Fork-lift truck drivers


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Fork-lift truck drivers operate fork-lift trucks in factories, warehouses, storerooms and other areas to transfer goods and materials.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is through accredited training schemes provided in-house or by manufacturers. NVQs/SVQs in Lift Truck Operations are available at Level 2.

Typical tasks

  • operates controls to pick up load on forks;
  • drives truck to unloading point and lowers forks to correct position on stack or ground;
  • ensures that truck is connected to charger or is correctly refuelled for use;
  • keeps records of work undertaken;
  • cleans, oils and greases machine.

Common job titles

Operator, loader, side
Driver, stacker
Driver, internal
Driver, truck, fork-lift
Driver, transport
Lifter, fork
Driver, truck, fork
Operator, truck, fork
Driver, car, scale
Driver, lift, fork
Driver, truck, lift, fork
Driver, truck, electric
Driver, FLT
Driver, hyster
Operator, lift, fork
Driver, truck, stacker
Driver, truck, works
Driver, truck, clamp
Driver, loader, side
Operator, truck, forklift
Operator, fork-lift
Driver, fork-lift
Driver, car, weigh
Driver, truck, power
Driver, truck
Operator, truck, lift, fork