Leisure and theme park attendants


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Leisure and theme park attendants monitor the operation of amusement arcades, check tickets of entry to theatres and cinemas and show people to their seats, operate rides at funfairs and theme parks, and entertain and look after guests at holiday camps.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job.

Typical tasks

  • checks tickets of people entering cinemas and theatres, and directs people to their seats;
  • operates rides and supervises stalls at fairgrounds and amusement parks;
  • issues change at amusement arcades, monitors the operation of arcade machines and empties coins from machines;
  • welcomes holidaymakers, provides information about holiday camp, organises and participates in entertainment and activities for guests.

Common job titles

Worker, centre, holiday
Attendant, funfair
Decorator, balloon
Attendant, park, theme
Hand, circus
Assistant, cinema
Attendant, ground, fair
Holder, stall
Operative, cinema
Operator, tow, ski
Superintendent, range
Assistant, funfair
Supervisor, arcade, amusement
Assistant, front of house (leisure services)
Attendant, room, ball
Attendant, lane
Coat, red (holiday camp)
Attendant, field, playing
Assistant, fairground
Attendant, arcade
Attendant, hall, billiard
Boy, call
Worker, arcade, amusement
Worker, range, driving
Hand, fairground
Attendant, cinema
Coat, blue (holiday camp)
Attendant, hall, dance
Painter, face
Worker, fairground
Worker, range, shooting
Crew, balloon
Steward (sports ground)
Attendant, club
Attendant, rides
Worker, range, firing
Attendant (cinema)
Steward, ground, sports
Assistant, arcade
Attendant, hotel
Operator, ride
Steward, concert
Attendant, pier
Decorator, party
Worker, cinema
Foreman (cinema)
Worker, camp, holiday
Marshall, lane
Worker, park, theme
Worker, centre, leisure
Attendant, amusement
Assistant, general (leisure services)
Attendant, camp
Attendant, park, amusement
Attendant, stall
Attendant, theatre

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.