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Job holders in this unit group undertake a variety of administrative and clerical duties in national government departments, and in local offices of national government departments.


Entry is possible to junior grades within this group with GCSEs/S grades, and/or relevant practical experience; higher grades require A levels/H grades or equivalent, although many entrants are graduates. NVQs/SVQs, apprenticeships and professional qualifications are available for certain areas of work.

Typical tasks

  • assists senior government officers with policy work, external liaison or general administrative work;
  • undertakes administrative duties specific to the operation of HM Revenue and Customs offices, Job Centres, Benefits Agency offices and other local offices of national government;
  • maintains and updates correspondence, documents, data and other records for storage in files or on computer;
  • classifies, sorts and files publications, correspondence etc. in offices and libraries;
  • responds to telephone enquiries and other forms of correspondence;
  • performs miscellaneous clerical tasks such as proof reading printed material, drafting letters, taking minutes etc.

Common job titles

Administrator (government)
Band B (Ministry of Justice)
Assistant, taxation (government)
Clerk (prison service)
B2 (Dept for International Development)
Investigator, fraud (government)
EO (government)
Officer, government, nos
Officer, substitution (MOD)
Processor, claims (Jobcentre Plus)
Worker, office (government)
Officer, processing, benefits (government)
Officer, Revenue, Inland
Servant, civil
Writer (armed forces)
Officer, administration (armed forces)
Assistant, admin (courts of justice)
Band C (Ministry of Justice)
Official, tax (HM Revenue and Customs)
Inspector, assistant (government)
Officer, executive (government)
Maker, decision (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, benefit (government)
Grade 13 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Officer, taxation (HM Revenue and Customs)
Clerk (law courts)
Officer, fraud (government)
Officer, statistical, grade D (MOD)
A2 (Jobcentre Plus)
Band 4C (Meteorological Office)
Broker, job (Jobcentre Plus)
A5 (Jobcentre Plus)
Adviser, claims (government)
Watcher, customs
Inspector, fund, social (government)
Adviser, benefits (government)
Coordinator, deal, new
Watcher (HM Revenue and Customs)
Grade C (DCMS)
Officer, appeals (government)
Officer, liaison (government)
B1 (Office for National Statistics)
Payband 1 (Dept of Health)
Inspector, fraud (government)
Grade 11 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Assistant, benefits (government)
Officer, care, witness
Assistant, admin (armed forces)
Officer, revenue (government)
Officer, clerical (government)
Adviser, claimant
Assistant, administrative (government)
Assistant, clerical (government)
Officer, local II (Jobcentre Plus)
A1 (Office for National Statistics)
Official, government
Executive, revenue (government)
Assessor, benefits (government)
A4 (Scottish Government)
AO (government)
Grade D (DCMS)
Worker, case (government)
RA2 (Land Registry)
LOII (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, clerical (prison service)
Investigator (Jobcentre Plus)
C2 (Cabinet Office)
Officer, taxation, grade, higher (HM Revenue and Customs)
A3 (Office for National Statistics)
Adviser, security, social
Writer (MOD)
Officer, admin (armed forces)
Adviser, personal, deal, new
Officer, administrative (courts of justice)
A3 (Scottish Government)
Assistant, benefit (government)
Administrator (armed forces)
Band 5 (Health and Safety Executive)
Clerk (government)
Officer, support, income (government)
Assistant, administration (armed forces)
Payband 2 (Dept of Health)
Grade 12 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Assistant, revenue (government)
Caseworker (government)
A6 (Jobcentre Plus)
Adviser, employment (government)
Officer, investigating (government)
RO (Land Registry)
Officer, administrative, court
Assessor, claims (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, administration (courts of justice)
Stamper (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, investigating, fraud (government)
Assistant, Revenue, Inland
Band A (Ministry of Justice)
Assistant, court
C1 (Dept for International Development)
Assistant, administrative (courts of justice)
Assistant, administration (government)
Examiner, assistant (government)
Clerk, court
Officer, supply, chart (MOD)
Band 6 (Health and Safety Executive)
B1 (Scottish Government)
Assistant, tax (government)
D2 (Northern Ireland Office)
C2 (Dept for International Development)
B5 (Jobcentre Plus)
Assistant, administration (courts of justice)
B2 (Office for National Statistics)
Officer, admin (government)
Officer, service, foreign
RA1 (Land Registry)
Collector, tax, assistant
Assistant, admin (government)
Officer, investigation, fraud (government)
B1 (Cabinet Office)
Collector, tax
Band C (National Assembly for Wales)
Band 4B (Meteorological Office)
Officer, visiting (Jobcentre Plus)
Band 3D (Meteorological Office)
Officer, administration (government)
Adviser, deal, new
D1 (Northern Ireland Office)
B2 (Jobcentre Plus)
Executive, registration (Land Registry)
Maker, decision, sector
C1 (Cabinet Office)
Investigator, fraud, benefit
Officer, assessment
C (Northern Ireland Office)
A1 (Jobcentre Plus)
Assistant, administrative (armed forces)
A3 (Jobcentre Plus)
Adviser (Jobcentre Plus)
Collector of taxes, assistant
Officer, presenting, appeals (government)
A7 (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, administrative (government)
Transcriber, communications (government)
Executive, Revenue, Inland
Assistant, registration (Land Registry)
Officer, security, social (Jobcentre Plus)
Collector of taxes
Officer, cypher (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Clerk, valuation, grade, higher (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, investigation (government)
B3 (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, fund, social
Clerk-typist (government)
Band 4A (Meteorological Office)
Officer, administrative (armed forces)
RE2 (Land Registry)
Servant, civil, nos
Officer, determining (court service)
Officer, adjudication (government)
Officer, disposals (government)
Officer, tax (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, tax, grade, higher (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, admin (courts of justice)
AA (government)
Collector, assistant (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, supply, assistant (MOD)
A4 (Jobcentre Plus)
B4 (Jobcentre Plus)
B1 (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, registration (Land Registry)
Officer, benefits (government)
A2 (Office for National Statistics)
Officer, group (MOD)

Education background

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