Glass and ceramics makers, decorators and finishers


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Glass and ceramics workers, form, shape, decorate, smooth and polish glassware, earthenware, refractory goods, clay bricks and other ceramic goods.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs at Levels 1, 2 and 3 are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • uses hand tools and operates machinery to heat, bend, shape, press, drill and cut glass;
  • makes artificial eyes, laminated glass sheets or blocks, glass fibre tissue, wool, filament and matting, marks optical lenses and assembles rimless spectacles;
  • makes models and moulds from moulding clay and plaster for use in the making and casting of pottery and other ceramic goods;
  • throws, casts and presses clay by hand or machine to form pottery, stoneware or refractory goods such as bricks, crucibles, ornaments, sanitary furnishings, saggars, cups, saucers, plates and roofing tiles;
  • cuts and joins unfired stoneware pipes to form junctions and gullies, moulds sealing bands on clay pipes, prepares and joins porcelain or earthenware components and assists crucible makers and stone workers with their tasks;
  • applies decorative designs and finishes to glassware, optical glass and ceramic goods by grinding, smoothing, polishing, cutting, etching, dipping, painting or transferring patterns or labels.

Common job titles

Tower (ceramics mfr)
Shaper (glass mfr)
Repairer, glass
Maker, pattern (ceramics mfr)
Artist (ceramics decorating)
Worker, blowpipe
Hand, bottle
Blocker, lens
Maker, pipe, clay
Manager, prescription (glass mfr)
Surfacer, lens, optical
Pinner (ceramics mfr)
Transferer, lithograph (ceramics mfr)
Artist (glass decorating)
Worker, prism
Froster (electric lamp mfr)
Man, disc
Taker-off (glass mfr)
Liner, tube
Maker, sink
Presser, hot (ceramics mfr)
Worker, lens
Decorator, ceramic
Manipulator, glass
Polisher (ceramics mfr)
Glazer, lens
Maker, pin (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, slab, optical
Worker, acid (ceramics mfr)
Maker, glass
Rougher (glass mfr)
Blocker (lens mfr)
Blaster, sand (ceramics mfr)
Presser, hollow-ware
Finisher, glass
Maker, pottery
Worker, field, brick
Bender, glass
Blower, bulb
Painter, craft
Restorer (ceramics mfr)
Cutter (glass mfr)
Caster (glass mfr)
Maker, cover (ceramics mfr)
Maker, model (ceramics mfr)
Thrower (ceramics mfr)
Cutter, brick
Caster, china
Maker, tubing
Maker, thermometer
Driller, ceramic
Maker, stopper (steelworks)
Maker, basin
Stopper, glaze
Etcher (glass mfr)
Boy, post (glass mfr)
Laminator (safety glass mfr)
Bander, clay
Presser (glass mfr)
Blocker (brick mfr)
Breaker-off (glass mfr)
Presser, die
Bender, tube
Enameller (ceramics mfr)
Surfacer, optical
Sticker, punty
Polisher, enamel
Knocker (ceramics mfr)
Maker, ball (glass mfr)
Painter, pottery
Liner, gold (ceramics mfr)
Glazer, button
Turner (ceramics mfr)
Maker, crank
Turner-out (glass mfr)
Melter (glass mfr)
Transferer (ceramics mfr)
Presser, flat (ceramics mfr)
Former, glass
Maker, block (ceramics mfr)
Setter, machine, optical
Foreman (glass mfr)
Maker, sagger
Moulder (glass mfr)
Cutter (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, brick
Etcher, hand
Brusher, glaze
Lithographer (ceramics mfr)
Maker, saucer
Finisher (glass mfr)
