Moulders, core makers and die casters


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Moulders, core makers and die casters make sand, loam and plaster moulds and cores for casting metal and pour or inject molten metal into dies by hand or machine.


Entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades or have relevant practical experience. Training is by apprenticeship including practical experience and technical training. Apprenticeships in Engineering Material Processing at NVQ/SVQ Level 3 are available.

Typical tasks

  • positions moulding frame over pattern, fills it with sand, loam, or plaster and compacts by hand or machine;
  • transfers mould unit to oven for baking or hardens by injecting carbon dioxide;
  • separates mould from pattern and repairs damage or imperfections in mould surfaces;
  • applies refractory bonding solution to moulds and dies to prevent molten metal fusing with sand;
  • fits cores in mould to form hollow parts in casting;
  • prepares casting pit with vents to allow the escape of gases, scoops molten metal from furnace using ladle and pours it into die or die casting machine.

Common job titles

Moulder (metal trades)
Moulder, grate, stove
Maker, mould (foundry)
Moulder, roll
Moulder, founder's, pipe
Caster, die
Maker, pattern, foundry
Moulder, bench
Moulder, pipe
Operator, cast, die
Moulder, stove
Moulder, sand
Worker, shop, core (metal trades)
Moulder, cylinder
Man, mould (steelworks)
Assembler, core (foundry)
Moulder, gutter
Moulder, plate
Moulder, steel
Corer (foundry)
Moulder, aluminium
Moulder, loam
Moulder (chemical mfr)
Moulder, butyl
Moulder, hand (metal trades)
Moulder, pattern
Moulder, wheel (metal trades)
Maker, chair (foundry)
Moulder, core
Moulder, spray
Rammer (foundry)
Maker, core (metal trades)
Moulder, machine
Potman (metal mfr: die casting)
Maker, core (coal mine)
Caster at machine
Moulder, copper
Rammer, chair
Blower, core
Maker, core, foundry
Maker, pipe (foundry)
Moulder, metal, gun
Moulder, pipe, iron
Moulder, iron
Hand, tub (foundry)
Moulder, shell
Moulder, foundry
Riddler, sand (foundry)
Filer, core
Moulder and coremaker (foundry)
Moulder, brass
Moulder, connection
Moulder, floor
Moulder (coal mine)
Machinist, casting, die