Industrial cleaning process occupations


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Job holders in this unit group clean manufactured goods, plant and machinery, and industrial, commercial and other premises.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs covering various aspects of industrial cleaning are available at Levels 1 and 2. Qualifications are also offered by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Typical tasks

  • uses industrial hoovering, polishing, pressure washer, steam cleaning and sandblasting equipment to clean commercial and industrial premises, public buildings and building exteriors;
  • dismantles engines, boilers, furnaces and other industrial plant and machinery, cleans component parts and reassembles equipment;
  • washes, rinses, dries and cleans manufactured goods, and stacks cleaned articles ready for removal.

Common job titles

Cleaner, hydraulic
Fluffer (underground railway)
Cleaner, engine (water works)
Cleaner, steam (building construction)
Cleaner, buddle
Cleaner, card
Cleaner, jet
Man, destructor, refuse
Cleaner (metal goods mfr)
Cleaner and greaser
Cleaner, sheet (plastics mfr)
Washer, keg
Conditioner, air
Operator, incinerator
Cleaner, barrel
Cleaner, heald
Cleaner (needle mfr)
Cleaner, laboratory
Cleaner, vat
Cleaner, tube, boiler
Cleaner, machine
Cleaner, scrap
Cleaner, boot
Washer, box
Cleaner, boiler
Cleaner, engine (coal mine)
Cleaner, equipment
Cleaner, steam (vehicle trades)
Cleaner, mould
Cleaner (optical instrument mfr)
Cleaner, pipe
Cleaner, frame
Cleaner, house, boiler
Cleaner, tube (blast furnace)
Cleaner, pit (railways)
Cleaner, tin
Washer, jar
Man, dry (mine: not coal)
Operative, cleansing, machine
Cleaner, bag
Cleaner, line
Hygienist, night (manufacturing)
Cleaner, tin (food canning)
Washer, pot
Cleaner (printing)
Cleaner, heddle
Operator, hygiene
Operative, hygiene
Cleaner, box (textile printing)
Cleaner, ware
Labourer (industrial cleaning)
Cleaner, decomposer (nickel mfr)
Man, gulley
Cleaner, road and yard (railways)
Cleaner, steam (engineering)
Cleaner, loco
Rinser, bottle
Cleaner (brass musical instruments mfr)
Cleaner, silver
Cleaner, tube (railways)
Washer, barrel
Cleaner, printer's
Cleaner, works
Cleaner, engine (railways)
Cleaner, sack
Cleaner, brass
Cleaner, drum
Fireman (refuse disposal)
Foreman, destructor, dust
Cleaner, hygiene (manufacturing)
Cleaner, locomotive
Machinist, washing
Cleaner, tank
Machinist, washing (transport)
Washer, basket (docks)
Cleaner, bogie
Cleaner, road (mine: not coal)
Cleaner, lamp
Cleaner, key
Cleaner, still
Cleaner, tray (bakery)
Cleaner, machinery
Machinist, cleaning (seed merchants)
Cleaner (piano, organ mfr)
Cleaner, tape, magnetic
Cleaner, bottle
Cleaner, factory
Machinist, jetting (industrial cleaning)
Cleaner, cask
Washer, cask
Jetter, water, pressure, high
Cleaner, crane
Cleaner, maintenance
Cleaner, lens
Cleaner, house, power
Worker, hygiene
Cleaner, book
Cleaner, industrial
Cleaner, engine, carding
Washer, carriage
Washer, bottle
Cleaner, plant
Washer, bulb (lamp mfr)
Man, jet
Cleaner, tube (lamp, valve mfr)
Cleaner, cycle
Washer, drum
Cleaner, gulley
Washer (transport)