Functional managers and directors


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Functional managers and directors in this unit group perform a variety of senior management tasks in respect of other specialist functions or fields of activity in organisations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 113: Functional Managers and Directors.


Entry standards will vary according to the specific function and requirements of the organisation concerned, as will options for training off- and on-the-job.

Typical tasks

  • helps to formulate and implement local government policy and ensures legal and statutory provisions are observed;
  • organises local authority office work and resources, negotiates contracted out services;
  • plans, organises, coordinates and directs the resources of a special interest organisation;
  • formulates and directs the implementation of an organisation’s policies;
  • represents union, association or charity in consultation and negotiation with government, employees and other bodies;
  • stimulates public interest by providing publicity, giving lectures and interviews and organising appeals;
  • directs or undertakes the preparation, publication and dissemination of reports and other information pertaining to the organisation.

Common job titles

Manager, development, donor
Collector, rate, chief
Director (local government)
Manager (trade association)
Director, technical (research and development)
Manager (religious organisation)
Secretary, general
Director (cleaning)
Secretary, area
Manager, centre, mail (postal distribution services)
Clerk, staff (local government)
Secretary, general (professional association)
Manager, mail (postal distribution services)
President, union
Manager, processing (postal distribution services)
Secretary, general (trade union)
Director (conference organisers)
Director, accounts
Director, administration
Collector, superintendent (local government)
Secretary, general (trade association)
Clerk to the district council
Officer, chief (local government)
Manager (professional association)
Manager (postal distribution services)
Clerk to the parish council
Manager (trade union)
Director, services (property management)
Clerk to the county council
Director, service, customer
Manager, operations (local government)
Clerk, town
Director (Environment Agency)
Secretary, area (trade union)
Clerk, deputy (local government)
Director, charity
Secretary, area (trade association)
Director of research and development
Director, research
Clerk to the board (local government)
Clerk of the council
Manager, process (postal distribution services)
Manager, service, registration
Secretary, diocesan
Manager, services, environmental
Manager, branch (trade association)
Manager, charity
Secretary, area (professional organisation)
Clerk, principal (local government)
Head of intellectual property
Director, services, customer
Organiser, national (trade union)
Director (research and development)
President (trade union)
Organiser, national
Director, divisional (Red Cross)
Director (corporate hospitality)
Clerk to the council
Manager, property, intellectual
Secretary, national (trade union)
Secretary, managing (co-operative society)
Clerk, chief (local government)
Manager, planning (manufacturing)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.