Other skilled trades n.e.c.


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Workers in this unit group engrave jewellery and stoneware, make artificial hairpieces, charge fireworks and munitions with explosive material, make lampshades, wickerwork, toys, dolls, models, candles, artificial flowers, other fancy goods, make patterns for moulds for metal castings, make and tune musical instruments, craft precious metals and stones, and perform other hand craft occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 544: Other Skilled Trades.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically via apprenticeship or through specialised courses. NVQs/SVQs are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • uses hand or machine tools to engrave letters, patterns and other designs on jewellery and stoneware;
  • constructs and covers wire frames for lampshades;
  • makes wigs, beards and other artificial hairpieces from human hair or synthetic materials;
  • interweaves canes of willow, withy, bamboo, rattan or similar material to make baskets and other pieces of wickerwork;
  • charges fireworks, cartridges and other munitions with explosive material;
  • makes childrens toys, dolls, models, candles, artificial flowers and other fancy goods;
  • makes, maintains and adapts surgical and orthopaedic appliances;
  • makes patterns for moulds, fits metal castings, pours plaster, fills plaster mould with resin and smoothes surface;
  • makes musical instruments, makes and assembles parts for musical instruments, and tunes to improve pitch, tone and volume;
  • makes and repairs jewellery and decorative precious metal ware, sets, cuts and polishes gemstones and makes master patterns for articles of jewellery.

Common job titles

Maker, violin
Maker, skip
Manufacturer (broom, brush mfr)
Maker, trophy
Fitter, organ
Operator, sheathing
Manufacturer (fancy goods mfr)
Varnisher, spray
Fitter-up (musical instruments mfr)
Feeder, pallet
Hammerman (precious metal, plate mfr)
Maker, basket
Modeller, wax
Repairer, instrument
Overlooker, wire
Maker, roller (piano, organ mfr)
Packer, parachute
Writer to the trade
Assembler, wax (aircraft mfr)
Cutler, silver
Fixer, lens
Maker, key (musical instruments mfr)
Trimmer (powder puff mfr)
Worker, metal, precious
Maker, brush
Turner (precious metal, plate mfr)
Engraver, hand
Chaser (manufacturing: jewellery, plate mfr)
Filler (ordnance factory)
Turner, engine (jewellery, plate mfr)
Mounter (precious metal, plate mfr)
Maker-up, jeweller's
Bellyman, piano
Cleaver, diamond
Maker, firework
Embosser, hilt
Loader, cartridge
Maker, pad, stamping
Setter (jewellery, plate mfr)
Mounter, gold
Puncher, shade, lamp
Maker, ring (precious metal, plate mfr)
Hammerer (precious metal, plate mfr)
Primer, cap
Moulder (lead pencil, chalk, crayon mfr)
Maker, stone, artificial
Carver, ivory
Fitter, table, billiard
Engraver, brass
Manufacturer (jewellery, plate mfr)
Man, jobbing
Primer (cartridge mfr)
Engraver, machine (jewellery, plate mfr)
Manufacturer (sports goods mfr)
Foreman of factory (government)
Manufacturer, toy
Hand, loom (loom furniture mfr)
Worker, detonator (chemical mfr)
Carver, letter
Tester (musical instruments mfr)
Setter, diamond
Maker, mop
Cutter (candle mfr)
Foreman (ordnance factory: shell filling)
Loader (ammunition mfr)
Fitter (fishing rod mfr)
Maker, toy
Manufacturer, jewellery
Writer, letter (signwriting)
Maker, pattern, engineer's
Maker, ring, jump
Maker, broom
Maker, bait
