Paper and wood machine operatives


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Paper and wood machine operatives operate machines to treat and cut wood, to produce, treat and cut paper, paperboard, leatherboard, plasterboard and similar material, and to assemble and make wooden crates and containers.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs/vocational qualifica-tions in Fibreboard Operations, Paper and Board Making and in Leather Production are available at Level 2. NVQs/SVQs/vocational- qualifications in Wood Machining are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • cuts and shapes wood using hand and power tools, assembles parts of wooden crates, barrels and other wooden containers using nails, bolts and staples, and fits metal strips and corner pieces to strengthen container as required;
  • examines job requirements, ascertains necessary ingredients and loads machines to beat, mix and crush wood, cork and pulp for further processing;
  • attends and operates ovens, kilns, milling, filtering, straining, calendering, coating, drying, finishing, winding and other machines to produce and/or treat wood, paper, paperboard, leatherboard and plasterboard;
  • sets and adjusts edge guides, stops and blades of cutting machine, threads material through rollers or loads into machine hopper, starts and monitors operation of machine, removes completed work and clears machine of waste material.

Common job titles

Washer (paper mfr)
Tender, machine, pasteboard
Machinist, joiner
Cylinderman (paper mfr)
Ovenman (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Sawyer, cut, cross
Machinist, waxing
Repairer, cask
Attendant, grainer (paper mfr)
Turner, roller
Grinder, paper
Maker, case, cardboard
Glazer, postcard
Wrapper (cardboard box mfr)
Catcher (paper mfr)
Maker, label
Maker, can, fibre
Cutter, stencil (printing)
Reeler (paper mfr)
Man, table (wooden box mfr)
Copier, pattern, paper
Chipper (chipboard mfr)
Cutter, card (paper goods mfr)
Finisher, wood
Assistant, hydropulper
Maker, barrel (paper goods mfr)
Maker, paper, sand
Maker, transfer
Miller, logwood
Assistant, cutter's (paper mfr)
Groover, pencil
Foreman, shop (paper mfr)
Machinist, cutting (paper mfr)
Roller, tube
Setter, machine, woodcutting
Machinist, slitting (paper goods mfr)
Stripper, cardboard
Breaker (paper mfr)
Folder, envelope
Maker, box, card
Brusher (wallpaper mfr)
Presser (paper mfr)
Attendant, mill, saw
Manufacturer, paper
Worker, dry (paper mfr)
Cutter (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Breakerman, rag
Concentratorman (paper mfr)
Slotter (paper goods mfr)
Hand, bag (paper goods mfr)
Operator, take-down
Turner, heel
Reelerman (paper mfr)
Blocker (wood heel mfr)
Operator, saw, band
Machinist, pasting
Cutter (paper mfr)
Chopper, wood (sawmilling)
Machinist, paper, crinkled
Cutter, paper
Machinist, boring
Maker, carton
Nipper (paper mfr)
Sawyer (converting mill)
Manufacturer (packing case mfr)
Cutter (woodworking)
Maker, card (paper mfr)
Cutter (paper pattern mfr)
Frazer (tobacco pipe mfr)
Machinist, moulding (wood products mfr)
Machinist, coating
Dipper (paper mfr)
Header-up (wooden cask mfr)
Layer (paper mfr)
Attendant, mill, wood
Tackler (paper goods mfr)
Machinist, cutting, cloth, emery
Rougher and borer (woodwind instruments mfr)
Glazer, friction
Maker, card, show
