Local government administrative occupations


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Job holders in this unit group undertake a variety of administrative and clerical duties in local government offices and departments.


Entry is most common with GCSEs/S grades. Evidence of keyboard skills may also be required in some posts. Off- and on-the-job training is provided. NVQs/SVQs in Administration are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • computes cost of product/services and maintains and balances records of financial transactions;
  • prepares and checks invoices and verifies accuracy of records;
  • receives and pays out cash and cheques and performs closely related clerical duties;
  • updates and maintains data, correspondence and other records for storage or despatch;
  • arranges, classifies and indexes publications, correspondence and other material in libraries and offices;
  • performs other clerical duties not elsewhere classified including preparing financial information for management, proof reading printed material and drafting letters in reply to correspondence or telephone enquiries.

Common job titles

Officer, billing (local government)
Officer, administration (police service)
Administrator, electoral
Officer, rights of way
Assistant, chief (local government)
Inspector, employment
Adviser, benefits (local government)
Clerk (health authority)
Officer, rebate (local government)
Assistant, administrative (local government)
Assistant, recovery (local government)
Administrator (local government)
Clerk, senior (local government)
Collector (local government)
Assistant, clerical (local government)
Officer, benefits, senior (local government)
Assessor, benefit, housing
Controller, watch, neighbourhood
Officer, charges, land
Assistant, civic
Officer, benefits, housing
Assistant, principal (local government)
Officer, clerical, higher (local government)
Assessor, benefits (local government)
Attendant, health (local government)
Officer, services, electoral
Officer, clerical (police service)
Assistant, tax (local government)
Assistant, benefits (local government)
Assistant, fixing, rate
Assistant, inspector's (local government)
Officer, administrative (local government)
Officer, support (local government)
Assistant, taxation (local government)
Assistant, senior (local government)
Assistant, admin (police service)
Officer, benefits (local government)
Clerk-typist (local government)
Officer, administrative (police service)
Officer, revenue (local government)
Inspector, fraud (local government)
Assistant, administration (police service)
Assistant, standards, trading
Administrator (police service)
Officer, benefit (local government)
Officer, amenity, area
Officer, fraud (local government)
Officer, elections
Clerk, parish
Adviser, benefit (local government)
Assistant, collector's, rate
Leader, team, services, data (local government)
Officer, benefit, senior (local government)
Worker, clerical (local government)
Officer, government, local, nos
Planner, duties (police service)
Collector, rate
Officer, executive (local government)
Clerk-typist (health authority)
Officer, revenues (local government)
Officer, assessment (local government)
Officer, tax, council
Officer, investigation, fraud (local government)
Clerk, rating
Assistant, rating
Assistant, admin (local government)
Clerk-typist (police service)
Assistant, administration (local government)
Officer, arrears (local government)
Assistant, administrative (police service)
Officer, administration (local government)
Officer, authorised (local government)
Clerk, charge, community
Clerk (local government)
Officer, collection (local government)
Collector, senior (local government)
Inspector of rates and rentals
Officer, admin (local government)
Officer, communications (local government)
Assistant, senior
Clerk, property
Clerk, tax, poll
Officer, technical (local government)
Assistant, benefit (local government)
Officer, clerical (health authority)
Officer, memorials
Officer, monitoring (local government)
Officer, lettings (local government: housing dept)
Officer, rates
Worker, case (police service)
Officer, admin (police service)
AP(T) (local government:
Assistant, lettings (local government)
Officer, benefit, housing
Collector-driver (local government)
Assistant, survey (local government)
Official, government, local
Officer, clerical (local government)
Clerk, control (local government)
Operator, bureau, reporting, crime
Assistant, support, business (local government)
Assistant, housing
Clerk, council, parish
Assistant, clerical (police service)
Clerk (police service)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.