Plant and machine operatives n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group operate a variety of plant and machinery not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 812: Plant and Machine Operatives.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • operates acetylene torches and other cutting equipment to dismantle boilers, cars, ships, railway track, engines, machinery and other scrap metal;
  • bends, coils, crimps and spins metal wires in the manufacture of cables, springs, ropes and other wire goods;
  • operates machines in the manufacture of nuts, bolts, nails, screws, pins, rivets, etc.;
  • fills grease gun with grease of appropriate grade, and applies grease or oil to grease points or lubrication holes in machinery or equipment and over bearings, axles and other similar parts;
  • ensures that rollers in rope haulage system are well greased and running freely;
  • inspects machines and equipment, and reports any faults.

Common job titles

Flitter (coal mine)
Man, compo
Machinist (metal smallwares mfr)
Paster, battery
Hand, bench, saw
Strander (wire rope, cable mfr)
Trimmer, cable
Spiraller, filament
Hand, wire (cable mfr)
Shearer, coil (metal trades)
Polisher, wire
Router and mounter
Maker, button
Worker, lino
Header-up (bolt, nail, nut, rivet, screw mfr)
Extender, belt (coal mine)
Maker, wick
Maker, frame, handbag
Winder (cable mfr)
Sheavesman (coal mine)
Strander (cable mfr)
Machinist, eyelet
Maker, pencil
Insulator, thermal (electrical appliances mfr)
Packer, wheel
Setter, frame
Grinder, clothing, card
Hand, maintenance (coal mine)
Hammerer, saw
Maker, brush
Heater, rivet
Moulder (cork goods mfr)
Setter, fuse, damper
Winder, cable
Machinist, rope
Maker, rivet
Rigger, aerial
Machinist, planing, plate
Braider (telephone mfr)
Manufacturer, button
Grinder (carbon goods mfr)
Adjuster, lift
Grinder and polisher (metal trades)
Attendant, plant, fume (lead mfr)
Spinner, wire
Former, wire
Breaker, ship
Manufacturer (furniture mfr: metal furniture)
Polisher, stone (lithography)
Maker, nib, pen
Spooler, wire
Manipulator, tube
Maker, lighter, fire
Driller, mica
Slitter (steelworks)
Trimmer, plate (metal trades)
Machinist (cork stopper mfr)
Hand, maintenance, electrical
Maker, goods, abrasive
Turner, wire
Driller, micanite
Operator, mill, sand (steelworks)
Sewer, tape (textile spinning)
Puller, conveyor (coal mine)
Presser (cable mfr)
Insulator, electrical
Fitter, aerial, television
Operator, brake (steelworks)
Clipper, top, card
Slitter, metal
Worker, odd (engineering)
Winder, bobbin (wire mfr)
Braider, wire
Worker, wire (cable mfr)
Scaler (boiler maintenance)
Braider (flexible tubing mfr)
Finisher (metal trades)
Dresser, bow
Charger, accumulator
Sawyer, hot
Maker, mantle, gas
Attendant, battery
Worker, button
Maker, element
Cutter, button, pearl
Bender, tube
Remover, conveyor (coal mine)
Dismantler, car
Pointer (wire mfr)
Machinist, cutting, core
Brusher, tube (railways)
Grinder, bow
Trimmer (gold, silver wire mfr)
Maker, pen
Scourer (needle mfr)
Cutter, design (printing)
Etcher, cutlery
Maker, mattress, wire
Closer (wire rope, cable mfr)
Armourer, cable
Parer (rolling mill)
Breaker-off (type foundry)
Worker, cutlery
Slitter, foil, tin
Weaver, spring
Machinist, braiding (cable mfr)
Stripper, file
Maker, guard (wire goods mfr)
Charger, battery
Cropper (metal trades)
Machinist (basket mfr)
Breaker, rail
Caser, die
Machinist (lamp, valve mfr)
Maker, matrix (type foundry)
Maker, barb
Header (bolt, nail, nut, rivet, screw mfr)
Reconditioner, girder