Maker, churn
Coater (stencil paper mfr)
Header-up (cask mfr)
Pulpman (paper mfr)
Breakerman (paper mfr)
Assistant, calender (paper mfr)
Repairer, pallet
Stripper, carton
Stripper, paper
Winderman (paper mfr)
Maker, paper
Setter-out (wood products mfr)
Calenderman (paper mfr)
Builder, vat
Machinist, spindle
Maker, paper, photographic
Finisher, paper
Attendant, creel, sisal
Calenderman, super
Coater, paper
Machinist, varnishing (lithography)
Machinist, insulating, paper
Veneerer, wood
Operator, compressor (paper, leather board mfr)
Machinist, paper, carbon
Cutter (packing case (wood) mfr)
Stainer, paper
Operator, clipper, veneer
Maker, paper, laced
Combiner (paper mfr)
Layer, veneer
Machinist, making (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Foreman (paper mfr)
Hand, mill, saw
Dryer (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Machinist, paper (paper goods mfr)
Creaser (printing)
Maker, paper, carbon
Sizer, bobbin
Machinist, thicknessing
Maker, block, cork
Sawyer, mill
Servicer (textile printing)
Worker, process (paper mfr)
Trimmer, card
Machinist (furniture mfr)
Slitter, paper
Operator, saw (sawmilling)
Maker, paper, glass
Machinist, combining (paper mfr)
Man, press-pate
Machinist, maker's, crate
Miller, flour, wood
Finisher, plate (paper mfr)
Machinist, gumming
Machinist, joiner's
Machinist (paper mfr)
Worker, tank, wax (cardboard box mfr)
Worker, room, pattern (wallpaper mfr)
Machinist, mill, moulding
Cutter, print
Operator, guillotine (printing)
Machinist, roll, toilet
Refiner (paper mfr)
Man, mould (paper mfr)
Bottomer (cardboard box mfr)
Beater (paper mill)
Adjuster, machine (paper goods mfr)
Repairer, box
Machinist, planing (wood products mfr)
Sawyer, whip
Machinist (paper goods mfr)
Joiner, machine
Conditioner, paper
Machinist, shaping (wood products mfr)
Pulper (paper mfr)
Cutter, sole
Maker, card, pattern
Spreader, glue (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Repairer, crate
Waxer, paper, stencil
Sander (wood products mfr)
Sawyer, rack
Winder (paper mfr)
Cutter, pattern, paper
Turner, bobbin
Jogger (paper mfr)
Preserver, timber
Machinist, burnishing
Roller, cold (paper mfr)
Assistant, dryerman's
Folder, map
Worker, mill, saw
Cutter, maker's, box
Maker, bobbin
Maker, case
Turner, counter
Folder, paper
Mender, crate
Sharpener, prop, pit
Assistant, slitter's
Feeder (card, paste board mfr)
Winder, wallpaper
Bander (cardboard box mfr)
Creosoter, timber
Operator, lathe (wood products mfr)
Machinist, handle
Machinist, box and slide (cardboard box mfr)
Binder (cardboard box mfr)
Sizer (paper mfr)
Repairer, case
Assistant, beaterman's
Boiler (paper mfr)
Machinist, cording (paper goods mfr)
Bender and slotter
Cutterman (paper mfr)
Pulperman (paper mfr)
Machinist, up-taking
Sizer, engine (paper mfr)
Grinder, logwood
Handler, bag, paper
Breaker, woodpulp
Machinist, punching (paper goods mfr)
Borer (woodwind instruments mfr)
Machinist, corrugating
Turner (wood products mfr)
Maker, box, wooden
Laminator, wood
Manager, machine (paper goods mfr)
Sizeman (paper mill)
Maker, box, ointment
Cutter, film (photographic film mfr)
Presser (plywood mfr)
Houseman, sand
Maker, bag, paper
Maker, paper, emery
Miller, saw
Dryer (vulcanised fibre mfr)
Recoverer (paper mfr)
Maker, sheet
Turner, block, wood
Machinist, barking
Machinist, envelope
Damperman (paper mfr)
