Metal plate workers, and riveters


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Metal plate workers and riveters mark off, drill, shape, position, rivet and seal metal plates and girders to form structures and frameworks.


Entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is usually via apprenticeship including practical experience and technical training. Apprenticeships in Engineering Materials Processing, Engineering Assembly and Engineering Construction are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications and uses rules, scribes and punches to mark out metal plate with guidelines and reference points;
  • cuts metal plate to markings using hand or machine tools;
  • uses machine tools to bend, curve, punch, drill and straighten metal plate as required;
  • uses hydraulic jacks to position and align metal platework or frame for welding and bolting;
  • selects suitable rivets and rivets together metal plates and girders;
  • seals seams with caulking compound, smoothes welds, fixes metal doors, metal collars, portholes, tank and hatch covers and performs other metal plate finishing tasks using a variety of hand and power tools.

Common job titles

Driller, test
Marker-off (boiler mfr)
Plater (chemical mfr)
Marker (shipbuilding)
Plater, constructional
Maker, boiler
Worker, plate, metal
Fitter, plate
Fitter, tube (boiler mfr)
Worker, repair (coal mine: above ground)
Bender, frame
Erector, boiler
Driller, plate
Puncher (boiler mfr)
Repairer, tube (boiler mfr)
Maker, tank
Driller, portable
Fitter, gasholder
Machinist, constructional
Constructor, rig, oil
Plater, tank
Bolter (metal trades)
Borer (shipbuilding)
Puncher (shipbuilding)
Chipper (shipbuilding)
Plater, bridge
Tuber (boiler mfr)
Smith, plate
Plater, framing
Plater (construction)
Tapper, stay
Plater, roof
Repairer, boiler
Plater (metal trades)
Marker (boiler mfr)
Driller, sample (steelworks)
Driller, hydraulic
Plater, light
Driller (boiler mfr)
Driller (constructional engineering:
Expander (boiler mfr)
Maker, spar
Worker, plate, iron
Plater, stem
Plater, boiler
Fixer, ship-door and collar
Plater, iron
Plater (coal mine)
Plater, shell
Erector, beam and frame
Erector, frame (shipbuilding)
Plater, steel
Bender, plate
Plater, structural
Sheeter (steel mfr)
Smith, boiler
Driller, hand
Worker, rig, oil
Marker-off (shipbuilding)
Plater, engineer's, gas
Beamer (shipbuilding)
Plater, heavy
Chipper and scraper