Managers and proprietors in other services


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Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of managerial tasks in other service industries not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 125: Managers and Proprietors in Other Services.


Entry requirements vary according to the particular company and/or service. Some companies do not require candidates to have academic qualifications but others require a degree or equivalent qualification. Off- and on-the-job training may be provided.

Typical tasks

  • determines staffing, financial, material and other short- and long-term requirements;
  • ensures that adequate reserves of merchandise are held and that stock keeping is carried out efficiently;
  • authorises payment for supplies received and decides on vending price and credit terms;
  • examines quality of merchandise and ensures that effective use is made of advertising and display facilities;
  • manages agencies to provide services out-sourced by other organisations and businesses;
  • ensures maintenance of appropriate service levels to meet the objectives of the business.

Common job titles

Manager, service (library)
Owner (laundry)
Manager, centre, skills
Owner (soft furnishings mfr)
Manager, production (publishing)
Owner (pet crematorium)
Director (children's nursery)
Manager, tour
Manager, safety and hygiene
Manager, DVS
Manager (plant hire)
Owner (funeral directors)
Manager (architectural service)
Manager, service, rental
Manager, retail (betting shop)
Manager (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Owner (chiropody practice)
Manager, shop, hire
Manager, shift (recruitment agency)
Owner (recruitment agency)
Manager (driving school)
Manager, touring
Manager, architect
Owner (garden machinery repairing)
Owner (employment agency)
Manager, services, violence, domestic
Manager (television: transmission station)
Manager (typewriting agency)
Manager, service (cleaning services)
Manager (car park)
Manager (betting and gambling)
Manager, bookmaker's
Manager (video shop)
Director (management consultancy)
Manager, plant (hire service)
Manager, studio (printing)
Manager, hire, equipment
Manager, production (broadcasting)
Manager, services, parking
Manager, shop (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Manager, architecture
Manager, cemetery
Shopkeeper (video shop)
Owner, service, taxi
Owner (newspaper)
Manager, radio, television and video
Manager, service (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Manager (retail trade: video shop)
Owner (ticket agents)
Owner (theatrical agency)
Owner (school: driving)
Director (educational establishments)
Owner (management consultancy)
Manager (car wash, valeting)
Manager, shop, video
Owner, company, taxi
Owner, launderette
Keeper, laundry
Manager (car hire)
Manager, service, advice
Manager, design, graphic
Manager, furnishing
Manager, production, theatrical
Manager, centre, training
Manager, services, student
Manager, branch (library)
Owner (car hire service)
Director, publishing
Owner (cleaning services)
Manager, crematorium
Manager (ticket agency)
Owner (art gallery)
Director (security services)
Manager, operations (plant hire)
Owner (vehicle hire service)
Manager, hire, plant
Superintendent, market
Manager, shop (radio, television, video hire)
Owner (taxi service)
Manager, cemeteries
Manager, operations (cleaning services)
Manager, club, out of school
Manager (safe deposit)
Owner (marquee hire service)
Manager, publisher's
Director, health and safety
Manager, safety
Manager (funeral directors)
Owner, shop, video
Owner, studio, photographic
Manager, shop (laundry receiving shop)
Manager, library
Manager, office, betting
Owner (boat: pleasure cruise)
Director (environmental consultancy)
Manager, service (rental services)
Owner (caravan hire service)
Owner (contract cleaning services)
Manager, branch
Owner, school, driving
Manager, park, car
Manager, launderette
Manager, shop, betting
Owner, hire, plant
Owner, gallery, art
Manager, tourism
Manager, service, crane
Manager, service, valet, car
Manager, shop (dyeing and cleaning)
Manager, hygiene
Manager (theatrical agency)
Owner (cab hire service)
Owner, agency, employment
Director, technical
Manager, general (theatrical productions)
Manager, site (cleaning services)
Manager (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Manager, parking
Manager, office (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Shopkeeper (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Owner (photographic agency)
Manager, safety, community
Manager, branch (car hire)
Owner (design consultancy)
Retailer (video shop)
Manager, rig
Owner (dry cleaning service)
Manager (hire shop)
Owner (plant machinery repairing)
Manager, production
Director (commission agents)
Manager (flying school)
Owner (printers)
Owner, shop, betting
Manager, production, video
Manager, studio, design
Manager, centre, assessment
Owner (radio, television, video servicing)
Manager, health and safety
Owner (domestic appliances repairing)
Manager, production (film, television production)
Manager (recruitment agency)
Director (employment agency: private)
Manager, hire, television and video, radio
Owner (school: flying)
Director (private detective agency)
Manager (photographic studios)
Director, technical (design consultancy)
Owner (fairground stall)
Owner (dating agency)
Owner (home care service)
Manager and Registrar
Manager, hire, tool
Owner (recording studio)
Owner, agency, ticket
Manager (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Manager (machinery hire)
Manager, experience, customer
Owner (alarm, security installation)
Manager (repairing: consumer goods)
Owner (shoe repairing)
Manager, operations (recruitment agency)
Owner (boat: pleasure hire)
Manager, service (motoring organisation)
Owner (video shop)
Manager, laundry
Manager, rental, vehicle
Manager, store (loan company)
Manager (library)
Owner, service, cab
Manager, centre, hire
Owner (launderette)
Manager, hire, skip
Manager (dating agency)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.