Finisher (piano, organ mfr)
Foreman (cork mfr)
Chaser, gold
Checker (piano, organ mfr)
Maker, thimble (precious metal, plate mfr)
Foreman (sports goods mfr)
Maker, bear, teddy
Setter, machine (button mfr)
Weaver, hair (wig mfr)
Roller, cross
Maker, model, display
Maker, pattern (jewellery, plate mfr)
Painter, engraver's (textile printing)
Hand, pan (broom, brush mfr)
Worker, ornament, black
Moulder (brake linings mfr)
Dresser, doll
Engraver, instrument
Balancer (abrasives mfr)
Repairer, film
Carver, gold
Filler, rocket
Maker, reel, fishing
Chaser, silver
Manufacturer (musical instruments mfr)
Maker, model
Superintendent (Royal Mint)
Finisher (fishing rod mfr)
Maker, truss (surgical goods mfr)
Polisher, diamond
Hand, brush (broom, brush mfr)
Repairer, reed
Finisher, racquet
Driller, die, diamond
Finisher, rod, fishing
Weaver (basketry mfr)
Maker, skep
Maker, props
Worker, stone, precious
Maker, action (piano, organ mfr)
Finisher, reed
Fitter, instrument, musical
Maker, fly (sports goods mfr)
Sawyer, ivory
Maker, reed (musical instruments mfr)
Worker, jet
Maker, pattern (metal trades)
Worker, pierce
Writer, ticket
Man, mould (cast concrete products mfr)
Turner, cork
Furnisher, house
Surfacer, shot, steel
Setter, machine, electrode
Mechanic, pen
Maker (sports goods mfr)
Repairer, instrument, musical
Maker, belt, surgical
Maker, case, cigarette
Engraver, silver
Filler, brush
Foreman (pen mfr)
Foreman (broom, brush mfr)
Charger, cordite
Maker, goods, fancy
Setter, stone
Maker, flower, artificial
Drawer, brush
Moulder (candle mfr)
Craftsman, research and development
Mounter, metal
Paperer, sand (mask mfr)
Maker, detonator
Maker, stone, patent
Lacquerer, spray
Painter, spray
Technician, piano
Maker, belt, life
Repairer, case
Linker, chain
Moulder, stone, patent
Miller, diamond (jewellery, plate mfr)
Mounter (jewellery mfr)
Cutter, cotton
Maker, besom
Beater, gold
Setter, machine, grid
Manufacturer, broom
Moulder, carborundum
Grinder, edge (abrasive wheel mfr)
Presser, stone, artificial
Grinder, disc (abrasive wheel mfr)
Smith, silver
Maker, mattress, asbestos
Fitter, piano
Filler, cartridge
Manufacturer (surgical goods mfr)
Cutter, cork
Fitter, depositor's
Worker, silver
Mounter, picture
Flatter, gold
Manufacturer (toy mfr)
Artist (mask mfr)
Charger (fireworks mfr)
Maker, rocket
Maker, string
Jeweller, manufacturing
Braider (basket mfr)
Cutter, plate
Finisher (piano key mfr)
Piercer (jewellery, plate mfr)
Taper, coil
Writer, glass
Finisher (musical instruments mfr)
Setter-operator, engraving, pantograph
Stringer (piano, organ mfr)
Weaver (wig mfr)
Filler, detonator
Maker, drum (musical instruments mfr)
Dresser, fly
Maker, model, jewellery
Engraver, gold
Technician, instrument, musical
Capper (cartridge mfr)
Setter, jewel
Maker, gasket
Maker, plate (precious metal, plate mfr)
Assembler (silver goods mfr)
Maker, harp
Dresser, diamond
Foreman (jewellery, plate mfr)
Turner, ivory
Trimmer, tooth
Filler (fireworks mfr)
Maker, handle (precious metal, plate mfr)
Maker, pattern (coal mine)
Foreman (match mfr)
Maker, cartridge
Binder (broom, brush mfr)
Maker, ring, wax
Filler, machine (broom, brush mfr)
Setter, machine (broom, brush mfr)
Filler (explosives mfr)
Maker, chain
Printer, spray
Maker, figure, wax
Finisher, spoon and fork
Braider, whip
Maker, hone
Maker (musical instruments mfr)
Maker, hollow-ware (precious metal, plate mfr)
Worker, wire (silver, plate mfr)
Borer, brush
Finisher, cord
Maker-up (silver, plate mfr)
Foreman (toy mfr)
