Metal working production and maintenance fitters


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Metal working production and maintenance fitters erect, install and repair electrical and mechanical plant and industrial machinery, fit and assemble parts and sub-assemblies in the manufacture of metal products and test and adjust new motor vehicles and engines.


Entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades, a GNVQ/ GSVQ or a BTEC/SQA award. Apprenticeships in Engineering Maintenance at NVQ/SVQ Level 3 are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine appropriate methods and sequence of operations;
  • fits and assembles parts and/or metal sub-assemblies to fine tolerances to make marine engines, prototype metal products, agricultural machinery and machine tools;
  • fits and assembles, other than to fine tolerances, prepared parts and sub-assemblies to make motor vehicles, printing and agricultural machinery, orthopaedic appliances and other metal goods;
  • examines operation of, and makes adjustments to, internal combustion engines and motor vehicles;
  • erects, installs, repairs and services plant and industrial machinery, including railway stock, textile machines, coin operated machines, locks, sewing machines, bicycles and gas and oil appliances.

Common job titles

Springer, carriage
Engineer, brewer's
Fitter, wheel
Corrector, spring (vehicle mfr)
Fitter, door, steel
Man, maintenance, appliances, mechanical (coal mine)
Fitter, plant
Manufacturer (machinery mfr)
Fitter, installation
Maker, scale
Fitter, experimental
Fitter, frame, ring
Fitter, coach
Fitter, tender
Tenter (lace mfr)
Fitter, box, gear
Engineer, station, pumping
Engineer, filter
Engineer, light
Fitter, try-out
Maker, steelyard
Craftsman, enhanced (power station)
Maker, lock
Fitter, industrial
Blocker (lifting tackle mfr)
Mechanic, experimental
Erector, locomotive
Fitter, spring
Erector, engine
Engineer, dockyard
Tenter (textile weaving)
Maker, stove
Fitter, detail
Builder, frame (cycle mfr)
Fitter, injection, fuel
Fitter, pump
Maker, safe
Maker, door (safe, strong room mfr)
Fitter, rectification
Setter, loom
Engineer, hovercraft
Repairer, syphon
Engineer, field
Maker, body (safe, strong room mfr)
Fitter, turbine
Machinist, electrochemical
Fitter, door, industrial
Craftsman, mechanical
Worker, metal (hospital service)
Fitter, ordnance
Engineer, assembly (vehicle mfr)
Engineer, fabrication
Overlooker (textile mfr:
Engineer, assistant
Mechanic of the mine
Repairer, implements, farm
Engineer, mechanical and electrical
Engineer, printer's
Smith, padlock
Fitter, boiler
Maker, mould (glass mfr)
Engineer, ground
Engineer, machines
Man, maintenance, conveyor (coal mine)
Fitter, crane
Finisher, cycle
Fitter, steel
Setter, pattern
Engineer, paper
Maker, pump
Engineer, equipment, catering
Manufacturer (vehicle mfr)
Man, test, final (vehicle mfr)
Erector, lift
Stripper, brake
Maker, machinery, textile
Engineer, elevators, grain
Maker, scale and balance
Mender, comb
Engineer, hospital
Mechanic, hosiery
Tenter, frame, jacquard
Engineer, truck, lift, fork
Engineer, agricultural
Fitter, research
Fitter, chain
Fitter, engineer's
Engineer, traffic, air
Fitter, general
Fitter, potter's
Controller, plant
Fitter, turning
Builder, engine
Fitter, engineering
Engineer, crane
Mechanic, bicycle
Fitter and assembler
Fitter, service
Engineer, cycle
