Footwear and leather working trades


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Workers in this unit group make and repair shoes, cut out, make up, sew, decorate and finish leather and leather substitute goods other than garments.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Training is mainly on?the-job. NVQs/SVQs are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • uses hand tools or machine to cut out, trim, punch holes in or stitch guide lines on leather or leather substitute component parts;
  • positions leather and rubber footwear component parts on lasts and shapes and joins uppers to insoles and soles;
  • uses hand tools or machine to make up and repair saddles, harnesses, belts, straps and other leather products;
  • uses hand and machine tools to sew and stitch leather and/or other material in the making and decoration of footwear and leather goods other than garments;
  • prepares paper or paperboard master patterns of component parts of footwear;
  • waxes, cleans and finishes footwear and other leather goods.

Common job titles

Maker, case, dressing
Fitter, belt (coal mine)
Cutter, machine (leather goods mfr)
Cutter, glove, boxing
Cutter, profile (footwear mfr)
Maker, glove
Stainer, leather
Presser (leather goods mfr)
Turner, slipper
Maker, whip
Butter and tacker, welt
Worker, craft, leather
Ranger (footwear mfr)
Coverer, roller (textile mfr)
Puller-on (footwear mfr)
Tapper (footwear mfr)
Maker, lace, boot (leather goods mfr)
Maker, trimmings (slipper mfr)
Maker, ball, cricket
Stitcher, leather
Trimmer (leather goods mfr)
Clicker, press
Wheeler, welt
Shanker (footwear mfr)
Presser, blanking
Mender, shoe
Preparer (footwear mfr)
Maker, case, hat
Maker, hose, leather
Operative, manufacturing, footwear
Maker, strap
Polisher, boot
Cutter, pattern (leather goods mfr)
Machinist, skiving (footwear mfr)
Maker, rosette
Cutter, press (leather goods mfr)
Closer, repairs
Beltman, machine
Worker, shoe
Skiver (footwear mfr)
Cutter, lining (footwear mfr)
Perforator (footwear mfr)
Planner, die (footwear mfr)
Worker, leather, orthopaedic
Machinist, lasting
Sewer, sole
Solutioner (footwear mfr)
Marker (footwear mfr)
Pricker (leather goods mfr)
Maker, case, attaché
Machinist, bagging
Moulder, sole
Maker, bag, hand
Maker, lining (footwear mfr)
Scraper, heel (footwear mfr)
Whipper (footwear mfr)
Operator, last, seat
Hand, sample (footwear mfr)
Clicker (leather goods mfr)
Paster (footwear mfr)
Maker, case, brush
Moulder, injection (footwear mfr)
Eyeletter (leather goods mfr)
Putter-on (clog mfr)
Beltman (engineering)
Repairer, boot and shoe
Cutter, slipper
Maker, ball, foot
Parer (footwear mfr)
Puffer (footwear mfr)
Finisher, boot and shoe
Fitter, last, bespoke
Fitter, belting
Manufacturer, bag (leather goods mfr)
Slipper, last
Beader (footwear mfr)
Paster (leather goods mfr)
Cutter, bridle
Operative, boot and shoe
Stainer, shoe
Cutter, fittings
Marker, stitch (footwear mfr)
Bottomer (surgical footwear mfr)
Maker, bridle
Worker, saddle
Machinist, shoe
Clicker (footwear mfr)
Hand, alteration
Machinist, skiver
Presser, clicking
Sinker, seat
Stitcher, rapid
Fitter-up (footwear mfr)
Puncher (footwear mfr)
Hand, shoe
Stitcher, football
Machinist, perforating (footwear mfr)
Cutter, brace
Coverer (leather goods mfr)
Maker, frame, photo
Wetter (footwear mfr)
Beveller (footwear mfr)
Stapler (footwear mfr)
Cutter (footwear mfr)
Assistant, maker's, shoe
Nailer (footwear mfr)
Operator, pullover (footwear mfr)
Maker, collar, horse
Tacker (footwear mfr)
Machinist, pressure
Sewer, welt
Crimper, vamp
Maker, case, leather
Worker, factory (footwear mfr)
Sewer, rug, skin
Closer (footwear mfr)
Rougher, outsole
Slugger (footwear mfr)
Operator, shoe
Stitcher, collar
Manufacturer (leather goods mfr)
Cutter, belt
Maker, welt
Moulder (footwear mfr)
Machinist, levelling
Cutter, saddle
Channeller (footwear mfr)
Foreman (leather goods mfr)
Foreman (footwear mfr)
Cutter, sole
Worker, slipper
Worker, leather (leather goods mfr)
Ironer, boot
Stapler, slipper
Polisher (clog mfr)
Cutter (leather goods mfr)
Brusher (footwear mfr)
Cutter, press (footwear mfr)
Maker, slipper
Separator, stitch
Sewer (leather goods mfr)
Stringer (footwear mfr)
Creaser, vamp
Fitter (leather goods mfr)
Machinist, closing (footwear mfr)