Machinist (metal trades: reed mfr)
Warmer, rivet
Driver, machine, layer-up
Cutter, tip (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Mover, conveyor (coal mine)
Driver, shear (metal trades)
Driver, machine, lapping
Polisher, button
Presser, scale (knife handle mfr)
Tier, battery
Machinist, bullet
Flattener (wire mfr)
Maker, roll, dandy
Straightener (wire mfr)
Header, cold
Turner (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Moulder, pipe
Machinist, carbon
Worker, tool, edge
Grinder, dry
Shearer, rotary
Shearer (coal mine)
Beamer (wire weaving)
Swarfer (tube mfr)
Maker, block, carbon
Grinder, needle
Mechanic, umbrella
Lapper, paper
Setter, pin
Maker, saw
Greaser, kiln
Oiler and bander (textile mfr)
Hand, maintenance
Pumper (mining)
Grinder, cardroom
Breaker, engine
Machinist, cutting, plate (shipbuilding)
Preparer, plate, lithographic
Operator, shears
Setter, saw
Machinist, pin
Maker, pipe (cast concrete products mfr)
Maker, chain (metal trades)
Scaler, boiler
Expander (tube mfr)
Chipper, steel (steelworks)
Smith, key
Fitter, scythe
Wheelman (coal mine)
Driver, machine, cable
Maker, core, cable
Maker, tissue, carbon
Polisher, pen, fountain
Machinist, guillotine (metal trades)
Operator, process (aircraft component mfr)
Chipper (metal trades)
Machinist, cork
Extruder, machine (arc welding electrode mfr)
Engineer, battery
Machinist, heading (bolt, nail, nut, rivet, screw mfr)
Grinder, wheel, emery
Straightener, comb
Reeler (wire rope, cable mfr)
Coiler (cable mfr)
Turner, button
Finer, super (metal buckle mfr)
Maker, cable, wire
Maker, bobbin (electric battery mfr)
Worker, lead (accumulator mfr)
Maker, marker (footwear mfr)
Maker, electrode
Dismantler, ship
Driver, saw (metal trades)
Man, steel (coal mine)
Stripper, card
Erector, conveyor (coal mine)
Oiler, machine (textile mfr)
Braider (cable mfr)
Paster (accumulator mfr)
Sawyer (steel tube mfr)
Machinist, trim (motor vehicle mfr)
Maker, bobbin
Puller (coal mine)
Operator, refrigerator
Maker, block, building
Dresser, card
Grinder, billet (steelworks)
Grinder, stone, wet
Rigger (gas works)
Dresser, heald
Threader, heald, wire
Turner, belt (coal mine)
Coater, cathode
Fitter, balustrade
Preparer and sealer (cable mfr)
Carrier, rivet
Setter-up (type foundry)
Nailer, card
Worker, linoleum
Fettler (textile mfr)
Trimmer, bullet
Tester-rectifier, cylinder
Grinder, burr
Etcher (tool mfr)
Machinist, rolling (sheet metal working)
Paster, lead
Etcher (cutlery mfr)
Man, battery (iron and steelworks)
Machinist (button mfr)
Handyman, nos (water works)
Maker, feed (fountain pen mfr)
Former, filament
Foreman (cable mfr)
Machinist, spring
Hand, charging, battery
Attendant, machinery, lift
Smith, cold
Smith, saw
Sawyer, rail
Attendant, bay, wash
Pumper (lamp, valve mfr)
Engineer, semi-skilled
Machinist (surgical goods mfr)
Operator, slitter (metal mfr)
Greaser, sheave
Grinder (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Machinist (wire rope mfr)
Moulder, carbon
Winder, rope, wire
Dismantler (scrap merchants, breakers)
Maker, bolt
Straightener, prop (coal mine)
Operator, cable (cable mfr)
Maker, spindle
Scaler, boiler, ship's
Toother (saw mfr)
Erector, aerial, television
Maker, taper
Machinist, button
Capper and sealer, end
Scaler, boiler, ship
Parer, sheet (steelworks)
Machinist (carbon goods mfr)
Stitcher (wire goods mfr)
Grinder, scissors
Machinist, shearing (metal trades)
Greaser, roll, cold
Winder (wire goods mfr)
Houseman, press (coal mine)
Supporter (lamp, valve mfr)
Worker, spring
Filler-up (card clothing mfr)
