Human resources and industrial relations officers


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Human resources and industrial relations officers conduct research and advise on recruitment, training, staff appraisal and industrial relations policies and assist specialist managers with negotiations on behalf of a commercial enterprise, trade union or other organisation.


There are no formal academic requirements although most entrants possess a degree or equivalent qualification and/or relevant experience. Many employers expect staff to gain membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development through study for professional qualifications. NVQs/SVQs in this area are available at Levels 3 and 4.

Typical tasks

  • undertakes research into pay differentials, productivity and efficiency bonuses and other payments;
  • develops and recommends personnel and industrial relations policies, assists with their implementation and drafts staff handbooks;
  • assists with negotiations between management and employees or trades unions concerning pay and conditions of employment;
  • interviews candidates for jobs;
  • advises on training and recruitment, negotiating procedures, salary agreements and other personnel and industrial relations issues;
  • deals with grievance and disciplinary procedures, and with staff welfare and counselling provision.

Common job titles

Officer, staff (local government)
Inspector, employment, railway
Consultant, resource, human
Executive, development, client
Officer, labour
Superintendent, staff
Assistant, resource, human
Recruiter, staff
Searcher, job
Controller, staff
Analyst, evaluation, job
Officer, equalities
Officer, personnel
Consultant, recruitment
Executive, recruitment
Officer, staffing
Officer, conciliation
Officer, relations, labour
Officer, resources, human
Officer, relations, industrial
Assistant, resources, human
Officer, staff (railways)
Officer, management, labour
Officer, employment
Officer, staff (gas supplier)
Analyst, personnel
Officer, services, personnel
Conciliator (ACAS)
Adviser, policy, equalities
Officer, vetting, positive
Hunter, head
Adviser, resources, human
Officer, consultation (coal mine)
Assistant, staff (railways)
Consultant, resources, human
Adviser, relations, industrial
Consultant, relations, employer
Officer, opportunities, equal
Officer, development, career
Officer, manpower (coal mine)
Officer, relations, employee
Assistant, relations, employee
Officer, establishment
Officer, recruiting
Adviser, personnel
Coordinator, recruitment
Consultant, personnel
Manager, account (recruitment agency)
Officer, equality
Consultant, employment
Assistant, personnel
Generalist, resources, human
Adviser, recruitment
Officer, liaison, labour
Officer, recruitment
Officer, resource, human
Executive, personnel
Adviser, employment
Assistant, evaluation, job
Researcher (recruitment)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.