Natural and social science professionals


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Jobholders in this unit group perform a variety of scientific research and related activities not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 211: Natural and Social Science Professionals.


Entry is most common with a degree or equivalent qualification but is possible with other academic qualifications and/or relevant experience. On-the-job training and/or support for postgraduate study may be provided. Professional qualifications are available in some areas of activity.

Typical tasks

  • plans, directs and undertakes research into natural phenomena;
  • provides technical advisory and consulting services;
  • designs tests and experiments to address research objective and find solutions;
  • applies models and techniques to medical, industrial, agricultural, military and similar applications;
  • analyses results and writes up results of tests and experiments undertaken;
  • presents results of scientific research to sponsors, addresses conferences and publishes articles outlining the methodology and results of research undertaken;
  • designs and develops an appropriate research methodology in order to address the research objective;
  • compiles and analyses quantitative and qualitative data, prepares reports and presents results to summarise main findings and conclusions;
  • advises government, private organisations and special interest groups on policy issues;
  • writes journal articles, books, and addresses conferences, seminars and the media to reveal research findings.

Common job titles

Fellow, research, university, nos
Associate, safety, drug
Adviser, scientific
Fellow, research, university
Officer, experimental, senior
Scientist, research
Scientist, sports
Fellow, research (university)
Scientist, consumer
Scientist, research, operational
Researcher, postdoctoral
Scientist, sports and exercise
Officer, experimental, chief
Associate, research (university)
Officer, scientific
Assistant, research (university)
Researcher (university)
Researcher, university

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.