Fitter-operator, tool, machine
Fitter, box, iron
Engineer, carding
Fitter, lift
Controller, maintenance, planned
Craftsman, maintenance
Fitter, shop (metal trades)
Finisher, spring, coach
Mechanic, loom
Fitter, development
Fitter, vehicles (vehicle mfr)
Builder, table
Fitter, keg
Fitter, precision
Jobber, back
Engineer, machine
Maker, fittings (safe, strong room mfr)
Rigger (rolling mill)
Mechanic, technical
Engineer, district
Fitter, steelyard
Man, rectifying (metal trades)
Mechanic, lift
Fitter, tool, machine
Engineer, hydraulic
Fitter, dock
Engineer, tool, machine
Engineer, machinery
Mechanic, machine, hosiery
Mechanic, plant
Engineer, services, mechanical
Maker, barrel (gun mfr)
Tackler, machine, braid
Fitter, truck, lift, fork
Fitter, maintenance
Repairer, battery
Overlooker, frame
Mounter, engine
Fitter, skip (coal mine)
Engineer, House, Trinity
Repairer, brake
Tester-rectifier, engine, combustion, internal
Repairer, wagon
Engineer, protection, fire
Controller, maintenance, plant
Tenter (carpet, rug mfr)
Engineer, foundry
Fitter, lino
Engineer, shift
Straightener, carriage (textile machinery mfr)
Engineer, installation
Installer, lift
Maker, machine, weighing
Flanger, beam
Maker, gun
Engineer, textile
Erector, conveyor
Erector, loom
Engineer, excavator
Repairer, tube (carpet, rug mfr)
Maker, spindle (textile machinery mfr)
Finisher, chassis
Fitter, box, cam
Technician, maintenance
Fitter, constructional
Fitter, box, axle
Fitter, grate
Engineer, mechanical
Engineer, prototype
Stripper, spring
Fitter and turner
Engineer, works, sewage
Engineer, pump
Builder, lathe
Fitter, door, car
Fitter, skilled
Fitter, beam
Fitter, cock
Engineer, shop, machine
Stripper, engine
Fitter, bench
Fitter, printing
Engineer, works, water
Tuner (textile mfr)
Man, service, ground
Engineer, mill
Engineer, station (oil refining)
Fitter, tank
Engineer, estate
Erector, machine
Fitter, screen (coal mine)
Jobber, ring
Erector, chassis
Builder, cycle
Engineer, bakery
Fitter, excavator
Maker, gig
Fitter-up (foundry)
Fitter and examiner
Repairer, mower
Engineer, workshop
Tenter, weaver's
Jobber (textile mfr)
Engineer, service (oil company)
Fitter, ironwork
Engineer, line (oil refining)
Fitter, brass
Engineer, catering
Fitter, safe
Fitter, textile
Fitter, speed
Fitter, casement
Engineer, mower
Mechanic, machine
Adjuster, spring, set
Engineer, service, extinguisher, fire
Fitter, blade
Fitter, torpedo
Fitter, production
Erector (engineering)
Engineer, model
Fitter, chassis
Fitter, linotype
Technician, hydraulic
Fitter, mule
Fitter, mould, bottle
Engineer, safe
Fitter, frame, door, metal
Fitter, valve (engineering)
Fitter, axle
Repairer, revolver
Fitter, ground, below (coal mine)
Fitter, grindstone
Fitter and tester
Repairer, bobbin
Fitter, armament
Fitter, knife
Machinist, engineering
Mechanic, builder's
Fitter, break-off
Mechanic, machine, knitting
Fitter, frame (textile machinery mfr)
Maker, fly (textile machinery mfr)
Engineer, corrosion
Specialist, manufacturing (motor vehicle mfr)
Maker, comb (textile machinery mfr)
Maker, beam (textile machinery mfr)
Fitter, range
Framer, aluminium
Maker, ladder
Engineer, pneumatic
Railer (bedstead mfr)
Maker, spindle and flyer
Engineer, extinguisher, fire
Maker, cabinet, metal
Fitter, mattress
Fitter, fabrication
Smith, gun
Fitter, loom
Fitter, gear
Finisher, spring, car, motor
Fitter, cabinet, iron
Adjuster, brake