Mechanic, optical
Chipper (ceramics mfr)
Sprayer, colour (ceramics mfr)
Maker, screen, wind
Preparer (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, fine
Grinder (ceramics mfr)
Emptier, press, electrical
Duster, colour
Cutter, stilt
Flatter (glass mfr)
Finisher (ceramics mfr)
Foreman (ceramics mfr)
Presser, dust (ceramics mfr)
Maker, saggar
Setter, lens
Engraver, pottery
Grinder, wheel, emery (glass mfr)
Moulder, bottle
Blower, glaze
Flattener (glass mfr)
Sponger of clayware
Edger (lens mfr)
Maker, basket, ornamental
Maker, pipe (ceramics mfr)
Blacker (ceramics mfr)
Technician, lens, contact
Maker, thimble (ceramics mfr)
Maker, pipe (zinc refining)
Decorator, aerographing (ceramics mfr)
Bander, wash
Finisher (plaster cast mfr)
Maker, dish
Maker, tile
Cutter, diamond (glass mfr)
Dresser, brick (brick mfr)
Maker, lens
Preparer (glass mfr)
Moulder, pipe, clay
Hand, prism
Miller, optical
Painter, slip
Carboniser, nickel (valve mfr)
Blower (ceramics mfr)
Dipper, automatic (ceramics mfr)
Fettler, pipe, sanitary
Glazier, optical
Servitor (glass mfr)
Finisher (refractory goods mfr)
Batter (pottery mfr)
Maker, ceramic
Brusher (ceramics mfr)
Painter, spray (ceramics mfr)
Foreman, yard, brick
Filler (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, lens
Stripper (cast stone products mfr)
Engineer, optical
Centerer and edger (lens mfr)
Painter, flower
Presser, pottery
Finisher, pipe (clay tobacco pipe mfr)
Presser, sagger
Maker, slab (ceramics mfr)
Brusher, sanitary
Jointer (ceramics mfr)
Cutter, lens
Jointer, pipe (stoneware pipe mfr)
Burnisher, gold (ceramics mfr)
Maker, crucible
Maker, radiant, fire, gas
Mason, fireclay
Engraver, glass
Finisher, crucible
Maker, appliance, sanitary
Polisher, edge
Maker, cast, plaster
Manufacturer, glass
Setter (glass mfr)
Layer, ground
Caster (ceramics mfr)
Painter, underglaze
Coater, ceramics
Moulder, tile, hand
Beveller (glass mfr)
Worker, pottery
Man, balcony
Moulder, clay
Glazier, lens
Presser, glass
Drawer (glass mfr)
Grinder, stopper, glass
Repairer (ceramics mfr)
Cleaner (ceramics mfr)
Modeller (ceramics mfr)
Ladler (glass mfr)
Worker, optical
Ornamenter (ceramics mfr)
Dipper (ceramics mfr)
Trimmer (glass mfr)
Polisher, gold (ceramics mfr)
Modeller, glass
Etcher (ceramics mfr)
Glazer, pottery
Sprayer, aerograph
Maker, pantile
Maker, eye, artificial
Modeller, plaster
Sprayer, enamel (ceramics mfr)
Presser (ceramics mfr)
Stopper (ceramics mfr)
Grinder (glass mfr)
Potter (zinc refining)
Mason, ware, sanitary
Gaffer (glass mfr)
Stenciller, aerographing (ceramics mfr)
Caster, hollow-ware (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, plaster
Painter, glaze
Decorator, aerograph
Modeller, clay
Bumper (ceramics mfr)
Caster, sanitary
Grinder, slab, optical
Maker, plaque
Polisher (glass mfr)
Maker, flange (electric lamp mfr)
Grinder, glass
Worker, tile (ceramics mfr)
Chummer-in (ceramics mfr)
Cutter, letter, glass
Assistant, maker's, crucible
Maker, form (ceramics mfr)
Glazer, optical
Cutter, lustre, glass
Maker, bottle
Slitter, glass, optical
Cementer (ceramics mfr)
Cutter, brilliant (glass mfr)
Maker, mould, plaster (plumbago crucible mfr)
Grinder and polisher (optical goods mfr)
Maker, model, plaster
Washer (ceramics mfr)
Artist, pottery
Maker, jar
Maker, saddle (ceramics mfr)
Blower, thermometer
Maker, brick
