Other elementary services occupations n.e.c.


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Workers in this unit group perform a variety of elementary services occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 927: Other Elementary Services Occupations.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • assists hotel guests with luggage etc. on arrival and departure, keeps entrance lobby tidy, deals with guests’ enquiries;
  • assists in the movement of scenery and other stage equipment;
  • divines and tells fortunes by various means;
  • loads numbered balls into bingo machine, starts machine, removes balls and reads numbers, and checks winning bingo cards against numbers drawn;
  • examines and collects tickets at harbours, piers and similar thoroughfares or establishments not elsewhere classified;
  • collects payment, issues tickets and monitors the use of bathing huts, changing rooms, bath houses and deck chairs;
  • dances in adult entertainment establishments.

Common job titles

Caller, bingo
Boy, clapper
Collector, ticket
Attendant, coach
Man, lobby
Member, team (betting and gambling)
Man, property
Porter, head (hotel)
Attendant, room, bath
Washhouseman (baths)
Teller, fortune
Foreman (baths)
Operator, scoreboard
Receptionist (cinema, theatre)
Porter, house
Performer, web-cam
Porter, hotel
Porter, hall
Practitioner, shui, feng
Attendant, bath
Dancer, pole
Hand, stage
Inspector, chair, deck
Marker, billiard
Porter (hostel)
Consultant, shui, feng
Attendant, room, dressing
Dancer, lap
Checker, ticket
Healer, reiki
Superintendent, bath
Examiner, ticket
Attendant, hut, beach
Attendant, seat
Attendant, lobby
Operator, chat-line
Checker (bingo hall)
Operator, cam, web
Loader, clapper
Master, reiki
Porter and liftman
Attendant, room, rest
Assistant, bingo
Porter, night
Artist, striptease
Seller (bingo hall)
Dancer, table
Helper, club, youth
Attendant, bingo
Assistant, sales, book (bingo hall)
Worker, hotel
Practitioner, reiki
Dayman (theatre)
Attendant (baths)
Porter, lodging
Attendant, hall, bingo
Starter, golf
Steward, room, billiard
Operator, bingo
Marker, board (bookmakers, turf accountants)
Shifter, scene
Attendant, house, bath
Attendant, house (local government)
Attendant, chair
Diviner, water
Porter, head
Porter (hotel)
Inspector, ticket, chair
Hand, scene
Assistant, hotel
Operator, turnstile
Foreman, baths
Grip, key
Bathman (baths)
Attendant, room, changing
Superintendent (baths)
Page (hotel)
Assistant, general (hotel)
Operative, bingo
Porter (club)
Attendant, baths
Psychologist, astrological
Porter, resident
Superintendent, baths
Supervisor, field, playing
Attendant, hostel

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.