician, engineering, mechanical
Radiographer (engineering)
Engineer, assistant (gas supplier)
Engineer, distribution, voltage, high
Engineer, track and catenary
Officer, transport, mechanical
Shooter, trouble
Technician (steelworks:
Assessor, technical
Technician, engineering
Analyst, maintenance (engineering)
Technician, engineering, electrical
Engineer, technician
Technician, engineering, automotive

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.