Fire service officers (watch manager and below)


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Workers in this unit group co-ordinate and participate in fire fighting activities, provide emergency services in the event of accidents or bomb alerts, and advise on fire prevention.


There are no formal academic requirements, although applicants to fire control roles must demonstrate basic literacy and numeracy, keyboard and communication skills. Applicants to fire-fighter roles must pass psychological, physical and medical tests. Some Fire and Rescue Services operate direct entry recruitment processes to managerial operational roles. There is a minimum age limit of 18 years for entry to fire-fighter and control operator roles.

Typical tasks

  • inspects premises to identify potential fire hazards and to check that fire fighting equipment is available and in working order and that statutory fire safety regulations are met;
  • arranges fire drills and tests alarm systems and equipment;
  • travels to fire or other emergency by vehicle and locates water mains if necessary;
  • operates hose pipes, ladders, chemical, foam, gas or powder fire extinguishing appliances;
  • rescues people or animals trapped by fire and administers first aid;
  • removes goods from fire damaged premises, clears excess water, makes safe any structural hazards and takes any other necessary steps to reduce damage to property;
  • attends and deals with bomb alerts and accidents involving spillage of hazardous substances;
  • advises on fire safety measures in new buildings;
  • supervises a watch.

Common job titles

Fireman, industrial
Man, corps, salvage
Sub-officer (fire service)
Officer, sub (fire service)
Guard, fire
Manager, crew (fire service)
Manager, watch (fire service)
Leader, section (fire service)
Assistant, fireman's
Fireman, works, nos
Fighter, fire
Fireman, security
Officer, safety, fire
Fireman (airport)
Engineer, fire
Officer, fire
Man, prevention, fire
Fireman, private
Officer, prevention, fire
Officer, fire (coal mine)
Officer, watch (fire service)
Officer, security, fire
Officer, fire, leading
Adviser, prevention, fire