Houseparents and residential wardens


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Houseparents and residential wardens are responsible for the care and supervision of children, young offenders and the elderly within residential homes and nurseries, schools or institutions for young offenders.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. In most cases workers will be required to register with the appropriate statutory body which involves satisfying the registration criteria. This would normally include holding or working towards the appropriate qualification for the job. Entrants must typically be 18 years old and have experience of working in a care environment. Both off- and on-the-job training is available. A wide range of qualifications including NVQs/SVQs covering various aspects of care are available. Background checks including a CRB check are likely to be required.

Typical tasks

  • creates friendly, secure atmosphere and tries to gain the trust and confidence of those in the home or under supervision;
  • plans and participates in games and leisure activities to encourage emotional, social, physical and intellectual development;
  • ensures that all material needs of residents are provided and endeavours to resolve any problems that they may have;
  • provides one-to-one counselling or group therapy;
  • establishes and maintains contact with members of the neighbouring community and/or the residents’ family and friends;
  • maintains contact and discusses problems/progress with other staff and social workers;
  • keeps records and writes reports.

Common job titles

Supervisor, hostel
Parent, foster
Mother, foster
Matron (day nursery)
Leader, home (residential home)
Warden (local government: social services)
Warden (housing association)
Manager, scheme (sheltered housing)
Housemaster (local government: social services)
Matron (nursing home)
Warden (old people's home)
Worker, care, child
Matron, home
Superintendent (old people's home)
Matron, school
Parent, house
Leader, team (local government: social services:
Warden, housing (local government)
Officer, care, residential
Careworker, child
Warden, mobile
Warden (local government: housing dept)
Leader, team (residential care home)
Warden, community
Matron, hostel
Master, house (local government: social services dept)
Warden, accommodation
Supervisor, home, nursing
Father, house
Mother, house
Leader (residential home)
Assistant, community (housing association)
Matron (residential home)
Warden, resident
Leader, team, support, home
Matron (educational establishments)
Leader (children's home)
Sister, home
Superintendent (children's home)
Tenant, responsible
Carer, foster
Leader, home (nursing home)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.