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Marketing associate professionals assist in the development and implementation of projects which aim to elicit the preferences and requirements of consumers, businesses and other specified target groups so that suppliers may meet these needs.


There are no formal academic requirements, although many entrants possess a BTEC/SQA award, A levels/H grades, a degree or equivalent qualification. Training is typically in-house, supplemented by short courses or professional qualifications provided by the Market Research Society. NVQs/SVQs in Marketing Research are available at Levels 3 and 4.

Typical tasks

  • discusses business methods, products or services and targets customer group with employer or client in order to identify marketing requirements;
  • establishes an appropriate quantitative and qualitative market research methodology and prepares proposals outlining programmes of work and details of costs;
  • collates and interprets findings of market research and presents results to clients;
  • discusses possible changes that need to be made in terms of design, price, packaging, promotion etc. in light of market research with appropriate departments;
  • briefs advertising team on client requirements, monitors the progress of advertising campaigns and liaises with client on potential modifications.

Common job titles

Executive, media
Officer, fundraising
Officer, development, donor
Officer, appeal
Specialist, products
Executive, client
Writer, copy, creative, advertising
Associate, marketing
Officer, development, tourist
Coordinator, marketing and sales
Contractor, advertisement
Analyst, research, market
Supervisor, account (advertising)
Executive, advertising
Officer, promotion, sales
Superintendent, marketing
Hacker, growth
Writer, advertisement
Assistant, development, business
Assistant, sales and marketing
Raiser, fund
Executive, relationship, client
Executive, promotion, sales
Analyst, marketing
Officer, appeals
Officer, commercial (railways)
Coordinator, appeals
Consultant, research, market
Coordinator, account (advertising)
Agent, marketing
Contractor, advertising
Officer, contracts
Consultant, marketing
Assistant, marketing, online
Copywriter, creative, advertising
Assistant, marketing, digital
Analyst, media
Representative, account (advertising)
Specialist, product
Supervisor, research, market
Assistant, marketing, sales
Controller, information, market
Consultant, fundraising
Controller, marketing
Analyst, support, sales
Consultant, advertising
Coordinator, marketing
Planner, account, advertising
Consultant, client
Writer, publicity
Executive, marketing
Consultant, tourism
Developer, product
Coordinator, national, appeals, telephone
Supervisor, development, sales
Executive, project (advertising)
Specialist, marketing
Researcher, market
Executive, commercial
Controller, merchandise
Executive, account
Officer, development (tourism)
Officer, research, market
Planner, media
Coordinator, promotion
Consultant, telemarketing
Agent, leasing
Executive, development, business
Officer, development, marketing
Organiser, appeals
Controller, promotions
Handler, account
Executive, liaison, client
Executive, research, market
Executive, promotions
Executive, account (advertising)
Executive, marketing, digital
Officer, marketing
Analyst, chain, supply
Coordinator, promotions
Officer, contract
Executive, accounts (advertising)
Executive, research (market research)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.