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Jobholders in this unit group investigate, address, and advise on a variety of terrestrial and marine environment and resource management issues, including the development and implementation of environmental policies and remedies that address the impacts of human activities and industrial processes on the environment.


A good degree in a relevant subject is normally a minimum entry qualification, and some employers will require a postgraduate qualification. Relevant work experience to complement academic qualifications is highly desirable. Professional qualifications across a wide range of areas of work are available.

Typical tasks

  • identifies contamination of land, air or water and assesses any adverse impact on the environment;
  • advises on and provides solutions for mitigating the effects of such contamination;
  • implements remediation works;
  • carries out environment-related desk-based research and fieldwork to collect, analyse and interpret data to determine their validity, quality and significance;
  • carries out environmental audits and environmental impact assessments;
  • communicates scientific and technical information to relevant audiences in an appropriate form, via reports, workshops, educational events, public hearings;
  • assists organisations to conduct their activities in an environmentally appropriate manner;
  • implements, reviews and advises on regulatory and legislative standards, guidelines and policies;
  • provides professional guidance to clients, government agencies, regulators and other relevant bodies, having regard for sustainable approaches and solutions.

Common job titles

Scientist, environmental
Officer, protection, environmental
Manager, energy
Engineer, geoenvironmental
Officer, interpretative
Officer, interpretation
Engineer, environmental
Officer, education, environmental
Manager, risk, flood
Manager, warning, flood
Manager (environmental consultancy)
Engineer, landfill
Manager (Environment Agency)
Chemist, environmental
Officer, warning, flood
Consultant, environmental
Specialist, geoenvironmental
Officer, defence, flood
Manager, safety and environmental, health
Manager, environmental
Officer, carbon and sustainability
Scientist, quality, water
Specialist, land, contaminated
Officer, environmental
Engineer, land, contaminated

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.