Office managers


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Office managers plan, organise and co-ordinate the activities and resources of offices within commercial, industrial and other non-governmental organisations and public agencies. (National and local government office managers are classified to unit group 3561: Public services associate professionals.)


Entry will usually require GCSEs/S grades but is possible with other academic qualifications and/or relevant experience. Professional qualifications are available in some areas of work.

Typical tasks

  • plans work schedules, assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities;
  • advises on the handling of all correspondence and enquiries relating to accounts, sales, statistical and vacancy records;
  • ensures that procedures for considering, issuing, amending and endorsing insurance policies are adhered to;
  • plans, organises and co-ordinates the activities and resources of other offices not elsewhere classified including box offices, other ticket offices and accommodation bureaux.

Common job titles

Manager, office, delivery
Manager, support, business
Manager (employment agency: private)
Manager, branch (private employment agency)
Manager, telephone
Manager, delivery (postal distribution services)
Manager, documentation
Manager, district (electricity supplier)
Manager, court
Manager, administration
Manager, service, witness
Manager, hall, church
Manager, district (gas supplier)
Manager, office, insurance
Manager, office, delivery (postal distribution services)
Manager, reprographics
Manager, admin
Manager, office, printing (PO)
Manager, agency, ticket
Manager, typing
Manager, document
Manager, warranty
Manager, crews, train
Manager, copyright
Manager, branch (entertainment ticket agency)
Manager, booking
Manager, processing, shift (postal distribution services)
Manager, records
Manager, office, sales
Manager, district, census
Manager, office
Manager, practice
Manager, registry
Manager, office, sorting
Manager, services, office
Manager, office, box
Manager, administration, sales

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.