Machinist, stapling (footwear mfr)
Blocker (footwear mfr)
Folder (footwear mfr)
Stitcher, lock (slipper mfr)
Cutter, pattern, iron (footwear mfr)
Repairer, bag
Closer (toy mfr)
Worker, leather (railways)
Cutter (powder puff mfr)
Blocker (leather goods mfr)
Maker, pattern (footwear mfr)
Rubber-down (footwear mfr)
Maker, case, small
Maker, pouffe
Stapler (leather goods mfr)
Operator, consol (footwear mfr)
Cementer (footwear mfr)
Glosser (footwear mfr)
Sewer (footwear mfr)
Inker (footwear mfr)
Binder, slipper
Assembler, footwear
Looker-over (footwear mfr)
Repairer, belting
Machinist, lining (footwear mfr)
Dresser (footwear mfr)
Stitcher (footwear mfr)
Brusher-up (footwear mfr)
Rectifier (footwear mfr)
Scourer (footwear mfr)
Maker, buffer
Moulder, leather
Burnisher (footwear mfr)
Puller, tack
Stitcher (leather goods mfr)
Polisher (footwear mfr)
Holer, eyelet
Puller-over (footwear mfr)
Machinist, beading
Trimmer (footwear mfr)
Eyeletter (footwear mfr)
Machinist, welt
Maker, bag (leather goods mfr)
Beater (footwear mfr)
Maker and repairer, shoe
Maker, clog
Stripper, lace, leather
Maker, braces
Finisher (leather goods mfr)
Machinist, bag (leather goods mfr)
Mender, belt
Presser (footwear mfr)
Maker, picker
Cutter, die (footwear mfr)
Worker, bench (leather goods mfr)
Maker, harness
Worker, leather, hydraulic and mechanical
Pegger (footwear mfr)
Man, bench (footwear mfr)
Stainer, edge (footwear mfr)
Operator, console (footwear mfr)
Operative, shoe
Worker, leather (vehicle mfr)
Maker, football
Machinist, post (footwear mfr)
Operative, slipper
Piecer, belt
Stainer (leather goods mfr)
Stitcher, ball, cricket
Cutter, sample (footwear mfr)
Welter (footwear mfr)
Worker, leather (artificial limb mfr)
Maker, shoe
Rubber-off (footwear mfr)
Slipper, shoe
Maker, boot and shoe
Maker, saddle
Builder-up, last
Presser, heel (footwear mfr)
Finisher (footwear mfr)
Cementer, outsole
Fitter, spring, elastic
Marker, upper (footwear mfr)
Maker, bag, travelling
Ironer (footwear mfr)
Hand, bench (leather goods mfr)
Man, lathe (textile machinery roller covering)
Machinist, flat (footwear mfr)
Cleaner (footwear mfr)
Leveller (footwear mfr)
Manufacturer, shoe
Cutter, guillotine (leather goods mfr)
Welder (footwear mfr)
Repairer, belt
Cutter, strap (leather goods mfr)
Sewer (rubber footwear mfr)
Manufacturer (footwear mfr)
Wheeler (footwear mfr)
Worker, bench (footwear mfr)
Machinist, taping (footwear mfr)
Machinist (leather goods mfr)
Trimmer, heel
Turner (footwear mfr)
Stainer, boot
Finisher, shoe
Preparer, case
Worker, room, shoe
Cementer, upper
Marker, strip
Hand, bench (footwear mfr)
Sticker (footwear mfr)
Maker, washer
Sewer, belting
Cutter, bag
Interlacer, shoe
Maker-up (leather goods mfr)
Repairer, shoe
Maker, boot
Machinist, brush
Maker, scabbard
Moulder, insole
Framer (leather goods mfr)
Binder (footwear mfr)
Presser, lining (footwear mfr)
Machinist (footwear mfr)
Piercer, strap
Assembler (leather goods mfr)
Moulder, stiffener
Fitter (footwear mfr)
Worker, leather, fancy
Maker, purse
Finisher, bottom
Sewer, wire
Cutter, pattern (footwear mfr)
Worker, goods, leather
Filler, bottom (boot mfr)
Cutter, puff
Taper (footwear mfr)
Clicker, machine
Machinist, slipper
Stiffener (footwear mfr)
Machinist, zigzag (footwear mfr)
Maker, belting
Compressor, heel
Maker, trimming (slipper mfr)
Presser, shoe
Operator, room, closing (footwear mfr)
Stocker, whip
Hand, room (footwear mfr)
Operator, bar, heel
Corder (footwear mfr)
Crimper (footwear mfr)
Rougher, upper (footwear mfr)
Maker, trunk
Breaster, heel
Maker, belt
Man, table (footwear mfr)
Maker, bag, lady's
Layer, sole
Cutter, shoe
Operator, boot
Stitcher, wire (leather goods mfr)
Maker, handle (leather goods mfr)
Rounder (footwear mfr)
Mender, strap
Man, maintenance
Worker, shoeroom
Maker, leather, fancy
Worker, boot and shoe
Maker, heel
Maker, sock
Machinist, leather
Sticker, sole
Tracer (footwear mfr)
Barrer (footwear mfr)
Paster, sock
Spotter (footwear mfr)
Cutter, leather
Maker, goods, leather
Cutter, stiffening
Machinist, boot
Trimmer, boot
Preparer (leather goods mfr)
Maker, boot, surgical
Maker, footwear
Fitter, heel
Maker, case, suit
Lacer (footwear mfr)
Stitcher, glove, boxing
Machinist, riveting (leather goods mfr)
Creaser (footwear mfr)
Maker, bellows
Manufacturer, goods, leather
Man, strap