Jobber, loom
Smith, lock
Reconditioner, machine
Jobber, combing
Setter, handle (textile mfr)
Repairer, machine
Maker, cabinet
Mechanic, farm
Adjuster, machine (textile mfr)
Erector (coal mine)
Repairer, cycle
Engineer, service (engineering)
Jobber, comb
Fitter, surface
Fitter, shop, machine
Fitter, metal
Engineer, service, mechanical
Maker, door, steel
Mechanic, agricultural
Fitter, mechanical
Maker, bedstead
Fitter, nos
Jobber, doubling, ring
Builder, machine
Fitter, mount, boiler
Engineer, depot (transport)
Engineer, forklift
Engineer, maintenance, plant
Fabricator, aluminium
Builder, tool, machine
Turner and fitter
Engineer, maintenance, mechanical
Engineer, erection
Mechanic, mower
Fitter, furnace
Maker, casement
Repairer, lamp
Mounter, boiler
Fitter, brake
Tackler, jacquard
Rectifier (metal trades)
Engineer, horticultural
Maker, temple
Fixer, motor
Craftsman, engineering
Mechanic, machine, sewing
Engineer, press, rotary
Maker, typewriter
Fitter, ironmonger's
Engineer, nos (coal mine: below ground)
Man, service (metal trades)
Maker, case (safe, strong room mfr)
Fitter, scissors
Engineer, plant
Fitter, bearing, brass
Engineer, assistant (coal mine:
Engineer, monotype
Fitter, conveyor
Fitter, nicker and turner's
Maker-up (metal trades)
Fitter, rough
Fitter, battery
Man, maintenance, battery
Engineer, retort
Fitter, assembly
Balancer, flyer
Engineer, laundry
Engineer, maintenance
Engineer, second (textile mfr)
Repairer, hydraulic
Fitter, inspector
Maker, furniture, metal
Fitter, gun
Gaiter (textile weaving)
Fitter (iron foundry)
Builder, motor
Gaiter, harness
Maker, rifle
Engineer, service, lift
Fitter, anchor
Tenter, hosepipe
Engineer, heavy
Mechanic, research and experimental
Engineer, hosiery
Fitter, house, light
Mechanic, laboratory
Fitter, cycle
Fitter, engine
Cleaner and balancer
Engineer, lift
Fitter (mining)
Fitter, hydraulic
Fitter, retort
Mechanic, machine, weighing
Repairer, beam (textile mfr)
Fitter, laboratory
Craftsman, underground (coal mine)
Engineer, dairy
Hand, maintenance, machine (textile mfr)
Engineer, service, hydraulic
Valveman (steelworks)
Erector, plant
Engineer, investigation, defect
Fitter, component, cycle
Setter, card (textile accessories mfr)
Builder, loom
Mechanic, battery
Straightener (textile machinery mfr)
Fitter, agricultural
Engineer, service, truck, lift, fork
Fitter-operator, capstan
Mechanic, machine, vending
Fitter, weighbridge
Manager, maintenance
Overlooker, weaving
Maker, gear, sighting, gun
Maker, frame (cycle mfr)
Overlooker, loom
Fitter, ironmongery
Engineer, furnace
Builder, conveyor
Fitter (metal trades)
Erector, engineer's
Tackler, loom
Man, maintenance
Fitter, repair, engine
Repairer, conveyor
Tuner, loom
Erector, frame (vehicle mfr)
Engineer, service, protection, fire
Maker, bridge, weigh
Fitter, oven
Engineer, scribbling
Valveman, hydraulic
Fitter, frame (cycle mfr)
Fitter, machine
Engineer, potter's
Fitter and erector
Fitter, brake, vacuum
Tackler, dobby
Mechanic, colliery
Fitter, furniture
Fitter, house, power
Maker, spring, balance
Engineer, shafting
Fitter, tractor
Fitter, colliery
Fitter, brake, Westinghouse
Maker, loom
Machinist, maintenance
Erector, pump
Jobber, twisting
Fitter, erection
Fitter, structural
Manufacturer, car
Tenter, conant
Tackler (textile weaving)
Fitter, car (vehicle mfr)
Mechanic, bike

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.