Health and safety officers


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Health and safety officers counsel employees to ensure and promote health and safety in the workplace and co-ordinate accident prevention and health and safety measures within an establishment or organisation.


Entrants usually possess an NVQ/SVQ at Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. Higher level accredited qualifications (at Levels 4 to 6) are achievable via the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Typical tasks

  • inspects workplace areas to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation;
  • helps to develop effective health and safety policies and procedures and carries out risk assessments;
  • instructs workers in the proper use of protective clothing and safety devices and conducts routine tests on that equipment;
  • compiles statistics on accidents and injuries, analyses their causes and makes recommendations to management accordingly;
  • maintains contact with those off work due to illness;
  • counsels individuals on any personal or domestic problems affecting their work;
  • gives talks and distributes information on accident prevention, and keeps up to date with the relevant legislation.

Common job titles

Officer, safety, road
Coordinator, health and safety
Consultant, health and safety
Officer, control, dust (coal mine)
Manager, health, occupational
Worker, safety (UKAEA)
Surveyor, asbestos
Inspector (government: HSE)
Hygienist, occupational
Manager, health and environment, safety
Consultant, protection, fire
Engineer, protection, fire
Inspector, safety
Officer, prevention, accident
Officer, suppression, dust (coal mine)
Consultant, asbestos
Attendant, safety (chemical works)
Officer, health and safety
Supervisor, safety
Adviser, safety
Surveyor, physics, health
Investigator, accident
Engineer, safety
Practitioner, health and safety
Adviser, health and safety
Organiser, safety, road
Officer, safety
Investigator, fire, forensic
Consultant, safety
Man, safety (steel mfr)
Inspector (catering)
Officer, ventilation (coal mine)
Consultant, fire
Officer, safety and training (coal mine)
Adviser, toxicology

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.