Mobile machine drivers and operatives n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group supervise and undertake the operation of machines to transport, excavate, grade, level, and compact sand, earth, gravel and similar materials, drive piles into the ground and lay surfaces of asphalt, concrete and chippings, and operate other mobile machines not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 822: Mobile Machine Drivers and Operatives.


No academic qualifications are required. On-the-job training is provided. The appropriate current driving licence will be required for driving on public highways.

Typical tasks

  • fixes any necessary extensions onto machine and loads machine with asphalt, concrete, bitumen, tar, stone chippings or any other required materials;
  • manipulates levers, pedals and switches to manoeuvre vehicle, regulate angle and height of blades, buckets and hammers and starts conveyor, suction or water spraying system;
  • watches operation and removes any likely obstacle or obstructions;
  • directs refilling of machine hopper and repeats operations as necessary;
  • cleans, oils and greases machine and carries out minor repairs.

Common job titles

Officer, deck (dredging contractors)
Filler (coke ovens)
Driver, dumper
Driver, truck, dumper
Driver, pile
Owner-driver (plant hire)
Driver, sweeper
Driver, crawler
Driver, digger
Master, dredger
Driver, tractor (coal mine: opencast)
Operator, rig
Driver, car, charger
Operator, plant
Charger, ore
Driver, plant (building construction)
Driver, charge
Driver (building construction)
Operator, plant, heavy
Driver, bobcat
Driver, machine (gas works)
Operator, dredger
Driver, bowser, water
Driver (mine: not coal: above ground)
Charger (gas works)
Operator, plant (building construction)
Driver, truck, bogie
Driver, tool, mechanical
Machinist, gully
Foreman, dredging
Charger (mine: not coal)
Driver, grader
Operator, plant, builder's
Machinist, paving, concrete
Driver, tractor (building construction)
Man, digger
Handler, telescopic
Driver, sweeper, road, mechanical
Driver, euclid
Operator, line, drag
Driver, shovel
Driver, charger
Driver, excavator
Machinist (building construction)
Machinist, tracklaying
Dumper (mine: not coal)
Chargeman (copper, zinc refining)
Driver (plant hire)
Driver, drott
Driver, truck, ransom
Master, dredging
Man, navvy
Carman (coke ovens)
Hammerman (pile driving)
Driver, bogie
Operator, pump, concrete
Machinist (coal mine: opencast)
Driver, scraper
Operator, charger (rolling mill)
Operator, drill, pneumatic
Driver, navvy
Driver, JCB
Driver, dozer, angle
Driver, loader (building construction)
Machinist, tamping
Operator, caterpillar
Excavator (steelworks)
Driver, steamroller
Operative, piling
Operator, hire, plant
Excavator (building construction)
Operator, plant, constructional
Driver, scoop
Driver, machine, stoking
Banksman (construction)
Driver, machine (civil engineering)
Operator, bulldozer
Driver, bulldozer
Driver, trolley
Driver, sentinel
Operator, JCB
Driver, tractor (mining)
Mate, driver's, excavator
Driver, gearhead (coal mine)
Topman (pile driving)
Charger, coal
Machinist, chipping
Operator, plant (opencast mining)
Charger, oven
Driver, motor, dumpy
Sprayer, tar
Foreman, piling (civil engineering)
Driver, dredger
Driver, machine, spreading
Machinist (railways: civil engineer's dept)
Driver, car, coke (gas ovens)
Operator, drott
Foreman, plant (building construction)
Sweeper, road, mechanical
Charger, retort (gas works)
Charger (coke ovens)
Machinist, levelling, rail
Man, plate
Operator, excavator
Driver, roller
Driver, tractor (manufacturing)