Operator, punch (paper goods mfr)
Willower (paper mfr)
Assistant, calenderman's (paper mfr)
Worker, process (paper and board products mfr)
Tenter, back (paper mfr)
Cutter, rotary (paper goods mfr)
Converter, timber
Machinist, cabinet
Turner, handle
Attendant, humidifier
Worker, house, rag
Sawyer, circular
Machinist, slitting (adhesive tape mfr)
Trimmer, print, photographic
Machinist (wallpaper mfr)
Slitter (photographic film mfr)
Setter, film (textile mfr)
Strainerman (paper mfr)
Machinist, pleating, paper
Turner, spiral
Maker, paper, fly
Builder, drum
Cutter, wood
Maker, box, paper
Borer and cutter, cross
Fireman, retort
Machinist, bag, carrier
Glazer (wallpaper mfr)
Chopperman (paper mfr)
Machinist, woodworking
Maker, hanger, coat
Attendant, calender
Turner (woodwind instruments mfr)
Turner, spool
Cutter, guillotine (wood products mfr)
Maker, case, packing
Trimmer, wallpaper
Maker, helve
Machinist, perforating (paper goods mfr)
Cutter (paper goods mfr)
Borer, wood
Cutter, belt (abrasives mfr)
Sandman (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Cutter, panel
Maker, panel
Maker, box, cardboard
Maker, cloth, glass
Presser, hot (printing)
Maker, bag (paper goods mfr)
Maker, file, box
Manufacturer (paper mfr)
Maker, paper, abrasive
Dryer (paper mfr)
Mixer, adhesive (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Worker, mill, paper
Filler-in (paper mfr)
Machinist, bag, paper
Backer, paper, stencil
Machinist, cutting
Waxer (paper mfr)
Machinist, turning, wood
Worker, fibre (paper mfr)
Operator, saw
Operator, kiln (wood products mfr)
Machinist, slitting (paper mfr)
Foreman (sawmilling)
Roller, hot
Turner, rod
Attendant, felt (paper mfr)
Dryer, veneer
Machinist, brushing (paper mfr)
Slitter (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Taker-off, bag, paper
Washerman (paper mfr)
Machinist, ruling
Roller-up (wallpaper mfr)
Turner, bowl (tobacco pipe mfr)
Presser (wood pulp mfr)
Operator, guillotine (paper goods mfr)
Conditioner (paper mfr)
Hand, spindle
Manufacturer (paper goods mfr)
Helper (paper mfr)
Attendant, conditioner (paper mfr)
Machinist, veneer
Paperer (tobacco pipe mfr)
Machinist (lead pencil, chalk, crayon mfr)
Foreman (paper goods mfr)
Foreman, timber
Machinist, coating, paper
Treater, timber
Cementer, paper
Operator, coating (paper mfr)
Machinist, builder's
Setter, forme (paper box mfr)
Machinist, box (paper goods mfr)
Presser, hot (paper mfr)
Finisher (paper mfr)
Man, saw
Turner, pipe (tobacco pipe mfr)
Reeler (wallpaper mfr)
Machinist, cutting, tube
Glazer (paper mfr)
Worker, mill (timber merchants)
Maker, drum, cable
Maker, reel
Dryer, kiln
Foreman (cardboard box mfr)
Facer, wood
Assistant, cutter's, paper
Assistant, cutter's (paper pattern mfr)
Machinist, drilling (wood products mfr)
Foreman, calender (paper mfr)
Setter, machine (paper goods mfr)
Cutter, guillotine (paper goods mfr)
Worker, paper (paper mfr)
Plater (paper mfr)
Boiler, woodpulp
Man, machine (paper mfr)
Slitter (transparent cellulose wrappings mfr)
Slitterman (paper mfr)
Man, pan (paper mfr)
Maker, label, wood
Hand, paper
Assistant, man's, machine (paper mfr)
Operator, calender (paper mfr)
Sawyer, band
Machinist, sandpapering
Designer-cutter (paper goods mfr)
Tenter, back, machine, linen
Winder, spiral (paper tube mfr)
Machinist (adhesive tape mfr)
Trimmer, paper (printing)
