Other drivers and transport operatives n.e.c.


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Jobholders in this unit group monitor the activities of bus drivers, conductors and other road transport depot drivers, undertake various tasks related to water transportation, and perform other transportation tasks not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 823: Other Drivers and Transport Operatives.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is provided both off- and on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs in Organising Road Transport Operations and Marine Operations are available at Level 2.

Typical tasks

  • checks that vehicles run as scheduled, monitors number of passengers travelling particular routes and makes recommendations for improvement of services;
  • organises relief and replacement crews as necessary, ensures compliance with regulations regarding the carrying of passengers and luggage, and submits reports of any irregularities;
  • checks that goods have been correctly loaded into vehicle, monitors and records information from tachograph, and arranges for servicing, refuelling, cleaning and repair of depot vehicles;
  • operates and maintains lighthouses and navigational lights in harbours, and assists in mooring craft;
  • operates and maintains locks, opens and closes moving bridges across inland waterways and docks, and measures depth of water in canals, rivers, etc. to determine possible dumping or dredging sites;
  • guides horses or ponies and drives horse drawn vehicles to transport goods and passengers.

Common job titles

Driver, engine, traction
Driver, lister
Driver, horse
Gateman, flood
Foreman (petroleum distribution)
Inspector, roads (transport)
Inspector, telegraph (railways)
Keeper, light
Brakeman and steersman
Inspector, transport (road transport)
Inspector, district (transport: road)
Master, bridge
Gateman, bridge
Driver, ransom
Foreman, traffic
Inspector, traffic (road transport)
Inspector, bus
Attendant, shed (transport)
Foreman (local government: transport dept)
Inspector, sanitary (railways)
Supervisor, transport
Attendant, bridge
Marshaller (transport)
Attendant, gate, flood
Foreman, bank (transport)
Foreman, yard (builders' merchants)
Roadsman (canals)
Foreman, cartage
Keeper, lock
Steersman, bridge
Superintendent (docks)
Superintendent, transport
Superintendent, depot (transport)
Foreman (local government: council depot)
Setter, van (railways)
Keeper, house, light
Bridgeman, sluice
Gateman, dock
Regulator (transport)
Breaker, wagon
Superintendent, district (transport)
Foreman (road transport)
Gateman (waterways)
Driver, test (motor vehicle mfr)
Superintendent, traffic
Master, swingbridge
Braker, wagon
Keeper, lighthouse
Driver, ram
Signalman, Lloyd's
Man, lighthouse
Putter, pony
Bankman, rail
Attendant, sluice
Worker, transport
Master, berthing
Hand, stage (docks)
Assistant, terminals (transport)
Foreman, shed (transport: road)
Superintendent, operations (transport)
Examiner, ticket (road transport)
Inspector, loading (transport)
Horseman (canals)
Superintendent, marine
Driver, truck, lister
Driver, bridge
Pointsman (road transport)
Driver, bridge, swing
Brakesman (transport)
Stageman, landing
Inspector, ticket (public transport)
Foreman, installation (oil refining)
Driver, traverser
Assistant, marina
Foreman, delivery
Foreman, transporting
Operator, bridge
Superintendent, divisional (railways)
Assistant, operations
Keeper (Trinity House)
Planner, load
Shedman (transport)
Foreman, yard (road transport)
Inspector, road (transport)
Foreman, depot (transport)
Keeper, sluice
Inspector (motoring organisation)
Man, swingbridge
Foreman, yard (canals)
Keeper, house, bridge
Seaman, stage, landing
Controller, signals
Attendant, pier
Operator, capstan (railways)
Gateman (docks)
Foreman, lock
Tender, lock
Driver, motor, electric
Marshal (transport)
Foreman, transport
Hand, deck (oil rigs)
Man, berthing
Foreman, yard (building construction)
Inspector (transport: road)
Foreman, yard (local government)
Regulator, traffic
Assistant, depot
Keeper, gate, lock
Keeper, bridge
Foreman, export
Gasman (railways)
Keeper, swingbridge
Man, head, pier
Man, pontoon
Supervisor, transport (public road transport)
Keeper, weir
Foreman (coal merchants)
Foreman, depot (coal merchants)
Inspector, garage
Inspector, depot (transport)
Superintendent (railways)
Master, lock
Assistant, survey, hydrographic
Carter (transport)
Foreman, yard, coal
Gateman, lock
Attendant, wagon
Sounder, survey
Attendant, dock
Driver, cart