Market and street traders and assistants

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Market and street traders and assistants sell goods (other than refreshments) from stalls, barrows and other portable containers in streets and market places.


No academic qualifications are required.

Typical tasks

  • displays products on stall or barrow;
  • calls out or otherwise attracts attention to goods on offer;
  • sells goods at fixed price or by bargaining with customer;
  • accepts payment and may wrap goods;
  • cleans up site on completion of each day’s trading.

Common job titles

Man, barrow (retail trade)
Merchant, firewood
Boy, trolley (street trading)
Seller, paper
Merchant, log
Orderly, market
Salesman, market
Trader, street
Holder, stall
Retailer (market trading)
Dealer (market trading)
Owner (market stall)
Vendor, street
Boy, barrow (retail trade)
Dealer, log, fire
Assistant, stall
Keeper, stall
Seller, newspaper
Man, market
Salesman (market trading)
Fruiterer (market trading)
Manager, stall (retail trade)
Trader, market
Greengrocer (market trading)
Assistant, trader's, market
Manager (retail trade: market stall)
Dealer, firewood
Vendor, market
Organiser, market
Assistant, trader's, street
Assistant, barrow
Vendor, newspaper
Attendant, stall, market
Vendor, news
Haberdasher (market trading)
Trader (market trading)
Assistant, market