IT specialist managers


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IT specialist managers plan, organise, manage and coordinate the provision of specialist IT services and functions in an organisation.


Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification, although entry with other academic qualifications and/or significant relevant experience is possible. There is a variety of vocational, professional and postgraduate qualifications available.

Typical tasks

  • plans, coordinates and manages the organisation’s IT provision or a specialist area of IT activity;
  • liaises with users, senior staff and internal/external clients to clarify IT requirements and development needs;
  • takes responsibility for managing the development of a specialist aspect of IT provision such as user support, network operations, service delivery or quality control;
  • supervises the technical team and coordinates training;
  • plans and monitors work and maintenance schedules to ensure agreed service levels are achieved;
  • reports on IT activities to senior management.

Common job titles

Manager, systems, information
Manager, applications
Manager, administration, computer
Manager, UX
Manager, systems
Manager, operations, computer
Manager, validation
Manager, services, client
Manager, processing, data
Manager, support, IT
Manager, centre, data
Manager, delivery, service
Manager, development, software
Manager, delivery
Manager, desk, help (computer services)
Manager (information systems)
Manager (computer services)
Manager, technical
Manager, technical, computer
Manager, helpdesk, IT
Manager, telecommunications
Manager, test
Manager, development
Manager, service, IT
Manager (telecommunications services)
Manager, installation, systems
Manager, network
Manager, infrastructure
Manager, systems, business
Manager, computer
Manager, experience, user
Manager, capture, data
Manager, engineering, system
Manager, installation, computer
Manager, operations (computer services)
Manager, technology, information
Manager, Telecom, British
Manager, development, IT
Manager, services, computer
Manager, MIS
Manager, support, desktop
Manager, telecoms
Manager, service, computer
Manager, quality
Manager, communications, data
Manager, information
Manager, product (computer services)
Manager, support, PC
Manager, operations (telecommunications services)
Manager, CAD
Manager, GIS
Manager, field (telecommunications)
Manager, services, IT
Manager, support, technical
Manager, transmission
Manager, delivery, service, IT
Manager, system, network, computer
Manager, development, systems
Manager, services, network
Manager, operations, network (computer services)
Manager, networking
Manager, delivery (telecommunications)
Manager, internet
Manager, service
Manager, support
Manager, testing
Manager, software
Manager, warehouse, data
Manager, support, systems
Manager, assurance, quality, systems
Manager, team
Manager, intranet
Manager, communications
Manager, programming
Manager, desk, help
Manager (software company)
Manager, IT
Manager, services
Manager, production

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.