Nursing auxiliaries and assistants


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Nursing auxiliaries and assistants assist doctors, nurses and other health professionals in caring for the sick and injured within hospitals, homes, clinics and the wider community.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Off- and on-the-job training is provided. NVQs/ SVQs in Care are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • performs basic clinical tasks such as taking patients’ temperature and pulse, weighing and measuring, performing urine tests and extracting blood samples;
  • prepares patient for examination and treatment;
  • distributes and serves food, assists patients in feeding and prepares snacks and hot drinks;
  • assists patients in washing, dressing, toiletry activities and general mobility;
  • changes bed linen, makes beds and tidies wards.

Common job titles

Helper, therapy, occupational
Technician, HSDU
Orderly (hospital service)
Assistant, care, health (hospital service)
Attendant, hydrotherapy
Assistant, care (hospital service)
Attendant (hospital service)
Instructor, aid, first
Attendant, aid, first
Assistant, rehabilitation (hospital service)
Assistant, ward
Assistant, radiographer's
Assistant, medical (hospital service)
Worker, support, health (hospital service)
Assistant, CSSD
Worker, support, clinical
Worker, hospital
Assistant, anaesthetic
Attendant, surgery
Assistant, sterilising
Assistant, healthcare (hospital service)
Assistant, therapy, speech and language
Operator, sterilizer (hospital service)
Orderly, ward
Assistant, clinic
Assistant, therapy, occupational
Assistant, theatre, operating
Assistant, chiropody
Orderly, nursing
Worker, support, maternity
Assistant, care, foot
Assistant, HSDU
Assistant, donor, blood
Technician, therapy, occupational
Attendant, room, aid, first
Nurse, auxiliary
Hostess, ward
Assistant, clinical
Attendant, room, sick
Assistant, team, clinical
Aide, nurse's
Helper, radiographer's
Assistant, services, sterile
Assistant, x-ray
Technician, services, sterile
Attendant, nursing
Orderly, hospital
Steward, ward
Worker, support, care
Auxiliary, nursing
Attendant, sterilizer (medical services)
Assistant, dialysis
Officer, hospital (prison service)
Assistant, radiography
Assistant, TSSU
Carer, donor (National Blood Service)
Assistant, department, operating
Help, ward
Worker, healthcare (hospital service)
Steriliser (hospital service)
Instructor, technical
Attendant, hospital
Attendant, donor, blood
Attendant, clinic
Nurse, orderly
Worker, support (hospital service)
Assistant, surgery
Helper, ward
Assistant, service, sterile
Assistant, nursing
Assistant, physiotherapy
Orderly, medical
Officer, aid, first
Assistant, medical (armed forces)
Worker, care (hospital service)
Aid, nurse's
Aide (hospital service)
Assistant, theatre (hospital service)
Nurse, assistant
Orderly, theatre, operating
Nurse, ancillary
Orderly, theatre (hospital service)
Worker, support, therapy, occupational
Attendant, night (hospital service)
Aid (hospital service)
Instructor, technical, therapy, occupational
Setter, tray
Carer, donor, blood
Trainer, aid, first
Attendant, room, medical
Attendant, medical
Helper, physiotherapy
Worker, ancillary (hospital service)
Worker, support, care, health
Attendant, ward
Attendant, bay, sick
Attendant, theatre (hospital service)
Aide, ward
Responder, first

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.