Kitchen and catering assistants


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Workers in this unit group assist in the preparation and service of food and beverages in restaurants, cafés and other eating establishments, and perform various cleaning, fetching and carrying tasks.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in relevant areas are available at Levels 1 and 2.

Typical tasks

  • cleans or prepares food for cooks by hand or machine;
  • carries meat, vegetables and other foodstuffs from delivery van to storeroom and from storeroom to kitchen;
  • cleans and tidies service area, kitchen surfaces, crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchen utensils and disposes of rubbish;
  • prepares and serves beverages and light refreshments, accepts payment and gives change;
  • keeps service area well stocked.

Common job titles

Man, room, still (hotels, catering, public houses)
Assistant, meals, school
Preparer, sandwich
Assistant, preparation, food
Man, kitchen
Maid, room, mess
Assistant, general (school meals)
Hand, kitchen
Domestic, kitchen
Helper (catering)
Associate, food and beverage
Assistant, service, counter
Helper, room, dining
Clearer, table
Assistant, catering
Maid, room, coffee
Cleaner, silver (hotels, catering, public houses)
Masher, tea
Lady, tea
Hand, cafeteria
Washer-up (hotels, catering, public houses)
Assistant, house, cook
Assistant, mealtime
Attendant, meals, school
Hand, room, service
Assistant, room, dining
Man, dispatch (catering)
Porter, kitchen
Washer, plate
Assistant, cafeteria
Assistant, cookery
Man, pantry
Assistant, lunchtime
Attendant, hall, dining
Assistant, food, fast
Orderly, kitchen
Attendant, room, dining
Technician, sandwich
Hand, mess
Associate, kitchen
Attendant, bar
Maker, sandwich
Steward, kitchen
Supervisor, catering
Assistant, buttery
Trolleyman, refreshments
Worker, room, still
Trainer, crew (fast food outlet)
Supervisor, unit (catering)
Hand, service (catering)
Barman, tea
Maker, tea
Assistant, staff, canteen
Maid, room, still
Help, kitchen
Supervisor, room, dining (hospital service)
Boy, messroom
Worker, kitchen
Attendant, canteen
Boy, tea
Orderly, mess
Assistant, service, catering
Assistant, chef’s
Technician, catering
Assistant, cook's
Attendant, kitchen
Official, NAAFI
Washer, dish
Maid, table
Assistant, café
Assistant, general (catering)
Hostess (hospital service)
Assistant, service, customer (fast food outlet)
Assistant, serving
Worker, restaurant
Attendant, buffet
Hand, steam (catering)
Washer, glass (hotels, catering, public houses)
Assistant, kitchen
Attendant, room, still
Inspector, car
Worker, canteen
Boy, trolley (catering)
Cleaner, plate (catering)
Assistant (catering)
Server, dinner
Potman (hotels, catering, public houses)
Helper, kitchen
Supervisor, restaurant
Attendant, mess
Porter (catering)
Assistant, food and beverage
Assistant, tearoom
Worker, service (school meals)
Man, stillroom (hotels, catering, public houses)
Maid, room, dining
Maid, buffet
Assistant, room, still
Polisher, silver (hotels, catering, public houses)
Man, despatch (catering)
Member, team (fast food outlet)
Assistant, services, catering
Lady, dinner (schools:
Server (school meals)
Help, room, dining
Washer, pot (hotels, catering, public houses)
Organiser, meals, school
Supervisor, canteen
Maid, coffee
Maker, pizza
Attendant, bar, snack
Worker, café
Attendant, room, mess
Barmaid, tea
Maid, hall, dining
Steward, pantry
Help, meals, school
Assistant, frier's, fish
Assistant, restaurant
Attendant, room, refreshment
Hand, galley
Member, crew (fast food outlet)
Assistant, refectory
Attendant (catering)
Hand, canteen
Foreman (catering)
Assistant, service, food
Man, pan (hotels, catering, public houses)
Attendant, stall, coffee
Server, meals
Man, plate (hotels, catering, public houses)
Server, canteen
Counterman (catering)
Member, squad, training
Barmaid, coffee
Worker, catering
Mate, cook's
Artist, sandwich
Assistant, caterer's
Maid, kitchen
Helper, canteen
Assistant, hall, dining
Supervisor, kitchen
Orderly, room, dining
Helper, meals, school
Assistant, canteen
Cleaner, silver (domestic service)
Man, still (hotels, catering, public houses)
Assistant, bar, snack
Maid, canteen
Hand, servery
Barman, coffee
Help, canteen
Assistant, room, tea
Server, meal
Assistant, bar
Maid, pantry
Assistant, counter (catering)
Assistant, shop, coffee

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.