Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers


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Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers make, repair and restore wooden furniture, decorative objects and other crafted pieces of woodwork.


There are no formal entry requirements, although entrants typically possess a variety of academic and vocational qualifications. Training is provided off- and on-the-job. A number of NVQs/SVQs and other vocational qualifications covering various aspects of furniture production and wood machining are available at various levels. Apprenticeships in Cabinet Making are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine job requirements and appropriate materials;
  • selects, measures, cuts and shapes wood using saws, chisels, planes, powered hand tools and woodworking machines;
  • assembles parts with crafted joints, nails, screws, dowels or adhesives and fits locks, catches, hinges, castors, drawers, shelves and other fittings;
  • removes, replaces or repairs damaged parts of wooden furniture;
  • measures floor area to be covered and lays wood blocks, parquet panels or hardwood strips;
  • matches and marks out veneers ready for cutting and examines and repairs defects in veneer or plywood sheets.

Common job titles

Bender (wood products mfr)
Framer, picture
Maker, stave
Repairer, pipe
Wheeler (wheelwrights)
Maker, seat
Maker, block (wood products mfr)
Restorer, antiques
Dresser, stick
Maker, block, hat
Marker-out (wood products mfr)
Maker, case, jewel
Furnisher, coffin
Maker, wattle
Maker, pattern (cast concrete products mfr)
Caseworker (piano, organ mfr)
Engraver, parquetry
Jointer, edge, veneer
Maker, staging (shipbuilding)
Maker, frame, photo
Maker, cart
Painter, spray (furniture mfr)
Maker, wagon, timber
Seater, chair
Fitter, case, cabinet
Maker, float (sports goods mfr)
Maker, grid (wood products mfr)
Maker, skewer
Restorer, furniture
Fitter-up (musical instruments mfr, piano case mfr)
Sprayer (furniture mfr)
Fitter, overmantel
Maker, screen
Maker, frame, racquet
Repairer, furniture
Maker, case, cabinet
Maker, bow (sports goods mfr)
Filer (tobacco pipe mfr)
Sprayer, paint (furniture mfr)
Maker, case, instrument
Manufacturer, furniture, cane
Maker, form
Dresser, wood
Splicer, veneer
Maker, seat, garden
Polisher, heald
Maker, furniture, wicker
Builder, wheel
Maker, letter
Maker, seat, cane
Maker, hurdle
Bender (stick making)
Maker, desk
Maker, part (piano, organ mfr)
Maker, gate
Blaster, sand (briar pipe mfr)
Maker, frame (concrete mfr)
Engraver, marquetry
Carver, frame
Finisher, peg, shuttle
Maker, bowl (sports goods mfr)
Finisher, spray (furniture mfr)
Maker, ladder
Maker, wardrobe
Hinger, last
Fitter, fittings and furniture
Cleaver, lath
Worker, cabinet
Maker, cue, billiard
Sprayer, cellulose (furniture mfr)
Maker, case, television
Man, bench (cabinet making)
Maker, furniture
Cleaver (cricket bat mfr)
Finisher, coffin
Carver, stock
Matcher, veneer
Builder, barrow
Maker, case, book
Jointer, tapeless
Carver, letter
Carver, wood
Maker, barrow
Craftsman, museum
Maker, bobbin
Repairer, chair
Maker and joiner, cabinet
Maker, scull
Finisher (stick mfr)
Maker, frame (furniture mfr)
Maker, fence, timber
Maker, keg
Worker, case (piano, organ mfr)
Marker-off (wood products mfr)
Maker, case, clock
Maker, bat, cricket
Bodger, chair
Maker, block, clog
Maker, cabinet
Renovator, antiques
Fitter (cabinet making)
Repairer, antiques
Maker, stamp, bleacher's
Maker, case, cutlery
Maker, peg
Fitter, case, piano
Manufacturer, furniture
Maker, furniture, cane
Fitter, gymnastics
Maker, club, golf
Worker, bench (cabinet making)
Maker, drawers
Maker, spar
Maker, oar
Maker, pipe (tobacco pipe mfr)
Fitter, cabinet
Maker, bed (furniture mfr)
Maker, coffin and casket
Maker, frame, chair
Maker, furniture, garden
Framer (chair mfr)
Preparer, veneer
Maker, stock (gun mfr)
Maker, heel
Maker, shovel
Maker, saddletree
Maker, tray
Maker, coffin
Builder, shed
Bender, timber
Foreman (furniture mfr)
Maker, vat
Fitter, frame (picture frame mfr)
Maker, arm (furniture mfr)
Borer, wide
Maker, barrel and cask
Maker, case, show
Foreman (tobacco pipe mfr)
Maker, bowl (textile machinery mfr)
Maker, frame, oxon
Maker, stick, hockey
Maker, furniture, bamboo
Fitter, furniture
Maker, mould (cast concrete products mfr)
Maker, case (musical instruments mfr)
Joiner (cabinet making)
Manufacturer (furniture mfr)
Operator, jointer
Hand, bench (cabinet making)
Manufacturer (wood products mfr)
Maker, table (furniture mfr)
Framer, seat
Maker, frame, mirror
Maker, chair
Stocker (gun mfr)
Maker, racquet
Maker, last
Maker, rod, fishing
Builder, cart
Polisher, bobbin, wood
Maker, shed
Embosser (wood products mfr)
Maker, frame, picture
Maker, sley
Polisher, pipe
Maker, stick, walking
Maker, shuttle
Cleaver, wood