Metal machining setters and setter-operators


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Job holders in this unit group operate machines to drill, bore, grind, cut, mill or otherwise shape metal workpieces.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Engineering apprenticeships, BTEC and City and Guilds qualifications are available together with on-the-job training. NVQs/ SVQs at Level 2 are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine appropriate method, sequence of operations and machine setting;
  • selects and fixes work-holding devices and appropriate cutting, shaping, grinding and/or forming tools;
  • sets machine controls for rotation speeds, depth of cut and stroke, and adjusts machine table, stops and guides;
  • operates automatic or manual controls to feed tool to workpiece or vice versa and checks accuracy of machining;
  • repositions workpiece, changes tools and resets machine as necessary during production run;
  • instructs operators on the safe and correct method of operation of the machine.

Common job titles

Turner, cutter
Grinder, cylinder (metal trades)
Setter, drill
Turner, lathe, CNC
Turner, textile
Cutter-grinder (metal trades)
Facer (metal trades)
Grinder, centreless
Grinder, jig
Cutter, flyer
Grinder, spring
Cutter and grinder, tool
Setter, milling
Borer (metal trades)
Setter-operator, machine, die-sinking
Miller, tool
Shaper, room, tool
Engineer, turner, lathe
Grinder, bolster
Turner, lathe, NC
Turner, roller
Grinder, race
Planer, die
Setter, roll (steelworks)
Setter, automatic (metal trades)
Miller and turner
Operator, lathe (coal mine)
Miller, universal
Cutter, pin, vice
Borer, wheel
Engineer, grinding
Miller, horizontal
Engineer, planer, steel
Operator, brake, press
Borer, horizontal
Borer, room, tool
Grinder, roller
Programmer, NC
Grinder, drill
Miller, engineering
Setter-operator, lathe, turret
Slider (metal trades)
Turner, band, copper
Setter and turner, lathe
Setter-operator, lathe, centre
Engineer, planing
Engineer, lathe
Grinder, internal
Grinder, mower, lawn
Machinist, CNC
Grinder, precision
Maker, bush
Driller, machine (metal trades)
Auto-setter (metal trades)
Miller, broaching
Grinder (metal trades)
Setter, machine, heading
Setter, tool, machine
Borer, spill
Grinder, tool, universal
Programmer, robot
Setter-operator, machine, CNC
Grinder, file
Setter, machine (man-made fibre mfr)
Grinder, camshaft
Driller (coal mine: workshops)
Grinder, valve
Grinder, cutter (metal trades)
Setter, press (metal trades)
Turner, bush, axle
Finisher, bush, axle
Turner, lathe (metal trades)
Setter-operator, CNC
Planer and slotter, wall
Cutter, gear
Borer, universal
Turner, mould (glass mfr)
Driller, circle (textile machinery mfr)
Miller, NC
Driller, burner, gas
Miller, die
Borer, iron
Turner, tube, steel
Driller, pin
Grinder, universal
Miller, machine
Turner, general
Turner, wheel (metal trades)
Driller, arm, radial
Turner, maintenance
Grinder, engineering
Grinder, segmental
Setter-operator, tool
Setter-operator, press (metal trades)
Miller, vertical
Driller, casement
Turner, tyre
Grinder, cutlery
Machinist, facing
Grinder, disc (metal trades)
Grinder, bits, drill
Setter, machine, CNC
Setter-operator, lathe, capstan
Driller, air
Setter, machine (metal trades)
Grinder, machine (metal trades)
Turner, die
Miller, CNC
Driller, frame
Grinder-setter (metal trades)
Maker, case, watch
Grinder, tool
Driller, barrel
Driller, faller
Grinder, profile, optical
Grinder, external
Setter-operator, press, brake
Turner, crank
Driller, ring, gas
Planer (coal mine)
Setter, lathe
Turner, bobbin
Setter, press, NC
Turner, marine
Grinder, hob
Grinder, cylindrical
Driller (metal trades)
Maker, ferrule
Setter, machine, automatic
Setter-operator, lathe
Setter, press, power
Setter-operator, turret
Miller, bayonet
Setter, tool, press
Driller, rail
Grinder, axle
Miller, room, tool
Setter, spindle
Miller, engineer's
Borer, tyre
Grinder, roll
Miller, band, space
Turner, locomotive
Grinder, room, tool
Engineer, CNC
Turner, rough
Borer, cylinder
Driller, box, axle
Setter (metal trades)
Turner, crankshaft
Grinder, face
Driller, room, tool
Engineer, capstan
Maker, case, clock
Engineer, control, numerically, computer
Turner, roller (textile machinery mfr)
Setter-operator, tool, press
Setter, engineer's
Driller, hackle
Machinist, boring
Turner, ring
Turner, roll
Turner, gun
Setter-operator, drill
Setter, press, CNC
Grinder, knife
Grinder, cam-bowl
Operator, CNC
Setter-operator, capstan
Grinder, tool and cutter
Turner, engine
Turner, lathe, centre
Setter, cast, die
Grinder, gear
Setter-operator, machine, NC
Grinder, shaft
Borer, vertical
Setter, jig
Setter-operator, lathe, turning, roll
Setter-operator, tool, machine
Grinder, spline
Turner, capstan
Grinder, razor
Setter, auto (metal trades)
Turner, lathe, turret
Turner, boss, centre
Shaper, tool, machine
Programmer, CNC
Driller, vertical
Setter, lathe, capstan
Setter, tool
Setter-operator (metal trades)
Turner, lathe, capstan
Machinist, milling (metal trades)
Miller, concave
Setter, CNC
Grinder, spindle
Borer, scissors
Turner, room, tool
Grinder, crankshaft
Cutter, worm
Grinder, surface
Miller, engineer
Programmer, control, numerical
Technician, CNC
Turner, hand (metal trades)
Turner, axle
Engineer, turner
Turner, commutator
Operator, robot (engineering)
Grinder and finisher, spring
Cutter, screw
Finisher, disc, wheel
Driller, radial
Grinder, saw
Miller, metal
Setter, die
Setter, lathe, centre
Driller, rim
Cutter, profile
Borer, tong
Setter-operator, machine (metal trades)
Setter-up (metal trades)
Programmer, machine (metal trades)
Miller, profile
Setter, driller
Setter, machine, coiling
Borer, jig
Maker, case (watch, clock mfr)
Borer, fine, barrel
Turner, valve
Setter, capstan
Turner, tool
Machinist, grinding (metal trades)
Machinist, lathe (metal trades)
Setter, lathe, turret
Driller, wheel
Grinder, instrument
Engineer, milling
Miller (metal trades)
Turner, loom
Driller, tip
Turner, engraver's
Grinder, shears
Planer (metal trades)