Grinder (brake linings mfr)
Setter, barrel
Presser, power (carbon goods mfr)
Straightener, plate, iron
Grinder, swing
Machinist (cold storage)
Worker, bench (engineering)
Spinner (wire rope, cable mfr)
Straightener (coal mine)
Pumpman, still (vinegar mfr)
Machinist, cabling
Machinist (cable mfr)
Feeder, conveyor (metal trades)
Valveman (cartridge mfr)
Maker, crayon
Rodder (tube mfr)
Presser (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Operator, pantograph
Foreman (grinding wheel mfr)
Fettler, card
Maker, frame, hood
Assistant, armouring
Operator, guillotine (metal trades)
Operator, saw (metal trades)
Operator, laser
Maker, cable (spring mfr)
Operator, compactor
Fettler, woollen
Maker, mattress, spring
Coiler (spring mfr)
Machinist (fishing rod mfr)
Pointer (bolt, nail, nut, rivet, screw mfr)
Filer, tool
Maker, nail, cut
Chipper, pneumatic
Maker, box, match
Cutter, block (wallpaper mfr)
Veiner and marker (artificial flower mfr)
Grainer, plate
Machinist, sawing (metal trades)
Taper (cable mfr)
Setter-out, mill (sawmilling)
Swager (cutlery mfr)
Hand, leading (metal trades)
Shearer (metal trades)
Assistant, maintenance
Pointer, bar
Machinist, cutting (metal trades)
Maker, heald
Oiler, loom
Machinist, milling (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Marker (clog iron mfr)
Scurfer, boiler
Machinist, making, screw
Scourer, pin
Slitter (pen nib mfr)
Man, maintenance (coal mine)
Turner, graphite
Machinist, closing (wire rope, cable mfr)
Turner, conveyor (coal mine)
Breaker, boiler
Lapper (cable mfr)
Winder, copper (cable mfr)
Presser (electric battery mfr)
Setter, tool, edge
Engineer, lubrication
Setter, needle (textile mfr)
Machinist, cutting
Insulator, cable
Operator, trimming, bullet
Grinder, blade
Winder, filament
Operator, saw
Springer (needle mfr)
Maker, screw
Borer (fancy comb, slide mfr)
Maker, chain
Remover, belt (coal mine)
Helper, frame
Preparer (metal trades)
Crimper (cable mfr)
Oiler and cleaner
Hand, guillotine (metal trades)
Hand, knife (metal trades)
Operator, saw, band (metal trades)
Setter, circle (textile mfr)
Coater, filament
Machinist (brake linings mfr)
Doctor, saw
Strander, wire
Erector, duct
Layer-up (cable mfr)
Maker, cell (accumulator, battery mfr)
Maker, sieve (wire goods mfr)
Grinder, steel
Gunner (steelworks)
Jointer (cutlery mfr)
Screwer, button (bolt, nail, nut, rivet, screw mfr)
Manufacturer (metal goods mfr)
Operator, cropper
Holer, button (button mfr)
Sharpener, saw
Worker, cable (cable mfr)
Driver, calender (insulated wire, cable mfr)
Repairer, saw
Oiler and beltman
Straightener, hard (needle mfr)
Cutter, file
Washer, boiler
Shifter, conveyor (coal mine)
Chargeman, battery
Maker-up (small chain mfr)
Straightener, wire
Attendant, lubrication
Shaper, filament
Maker, basket (wire goods mfr)
Puller-up (coal mine)
Bender, knife
Clothier, card
Man, saw
Machinist, cutting, rotary
Shearer, billet (rolling mill)
Breaker, car
Slitter, steel
Filler (battery mfr)
Machinist, engraver's
Armourer, hose
Screwer (metal fastener mfr)
Wheeler (silver, plate mfr)
Extender, conveyor (coal mine)
Waxer (battery mfr)
Maker, seat, spring
Skiver, belt (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Manufacturer, furniture, metal
Former, accumulator
Marker (pen nib mfr)
Machinist, battery
Straightener, barrel
Repairer, tub
Maker, box (match mfr)
Grinder, straight
Sawyer, band
Machinist (metal trades: card clothing mfr)
Maker, battery
Former, plate, tungsten
Worker, saw, hot
Driver, shears (metal trades)
Oiler, frame (textile mfr)
Operator, guillotine (coal mine)