Chairman (glass mfr)
Man, muffle (glass mfr)
Centerer (lens mfr)
Sticker, junction (ceramics mfr)
Burner-off (glass mfr)
Driller, glass
Foreman, shop, cutting (glass mfr)
Fettler (ceramics mfr)
Maker, oddstuff
Sider (glass mfr)
Maker, ridge
Repairer, china
Turner, machine, pottery
Bender (glass mfr)
Maker, figure
Maker, stopper (glass mfr)
Sprayer, glaze
Maker, mirror
Maker, hollow-ware (ceramics mfr)
Engraver (glass mfr)
Caster, statue
Mottler (ceramics mfr)
Manufacturer (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, tile (ceramics mfr)
Maker, pot
Labeller, colour
Gilder (ceramics mfr)
Lather (ceramics mfr)
Tooler, glass
Jiggerer (ceramics mfr)
Grinder, optical
Grinder, surface (glass mfr)
Boy, wire
Painter (glass etching)
Worker, lamp (glass mfr)
Knocker-off (glass mfr)
Spinner, silk, glass
Puncher (zinc smelting)
Maker, foot
Maker, plate (ceramics mfr)
Grinder, lens
Turner, porcelain, electric
Toucher-up (ceramics decorating)
Maker, flower (ceramics mfr)
Remoulder (glass mfr)
Optician, manufacturing
Selector, glass
Marker-up, lens
Finisher, sanitary
Assistant, moulder's (abrasives mfr)
Driller, porcelain
Decorator, glass
Embosser (glass mfr)
Scolloper (ceramics mfr)
Maker, cup
Scourer (ceramics mfr)
Moulder (ceramics mfr)
Sprayer (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, glass
Manufacturer, ceramics
Driller, pottery
Artist, glass, stained
Opener, piece (glass mfr)
Burnisher (ceramics mfr)
Duster (ceramics mfr)
Painter, freehand
Painter, enamel
Maker, tube
Potter (ceramics mfr)
Cutter (lens mfr)
Worker, lathe (glass mfr)
Marker-out (glass mfr)
Etcher, machine
Polisher, lens
Pantographer (glass mfr)
Moulder, furnace
Maker, teapot
Bander, glass
Maker, insulator
Artist, ceramic
Finisher, pipe (ceramics mfr)
Gauger (glass mfr)
Sprayer, colour (glass mfr)
Wedger, clay
Smoother (lens mfr)
Foreman (brick mfr)
Pitcher and malletter
Bander (ceramics mfr)
Maker, pipe, sanitary
Presser, tile (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, glost
Potter, clay
Blower (glass mfr)
Foreman, shed, press (brick mfr)
Foreman, shop (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, hand (plumbago crucible mfr)
Cutter, ring
Knocker-out (glass mfr)
Liner (ceramics mfr)
Maker, pipe, drain
Cutter, tube
Attendant, polisher's, glass
Grinder, flat
Cutter, glass, optical
Jointer, stanford
Lipper, glass
Piercer (ceramics mfr)
Manufacturer (glass mfr)
Emptier, press (ceramics mfr)
Sprayer (lamp, valve mfr)
Glazer (ceramics mfr)
Decorator, slip
Moulder, fireclay
Presser, brick
Sprayer, cellulose (ceramics mfr)
Glazer (glass mfr)
Finisher, lens
Moulder, hand (ceramics mfr)
Maker, mould (ceramics mfr)
Maker, prism
Maker, handle (ceramics mfr)
Man, cut-off (glass mfr)
Edger (ceramics mfr)
Polisher, hand (glass mfr)
Maker, bat
Worker, gold
Stainer (glass mfr)
Froster (glass mfr)
Blower, glass
Painter, rough (glass mfr)
Blower, bottle
Cutter, plate (photographic film mfr)
Foreman, batch
Foreman, house, glass (glass mfr)
Plasterer (plaster cast mfr)
Engraver, pattern, pottery
Jointer (stoneware pipe mfr)
Maker, bowl (ceramics mfr)
Engraver (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, faience
Sponger (ceramics mfr)
Gatherer (glass mfr)
Runner, mould (ceramics mfr)
Transferer (glass mfr)
Painter (ceramics mfr)
Dipper, machine (ceramics mfr)