Higher education teaching professionals


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Higher education teaching professionals deliver lectures and teach students to at least first degree level, undertake research and write journal articles and books in their chosen field of study.


Entry will require a good honours first degree plus a higher degree or an equivalent professional qualification. For vocational subjects, practical experience and additional qualifications may also be required.

Typical tasks

  • prepares, delivers and directs lectures, seminars and tutorials;
  • prepares, administers and marks examinations, essays and other assignments;
  • advises students on academic matters and encourages independent research;
  • provides pastoral care or guidance to students;
  • participates in decision making processes regarding curricula, budgetary, departmental and other matters;
  • directs the work of postgraduate students;
  • undertakes research, writes articles and books and attends conferences and other meetings.

Common job titles

Head, assistant (higher education, university)
Professor, university
Lecturer (nursing)
Officer, research (university)
Tutor (higher education, university)
Fellow (university)
Demonstrator (higher education, university)
Lecturer, midwifery
Instructor (higher education, university)
Professor (higher education, university)
Head, deputy (higher education, university)
Tutor, clinical
Director, course (higher education, university)
Lecturer, polytechnic
Tutor, midwife
Assistant, teaching, postgraduate
Head of department (higher education, university)
Lecturer (higher education, university)
Director of studies (higher education, university)
Lecturer (nursing, midwifery)
Reader (university)
Demonstrator, university
Rector (university)
Lecturer, university
Teacher, clinical
Reader, university
Assistant, tutorial (higher education, university)
Lecturer, political
Teacher, university
Tutor, course (higher education, university)
Assistant, teaching (higher education, university)
Lecturer, college (higher education, university)
Lecturer, clinical
Teacher (higher education, university)
Tutor, skills, clinical
Lecturer, nursing
Assistant, teaching, university

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.