Officers of non-governmental organisations


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Officers of non-governmental organisations perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks in the running of trade associations, employers’ associations, learned societies, trade unions, charitable organisations and similar bodies.


There are no formal academic requirements although pre-entry experience is usually necessary. Some organisations only employ their own members, although evidence of related work within pressure groups, the voluntary sector, trade unions or other organisations is generally sufficient.

Typical tasks

  • maintains and updates records of membership details, subscription fees, mailing lists, etc.;
  • circulates and reports information of relevance to members and interested parties;
  • arranges meetings, conferences and other events and circulates agenda and other relevant material;
  • receives and responds to written correspondence and telephone enquiries from members and other organisations;
  • assists with fund raising activities within a specified geographical area;
  • prepares and provides measures of organisational activity for senior officials.

Common job titles

Secretary, appeals, hospital
Secretary, branch (insurance)
Officer, development
Organiser (trade union)
Secretary, assistant (trade union)
Officer, sabbatical
Assistant, membership
Secretary of trade association
Secretary, branch (trade union)
Convenor, works
Secretary, group (trade union)
Officer (British Council)
Administrator, faculty
Secretary, fund
Official (trade union)
Secretary, organising (professional association)
Secretary, political
Administrator (trade union)
Officer, Council, British
Secretary (research association)
Delegate, union, trade
Secretary, branch
Officer, union, trade
Official, union, trade
Official (professional organisation)
Officer, development, branch (trade union)
Secretary of charitable organisation
Secretary (joint industrial council)
Secretary, organising (welfare services)
Representative (trade union)
Clerk to the governors
Secretary of trade union
Secretary, district (insurance)
Secretary, financial
Official, union
Administrator, covenant
Organiser, constituency
Secretary, area (coal mine)
Secretary, assistant (professional association)
Secretary, association
Secretary, assistant
Secretary, organising
Steward, shop
Officer, regional
Organiser (political party)
Secretary, organising (trade association)
Secretary, assistant (trade association)
President, vice
Organiser, political
Secretary of professional association
Secretary of political association
Administrator, charity
Secretary, organising (trade union)
Official (employers' association)
Secretary (chamber of commerce)
Officer, union

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.