Glass and ceramics process operatives


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Glass and ceramics process operatives position articles ready for firing in kilns and operate and attend furnaces and kilns to make and treat glass and ceramic items.


Academic qualifications are not normally required. Training is mostly on-the-job, the amount and extent depending on the equipment used and type of operations performed. NVQs/SVQs/vocational qualifications covering glass processing, glass manufacturing, kiln operations and manufacturing ceramic items are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • directs loading of furnace with prescribed quantities and types of ingredients;
  • sets timing and temperature controls, monitors pressure gauges, adjusts controls as necessary and regulates level of glass in furnace as required;
  • operates controls to rotate rotary furnaces and create a vacuum in vacuum furnaces, ensures that static furnaces are correctly positioned and switches on current;
  • monitors temperature of drying and annealing kilns and reports any significant deviations from schedule sheet;
  • cuts off heat supply after firing/heating/drying and cleans furnace and kiln areas.

Common job titles

Operator, tank, glass
Maker, glaze (ceramics mfr)
Worker, fibreglass
Burner, sand
Carrier-in (glass mfr)
Assistant, embosser's
Founder (glass mfr)
Operator, tumbler (ceramics mfr)
Burner, head (ceramics mfr)
Hand, brick
Worker, glass
Man, mill (ceramics mfr)
Sifter (ceramics mfr)
Operator, autoclave (glass mfr)
Placer, biscuit
Worker, process (ceramics mfr)
Grinder, flint (ceramics mfr)
Mixer, dust (ceramics mfr)
Setter (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, mixer (ceramics mfr)
Foreman, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Miller (ceramics mfr)
Operator, end, cold
Operator, process (glass mfr)
Hand, oven (mica, micanite goods mfr)
Sifter, dust (ceramics mfr)
Picker, bone (ceramics mfr)
Assistant, polisher's, glass
Setter and drawer (ceramics mfr)
Preparer, colour (ceramics mfr)
Placer, kiln
Setter, oven (ceramics mfr)
Machinist, bottle
Gauger, mica
Placer, tile
Ovenman, biscuit
Builder, micanite
Machinist, brick
Operator, pipe, blow
Attendant, thrower's
Worker, process (fibre glass mfr)
Assistant, blower's, glass
Grinder, clay (ceramics mfr)
Maker, flow (ceramics mfr)
Packer, kiln
Layer, plate (mica, micanite mfr)
Slaker (ceramics mfr)
Stoker (glass mfr)
Operator, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Placer, glost
Presser, mica
Filler-in (ceramics mfr)
Worker, glass, fibre
Mixer, glaze (ceramics mfr)
Setter-in (ceramics mfr)
Oddman, glost
Presser (mineral products mfr)
Vitrifier (artificial teeth mfr)
Burner, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Worker, process (mica, micanite goods mfr)
Picker (ceramics mfr)
Worker, factory (glass mfr)
Burner, kiln (brick mfr)
Man, kiln, frit
Packer, potter's
Operator, furnace (glass mfr)
Machinist, cutting, glass
Worker, micanite
Loader, lehr
Attendant, potter's
Man, pan (ceramics mfr)
Preparer, glaze (ceramics mfr)
Furnaceman (electric bulb mfr)
Oddman, biscuit
Roller, tube
Oddman, kiln
Smelter (glass mfr)
Builder, plate
Bedder (ceramics mfr)
Machinist (glass mfr)
Maker, micanite
Annealer, pot
Stoker, kiln, brick
Machinist, jigger
Assistant, etcher's
Loader, kiln
Machinist, pipe, sanitary
Grinder, composition (ceramics mfr)
Miller, dust (ceramics mfr)
Taker-in (glass mfr)
Setter, clamp (ceramics mfr)
Drawer and setter (brick mfr)
Man, lehr
Temperer (ceramics mfr)
Worker, clay (ceramics mfr)
Foreman, furnace (glass mfr)
Cutter, mica
Stoker, furnace (ceramics mfr)
Filler, oven (ceramics mfr)
Firer, stove (ceramics mfr)
Machinist, painting, slip
Man, kiln, glost
Filler, kiln
Attendant, box, dod
Operator, glass, fibre
Skimmer (glass mfr)
Worker, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Machinist, coating, glass (bulb, valve mfr)
Cranker (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, mica
Placer (ceramics mfr)
Hand, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Mixer, grog (ceramics mfr)
Moulder, micanite
Operator, mill, ball (ceramics mfr)
Crusher (ceramics mfr)
Operator, plant (brick mfr)
Miller, glaze (ceramics mfr)
Fuser, bifocal
Oddman, oven
Maker, dust (ceramics mfr)
Batchman (glass mfr)
Burner, brick
Operator, plant, brick
Dryer (refractory goods mfr)
Burner (glass mfr)
Fireman, biscuit
Operative, oven, tunnel
Attendant, kiln (brick mfr)
Machinist, tile
Machinist, mica
Fireman, oven (ceramics mfr)
Furnaceman (glass mfr)
Attendant, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Burner (ceramics mfr)
Baller (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, press (ceramics mfr)
Shader (ceramics mfr)
Assistant, thrower's
Assistant, grinder's
Man, kiln (glass mfr)
Machinist (ceramics mfr)
Setter, pipe
Operator, cathedral
Maker, slip (ceramics mfr)
Machinist, building, micanite
Firer, foundry (glass mfr)
Assistant, potter's
Forker (glass mfr)
Attendant, lehr
Burner, kiln (glass mfr)
Fireman, kiln (glass mfr)
Machinist, making, brick
Machinist (optical goods mfr)
Burner, tile
Fireman (ceramics mfr)
Machinist (brick mfr)
Attendant, kiln
Machinist, grinding (glass mfr)
Man, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Man, clay (ceramics mfr)
Mixer (ceramics mfr)
Worker, crucible
Foreman, tank (glass mfr)
Mixer (glass mfr)
Placer, ware, sanitary
Machinist, jolley
Miller, flint (ceramics mfr)
Attendant, furnace (glass mfr)
Attendant, screen (ceramics mfr)
Tankman (glass mfr)
Assistant, ladler's
Teazer (glass mfr)
Worker, mica
Operative, clay (brick mfr)
Machinist, frosting (glass mfr)
Operator, furnace (ceramics mfr)
Hand, oven (ceramics mfr)
Loader (ceramics mfr)
Ovenman, glost
Setter, tile
Mixer, batch (glass mfr)
Attendant, roller, edge
Worker, brick
Fuser (glass mfr)
Feeder, hopper (ceramics mfr)
Keeper, furnace (glass mfr)
Ovenman (ceramics mfr)
Firer (ceramics mfr)
Man, kiln, enamel
Worker, process (glass mfr)
Fireman, kiln (ceramics mfr)
Worker, bench (glass mfr)
Machinist, tapping (ceramics mfr)
Mixer, clay (ceramics mfr)
Setter, brick (brick mfr)
Attendant, belt, casting
Machinist, making, bottle
Operator, furnace, glass
Pitcher (ceramics mfr)
Setter, kiln
Attendant, oven (ceramics mfr)
Grinder, glaze (ceramics mfr)
Cranker-up (ceramics mfr)
Furnaceman (ceramics mfr)