Maker, screw, wooden
Moulder, wood
Changer, roller
Beaterman (paper mfr)
Mixer (paper mfr)
Seasoner (paper mfr)
Ripperman (paper mfr)
Winder (wallpaper mfr)
Laminator (paper mfr)
Machinist, woodcutting
Maker, pole
Setter, machine, board
Waterman (paper mfr)
Adjuster, envelope
Converter, paper
Slicer, veneer
Brusher, pigment
Knocker-up (printing)
Assistant, tender's, machine, pasteboard
Cutter, veneer
Operator, plant (paper mfr)
Hand, tenon
Assistant, beater's
Foreman (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Hand, guillotine (paper goods mfr)
Calenderer (paper mfr)
Machinist, lining (paper mfr)
Layer-on (cardboard box mfr)
Machinist, gluing and winding, tube
Grinder (paper mfr)
Maker, board (paper mfr)
Maker, pulp (paper mfr)
Turner, wood
Finisher (stencil paper mfr)
Feltman (paper mfr)
Assistant, laminating (paper mfr)
Maker, tube
Mixer (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Pickler, sleeper
Sawyer, back
Trimmer, veneer
Turner, pirn
Machinist (match mfr)
Slitter (paper and printing)
Maker, tape (adhesive tape mfr)
Brusher (paper mfr)
Machinist, impregnating (paper mfr)
Machinist, mixing (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Cutter, negative
Sheeter (paper mfr)
Machinist, timber
Maker, pallet
Attendant, thickener
Trimmer, sheet (paper goods mfr)
Backer (paper mfr)
Bitter (cardboard box mfr)
Maker, wheel (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Machinist, cutting (paper goods mfr)
Roller (paper tube mfr)
Maker, envelope (paper goods mfr)
Shaper (wood products mfr)
Operator, winder (paper mfr)
Maker, drum
Spooler (paper goods mfr)
Machinist, embossing (wood products mfr)
Machinist, wood
Man, cut-off (corrugated paper mfr)
Setter-operator, machine, paper
Machinist, mill, saw
Stripper (paper goods mfr)
Machinist, pasteboard
Cutter, box
Machinist (piano action, hammer mfr)
Worker, tube
Machinist, fibre, vulcanised
Fixer, tape (paper pattern mfr)
Clipper, veneer
Machinist, cutting, paper
Machinist, slitting and cutting
Breaster, heel
Concaver (footwear mfr)
Maker, plywood
Maker, trunk
Turner, mould, fringe
Catcher, sheet
Operator, process (paper mfr)
Cutter, press (paper goods mfr)
Stayer (cardboard box mfr)
Cutter, tube
Machinist (paper dress pattern mfr)
Siever (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Miller (paper mfr)
Cleaner, wood
Cutter, timber
Operator, mill, saw
Maker, wool, wood
Worker, box, cardboard
Proofer, moisture (transparent paper mfr)
Assistant, reelerman's (paper mfr)
Machinist, cooper's
Vatman (paper mfr)
Worker, kiln (furniture mfr)
Machinist, grinding (paper mfr)
Machinist, guillotine (paper goods mfr)
Winder, tube (paper tube mfr)
Machinist, tube, paper
Cutter (printing)
Grinderman (paper mfr)
Devilman (paper mfr)
Maker, tray
Machinist, sanding
Moulder, spindle
Machinist, cutting, wood
Maker, cup, cream (paper goods mfr)
Sawyer, pulp, wood
Machinist, making, box
Maker, handle
Boilerman (paper mfr)
Boiler, rag
Turner, shive
Cutter (furniture mfr)
Corrugator (paper mfr)
Maker, medal
Tenter, back (paper staining)
Rincer, bobbin
Driller, wood
Maker, box
Roller (paper mfr)
Varnisher, paper
Maker, crate
Sawyer (coal mine)
Bender (cardboard box mfr)
Presser, veneer
Worker, process (wood products mfr)
Framer, rule
Machinist (wood products mfr)
Maker, sample (paper goods mfr)
Worker, bark
Varnisher (wallpaper mfr)