Financial administrative occupations n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group carry out a variety of finance-related administrative functions not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 412: Administrative Occupations: Finance.


There are no formal entry requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades (including maths) and/or a relevant vocational qualification at an appropriate level.

Typical tasks

  • receives and pays out cash to customers in non-financial organisations such as turf accountants;
  • sells tickets in theatre and cinema box offices, sports stadiums etc.;
  • performs duties as cashier in schools, local government and other public sector organisations, legal and insurance services;
  • administers grants and student loans in educational institutions;
  • carries out clerical tasks in stockbroking companies, banking and credit card companies.

Common job titles

Clerk, settlements
Clerk, office, box
Officer, banking, corporate
Cashier (legal services)
Assistant, timekeeper's
Consultant, sales, exchange, foreign
Clerk, mortgage
Assistant, finance
Analyst, cost
Officer, rights (broadcasting)
Clerk, office, ticket
Officer, pricing
Assistant, income
Administrator, services, financial
Cashier (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Clerk, finance
Controller, cash
Assistant, revenue
Clerk, cash
Officer, recovery (local government)
Assistant, office, cash
Cashier (local government)
Clerk, office, cash
Assessor, bonus
Assistant, cashier's
Clerk, bill
Cashier, legal
Cashier, school
Cashier (government)
Assistant, agent's, commission
Clerk, bonus
Worker, shop (turf accountants)
Cashier, shop, betting
Administrator, finance
Clerk, reconciliation, bank
Coordinator, account
Measurer (coal mine)
Assistant, dealer’s (financial services)
Officer, administration, finance
Assistant, holding, fund
Assistant, bursar's
Checker, time
Clerk, cost
Officer, compensation (coal mine)
Consultant, cost
Cashier, office
Clerk (credit card company)
Administrator, account
Representative, banker's
Analyst, billing
Inspector, revenue (water company)
Keeper, time
Salesman, ticket
Controller, mortgage
Cashier (insurance)
Assistant, counter (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Seller, ticket
Assistant, estimating
Assistant, fund
Assistant, costing
Clerk, counter
Clerk, stockbroker's
Clerk, cashier's
Controller, budget
Operator, totalisator
Assistant, treasurer's
Clerk, security
Clerk, financial
Cashier, office (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Recorder, time
Assistant, mortgage
Cashier, exchange, foreign
Officer, budget
Assistant, office, box
Officer, revenue
Assistant, settlement
Clerk, banking
Assistant, estimator's
Clerk, payments
Administrator, mortgage
Assistant, taxation
Counterman (turf accountants)
Assistant, manager's (betting shop)
Representative (banking)
Administrator, bonus
Seller (betting and gaming:
Assistant, treasury
Clerk, settlements, exchange, foreign
Cashier (estate agents)
Assistant, financial
Administrator, cost
Officer, control, budget
Assistant, accountant's, turf
Assistant, control (investment company)
Assistant, cost
Assistant, budget
Officer, loans, student
Officer, stamping
Processor, mortgage
Cashier, hospital
Assistant, tax
Clerk, claims
Controller, price
Assistant, rights (publishing)
Operator, tote
Clerk, accountant's, turf
Officer, mortgage
Assistant, audit
Clerk, costing
Administrator, financial
Officer, rights (publishing)
Cashier, office (local government)
Clerk (stockbrokers)
Controller, cost
Verifier, stock
Clerk, valuation
Cashier (hospital service)
Clerk, bookmaker's
Clerk, billing
Assistant, rights (broadcasting)
Consultant, sales (bureau de change)
Assistant, valuation
Assistant, office, ticket
Clerk, time
Clerk, allocation, cash
Officer, grants
Counterhand (bookmakers, turf accountants)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.