Further education teaching professionals


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Further education teaching professionals supervise and teach trade, technical, commercial, adult education, secondary and post-secondary courses to students beyond minimum school leaving age.


Further education lecturers normally require a professional or academic qualification in the subject area they intend to teach, relevant professional, industrial or business experience and an appropriate teaching qualification.

Typical tasks

  • prepares, delivers and directs lectures, seminars and tutorials;
  • prepares, administers and marks examinations, essays and other assignments;
  • arranges instructional visits and periods of employment experience for students;
  • assists with the administration of teaching and the arranging of timetables;
  • liaises with other professional and commercial organisations to review course content.

Common job titles

Lecturer, college (further education)
Instructor (further education)
Director of studies (further education)
Teacher, dancing (further education)
Rector (further education)
Head of department (further education)
Instructor, woodwork (further education)
Teacher (further education)
Teacher (tertiary college)
Lecturer, college, FE
Leader, course (further education)
Tutor (further education)
Professor (further education)
Head, deputy (further education)
Head of faculties (further education)
Lecturer (further education)
Head, assistant (further education)
Teacher, music (further education)
Lecturer, dance (further education)
Teacher, dance (further education)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.