Turner, wheel (abrasives mfr)
Moulder, wheel, abrasive
Cutter (fancy goods mfr)
Turner, asbestos
Setter (arc welding electrode mfr)
Knotter (wig mfr)
Smith, bright
Setter, gem
Cutter and booker
Smith, gold
Worker, brush
Worker, carbon
Worker, craft
Flatter, silver
Maker, brooch
Cutter, leaf
Colourman, artist
Maker, felt (piano, organ mfr)
Writer, sign
Fitter (musical instruments mfr)
Piercer, saw
Docker, cork
Maker, case, spectacle
Manufacturer, badge
Jeweller, jobbing
Finisher, silver
Maker, pad (basket mfr)
Mounter, silver
Driller, brush
Engraver, micrometer
Stringer, racquet
Etcher (jewellery, plate mfr)
Moulder, tooth
Mechanic, orthopaedic
Shaper (incandescent mantle mfr)
Chaser, platework
Repairer, jewellery and plate
Jobber (jewellery, plate mfr)
Writer (signwriting)
Worker, willow
Maker, candle
Embosser (jewellery, plate mfr)
Regulator (piano, organ mfr)
Foreman, shop, pattern
Worker, stone, artificial
Smith, platinum
Writer (coach building)
Maker, string (gut mfr)
Maker, belly
Trimmer, soap
Maker, mould (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Presser, hand (sports goods mfr)
Manufacturer, brush
Maker, poppy
Weaver, withy
Maker, piano
Maker, fireworks
Manufacturer, rosette
Balancer, wheel (abrasives mfr)
Assembler, pianoforte
Painter, tin
Maker, mat, sinnet
Maker, instrument
Assembler, action, piano
Builder, organ
Maker, instrument, musical
Jeweller, masonic
Stringer (sports goods mfr)
Maker, jewellery
Maker, glockenspiel
Machinist (musical instruments mfr)
Tuner, piano
Modeller, styling
Maker, limb, artificial
Maker, mask
Charger, cartridge
Repairer, blind
Worker, metal, white
Setter, machine, metalising
Finisher (tooth brush mfr)
Maker, reed (textile machinery mfr)
Maker, shuttlecock
Worker, basket
Manufacturer, instrument, musical
Finisher (incandescent mantle mfr)
Maker, stone, rubbing
Marker-off, piano
Finisher (precious metal, plate mfr)
Worker, crystal, quartz
Maker, door, fireproof
Setter, machine, sealing
Tester-rectifier, instrument, musical
Repairer, toy
Fitter (jewellery, plate mfr)
Maker, badge
Weaver, cane
Maker, model (engineering)
Maker, pattern, wood
Finisher (artificial teeth mfr)
Manufacturer (basketry mfr)
Maker, model (film, television production)
Cutter, diamond
Moulder, wheel (abrasive wheel mfr)
Maker, wig
Foreman (pencil, crayon mfr)
Matcher, hair
Maker, bow (musical instruments mfr)
Maker, shade, lamp
Moulder (abrasives mfr)
Maker, blind
Maker, bracelet
Engraver, machine (instrument mfr)
Craftsman (government)
Marker (metal file mfr)
Setter (broom, brush mfr)
Polisher, key (piano, organ mfr)
Wirer (artificial flower mfr)
Beater, silver
Sawyer, diamond
Worker, cane
Maker, hammer (piano, organ mfr)
Setter-up (diamond polishing)
Restorer, horse, rocking
Voicer, organ
Engraver, plate
Maker, table, billiard
Pleater (incandescent mantle mfr)
Trimmer (artificial teeth mfr)
Puller, pallet
Repairer, pen, fountain
Preparer, hair (wig mfr)
Maker, tray
Maker, sign
Painter, roller (textile printing)
Engraver, metal
Borer (broom, brush mfr)
Maker, prop
Setter, reed
Painter (roller engraving)
Maker, appliance, orthopaedic
Maker, locket
Sprayer, paint
Turner, engine, rose
Trimmer (broom, brush mfr)
Polisher, ivory
Fabricator, sign
Maker, appliance, surgical
Girl, taper
Moulder, abrasive
Writer, poster
Driller, wire, diamond
Hand, display (fireworks mfr)
Exhauster (lamp, valve mfr)
Mounter, diamond
Foreman (fancy goods mfr)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.