Helper, cutter's
Machinist, cable
Maker, washer
Preparer, cylinder
Regulator, gas (coal gas, coke ovens)
Grinder, bit (coal mine)
Installer, aerial
Bender, pipe
Fitter, box (foundry)
Presser (cast concrete products mfr)
Wrapper, cable
Setter, file
Machinist, armouring
Grinder, jobbing
Spinner (electric cable mfr)
Machinist, trimming
Machinist (wire goods mfr)
Maker, crate, steel
Backer, saw
Engineer, aerial
Maker, rib, umbrella
Maker, bullet
Maker, tack
Operator, combine
Maker, leather, comb
Cutter, shell, pearl
Scraper, boiler
Maker, needle
Oiler, machine, printing
Baler, scrap
Hand, maintenance (mine: not coal)
Grinder, card
Shearsman, scrap (metal trades)
Truer, wheel (cycle mfr)
Truer-up, wheel (cycle mfr)
Filler, battery (accumulator mfr)
Roller (coal mine)
Dismantler, machinery
Assistant, glazer's
Man, safety (coal mine)
Machinist, rivet
Kerner (type foundry)
Machinist (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Manufacturer (button mfr)
Machinist (metal fastener mfr)
Dresser, weld
Layer (wire rope, cable mfr)
Sawyer, roller
Former, battery
Sawyer, back
Sleever (cable mfr)
Trouncer (metal trades)
Brusher (needle mfr)
Machinist, nail
Bander (textile mfr)
Straightener (needle mfr)
Maker, rope
Inspector, steel (coal mine)
Machinist, taping (cable mfr)
Maker, block, breeze
Examiner, shaft (coal mine)
Straightener, steel (coal mine)
Pointer, rod (wire mfr)
Coverer, bar, metal
Maker, doctor
Driver, closer (wire rope, cable mfr)
Machinist, stranding
Worker, wire
Grainer (printing)
Maker, basket, wire
Handyman, nos (gas works)
Cutter, block (linoleum mfr)
Operator, lathe (carbon goods mfr)
Coiler (wire rope, cable mfr)
Machinist, bolt
Sharpener (edge tool mfr)
Grinder, wet
Breaker, billet
Coverer (insulated wire, cable mfr)
Expander, tube
Mechanic, surgical
Maker, mantle, incandescent
Maker, brush, twisted-in
Burner, scrap (scrap merchants, breakers)
Shaftman (coal mine)
Maker, frame, wire
Bender, hook, fish
Mender, tub (coal mine)
Man, turnover (coal mine)
Machinist (cast concrete products mfr)
Polisher, tube
Grinder, comb
Oiler and greaser
Operator, shear
Rectifier, cycle, motor
Machinist (battery, accumulator mfr)
Dipper (match mfr)
Assistant, valveman's
Taper (electrical goods mfr)
Stripper and grinder
Winder, insulating (electrical engineering)
Maker, spring
Winder, core (cable mfr)
Machinist (broom, brush mfr)
Machinist, socket
Helper, repairer's (coal mine)
Grinder, assistant (metal trades)
Breaker (scrap merchants, breakers)
Shaper (steel pen mfr)
Maker, match
Cutter, insulation
Breaker, scrap
Servicer, machinery
Pumper, syphon (gas supplier)
Operator, cooker
Machinist, sanding
Driver, machine, tubing
Shearman (metal trades)
Hand, maintenance, machine
Driver, machine, armouring
Supervisor, steel (coal mine)
Fettler, machine
Header, bolt
Oilman (coal mine)
Parer (saw mfr)
Bender, wire
Former, cell
Assistant, shop, spreading
Driver, machine, insulating
Machinist, bending (sheet metal working)
Operator, stretcher (metal mfr)
Operator, spray, mechanical
Hand, bench (metal trades)
Planer, edge, plate
Pulleyman (coal mine)
Winder, wire
Catcher, rivet
Machinist, joggling
Glazer, assistant (metal trades)
Reshearer (metal trades)
Feeder, bar
Machinist, grading
Machinist (toy mfr)
Straightener, plate, saw
Machinist (textile mfr: textile printing)
Packer, gland
Shearer, bloom
Twister (broom, brush mfr)
Driver, machine, cabling
Grinder, surface (carbon goods mfr)
Maker, cable (electric cable mfr)
Adjuster, weight
Grinder, anvil
Finer (jewellery, plate mfr)